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Wanting To Be Safe – Not Killed So As To Silence Me – Why Is That So Wrong To Want ?

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Writing this article is very hard as in doing so I am one swallowing the little bit of pride that I have and two it shows how desperate my situation is and yet how in reality nobody cares as I am a statistic to them and one day if things continue as they are I will be headline news and not in a good way but with the posting of details on my death. Yes the threat is very real and Yes I have to deal with it alone – Why well it’s simple I was born in Ireland sadly and as it is not seen as a country at war nobody outside the country cares and within they are enabling those that want to find me and silence me as I scare them with my honesty.

Every single day I see articles about people claiming to be in dangerous situations and or at risk and simply because they are cloaked in certain clothing or from a particular part of the world all jump at the opportunity to help them, without ever knowing the true facts or the true reasons for them wanting to gain entry into your country. If they are ignored then they scream discrimination and all bow to their every whim. Yet I am been DISCRIMINATED AGAINST I am a victim of Discrimination solely due to the fact that I don’t wear these clothes, I don’t come from these countries and I don’t follow their so called religion. The threat and danger to me is very real yet as I am just a normal person I am not important enough to be protected.

Now some may say oh that is total BS but if you read this article then you will see how it is not BS but the truth. Perhaps when you have to live every second of every day knowing it could be your last due to the desires of others then you can judge me but until then you have no right to.Let me explain in more detail as to why I am stating that I am a victim of Discrimination and Why I am refusing to die in silence. 

There are a few people who would want me dead from my Ex husband who spent over 23 years using me as his human punch bag to raping me when he wanted sex and who now 4.5 yrs ago illegally kept my son now 18 when he went to visit him in Canada. Despite Voice mails , text messages, pictures destroyed, and the memories that are etched into our brains he won’t rest until he knows I am dead. To him if I am killed in Ireland then he would be out in a few years hence why the risk here is very high. His dream is that I am to be fed through a tube for life and have to pis- into a bag forever more. This is actually on a recording and in writing from him.

Or it could be from the Corrupt Michelin Chef Conrad Gallagher who tried his best when I was in the US and when I exposed his crimes against the American People to have me killed, such was the risk from him that the US Marshals told us that if we were not Irish that we would be put into Witness Protection. They even had us pack up what we really needed so that we could go with them then they realized that Ireland wasn’t a country at war so they said we would be safe here, Despite the biggest threat of all been in Ireland we were left to survive alone and still are to this day. Funny thing is that he applied for his American Green card based on  lies, I had the proof and I told authorities but he paid a lot of money to an attorney and told a lot of BS in order to get it. The sole reason for it was that he can flee to other countries and that his South African Wife wouldn’t have to get visas to escape their latest cons. Surprise surprise this is what they did when months ago they fled Orange County before he was caught.The evidence I have on this man and his crimes against the American people is astronomical and his silent partner yet nobody seems to care enough to arrest him and incarcerate him. But he was rewarded with a Green Card and I was rewarded with a life of fear. As he said to me nobody crosses him and nobody has ever had the evidence and the information that I have on him in over 20 years but for some reason nobody cares. Does Crime Really pay that well ?

But the biggest threat is from I think the 375 Pedophile Names and Profiledetails that I gave to ICE two weeks ago, this included the images they were commenting on, the site they were liking which is clearly a Child Pedophile one and possibly Human Trafficking. Within 24 hrs of  this information been obtained the other lady helping me with this had people outside her home in the US yet her location is unknown to all but two people, blacked out vans and a man with a camera. Both our profiles were blocked yet we had not liked the page so they would not have known we were on there unless they had trackers on their site. That would explain the above and the incident this week at my home

On Wednesday last my house was broken into now normally I would have been there but the battery in my car was dying so I had gone to replace it, hence why I wasn’t there. But my Cell was jammed for the entire morning it wouldn’t turn on at all no matter what I did and this would have meant I had no contact with anybody had I been in the property. A coincidence maybe but after the fact the cell came on and that hasn’t happened since. I know that certain powers in Social Media are also involved and are tracking my posts and my location as too many things have happened to be a coincidence.

So if I suddenly vanish and am not on any of the Social Media sites and or not answering my Email then you know that they have found me and silenced me. To know that at any minute of the day I can be removed is frightening. I recently did some family Ancestry and found that my ancestors were not just a part of the US Military but also a part of history making in Maryland. But this only adds to my feeling of where I belong and where is home to me, I may have been born in Ireland but I have no connection with the people or the country it is like a Transgender who says they are trapped in the wrong body, well as silly as it may sound I am trapped in the wrong country. I would stand up for and beside every American over any other nation including Ireland and always will.

In Maryland my ancestor was the Very First Person to build a house made of bricks in Maryland. Here is a quote on him from a book on Maryland and what he did for others. After St. Paul’s was built, residents began to use brick to construct houses as well. Edward Fottrell, who came from Ireland and bought the land belonging to Jonathan Hanson and George Walker in 1741, built the first brick house in town. It had freestone corners and was the first to reach two stories without a hip-roof. The house stood at the location of the northwest corner of Calvert and Fayette Streets. Before Fottrell’s arrival, all the houses and commercial structures were built of wood. This was the case in almost all colonial towns and resulted in one of the greatest common dangers: fire.

1754-1760- “While the French and Indian War was in progress, Baltimore received a large addition to its population. When the French Neutrals were removed from Arcadia by the British government, many came to Baltimore and were hospitably quartered in the mansion of Mr. Edward Fottrell, which stood upon the square now (1900) covered by the stately court-house recently completed”

CIVIL WAR United States of America
1864, May 14 – d. – Capt. Jacob Fottrell. , KIA during the Civil War. Second Regt.. Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Resaca during the Atlanta campaign ( Ohio Archives). Enlisted on August 20, 1861 at age 27 as Lieutenant. Prom. to Capt.- December 2, 1862

1957, August 12 – A Navy bomber crashed at the Barbers Point Naval Air Station, California – LCDR John FOTTRELL, pilot , of NYC was slightly injured

*1944, June 6 – d. -1st. Lieutenant Winfield T. F. , Bergen County, New Jersey, USA, KIA D Day – Served 1st. Engineer Special Brigade, 531st. Engineer Shore Regiment . Interred American Cemetery of Colleville- Sur-Mer., Plot H, Row 01, Grave 37

I vowed in 2012 to dedicate my life to helping the American People as when those above tried to kill me it was the American People that saved my life and inspired me to do this work. I wont be silenced because some don’t like me revealing the truths. But I would like to know that if I was to wear a Burka and to then approach for a visa would I be refused or would I be welcomed with opened arms even if I pretended to have no documentation etc I know and you all know that I would be welcomed yet because I am honest, in real danger, waiting to be found and silenced and never had a criminal record, who works voluntarily for the American People every single day I have to live in fear awaiting my early death

Hope nobody ever has to live in this fear as it is the worst thing ever. Sad reality is that if I had money then they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid I would be handed a visa no problem, if I wore a hijab I would be handed one, If I pretended to be a refugee I would be handed one, But because i am honest, real and genuinely in danger I am left alone with nobody that cares to help.

I asked all my connections the other day if they could help as many could due to their work positions and out of them all only SIX people even messaged me and that says alot. So I don’t expect anybody to read this or to help but at least you can’t say you were not told of the risk to me the real risk and how even when I asked for help it was ignored.

Lurleen Hilliard

Email –



BULL I and others have got this week far too close to the people that are clearly making sure that those who stop abuse are silenced and those that enable abuse are allowed to continue to do so. Not one person on any social media or internet site has disagreed with this . All that deal with these issues have said that they also have been treated like this and that they are fed up with the control that FB and ZUCKERBERG have over so many in life.


I am sharing this now on my Blog as it was originally on LinkedIn and then they were redirecting the link to other posts NOT MINE and then they told me in an email that they fully supported this post and my work, Yet less than 30 mins later they BLOCKED my account for the same post and told me that they DON”T SUPPORT ME and that to allow my account to be active I have to remove this post. So I guess that he has far reaching hands but he can’t shut us all up and once it is on the Internet Mark it is on the Net. So I am now posting this on MY BLOG  so he can’t control it and he CAN’T IGNORE IT- I wonder now as to why they are doing this, clearly they are now been told what to do and I hope that they are not Puppets on a string for Zuckerberg too. As this is now on every internet outlet you can think so I won’t go away Mark so you better start answering some questions you owe it to the children and babies who you have just possibly risked their lives over your trying to silence me..

Little in life infuriates me to the level that I am at today, however when it comes to others Abusing – Trafficking or Enabling the abuse of Babies and or Children in particular I won’t be silenced. Now what I am about to tell you all will not surprise some but will others. In doing so I know that I risk further BLOCKING from FACEBOOK and I am sure further attempts and I say attempts to Silence Me as no amount of Money will Silence Me Mark Zuckerberg even if you can be bought I have something that even you can’t afford and that is INTEGRITY – Perhaps you can look it up sometime as most humans with any sense of decency, morals or respect for life have it. Clearly it bypassed you when you saw the $$$$$$$$$ signs and allowed others to buy the little bit of Dignity and Self Respect you were born with. You can BLOCK ME MARK ZUCKERBERG – BUT you cant BLOCK THE WORLD – Everybody that is in the Advocate World and Individuals on Facebook who are supporting me and kicking up hell about your actions are now getting their Pages Blocked – Banned and Reported – Hell we are really rattling your cage- So let me tell you something Mark you either help to STOP THESE PEDOPHILES WITH US – OR I won’t rattle cages I will topple them. No threats as I don’t threaten anybody I am promising you. As I will be the voice for these children and I am NOT A PUPPET LIKE YOU ARE on a string like you for scum .

Here is the image of the little girl that I initially posted on Facebook and on all social media – The post went Viral , her image the same. Thankfully we found out that the image was stolen and was of a little girl that was abused some years ago but is safe now, SADLY on the same site people were emailing me that they saw Babies and other Children for sale and rent in the same manner. This is a Secret Group that is on the Internet and on FACEBOOK (Mark) – ON YOUR SITE – YOU TOLERATE IT – YOU ARE SUPPORTING THEM – YOU BLOCK ME ????????????????????????

Due to the huge outcry in relation to this baby and this advert I also shared another image for another PEDOPHILE that is still on FACEBOOK he is friends with a man that INCITES DEATH TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS – Both their pages are still operational so I figured we would get exposure for this little child too. We know this group reaches from Europe to USA we know that this group is not a fake one – it has over 5000 members all secret WHY ??

Due to the International level of collaboration we were hours away from getting really good leads and details that would hopefully find all these babies and stop the abuse now. BUT THANKS TO MARK ZUCKERBERG THAT IS GONE – POSSIBLY FOREVER – EVIDENCE REMOVED – SITES SHUT DOWN – CHILDREN/BABIES RELOCATED – THANKS MARK

Now I have many things that I would like to say to these Traffickers, to those that they clearly have in their Pockets like Mark Zuckerberg and many others, but my main question is to this piece of crap Zuckerberg who thinks that money has bought him power – has bought him people- control and the right to say what baby and child can or can not live a life of abuse at the hands of vile pedophiles just because they are his friends. So here is my question to you MARK ZUCKERBERG – HOW THE HELL DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING THAT YOUR POCKETS ARE LINED WITH MONEY THAT WAS PAID TO HELP RAPE – ABUSE – MURDER- DESTROY THE LIVES OF BABIES AND CHILDREN WORLDWIDE – IS IT REALLY WORTH IT.


From Norway to Europe to Australia to USA to Canada we will speak out. You won’t stop us and although your actions are now going to possibly cost lives and certainly enable more child abuse we won’t allow you to silence us. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST – HELP ME TO HELP THESE BABIES – WE ARE ALL THEY HAVE – WITHOUT US THEY ARE VOICELESS- BE THEIR VOICE

Thank you to all for your support and helping to share posts since I am banned. We will not be beaten we will not be silenced and to those children I promise I will not stop, will never give up and I will find you, hold you , hug you and get you to safety. That is a promise not just as an Advocate – Human but a Mom


Lurleen Hilliard
Nolonger Victims

Email –

Syrian Refugees -The Hidden Agenda – Protect Your Borders – Not All Are Refugees – The Hidden Truth


I am writing this and I know in doing so that some will call me a bigot and every other name under the sun, but to be honest it doesn’t bother me as I will not be silenced and I will not ignore the true facts that Governments around the world are been forced to ignore by the pressure from certain groups and the media.I have friends who work with Real Syrian Refugees in the Refugee camps 365 days of the year and these I will support as I know they are real. But when you read the following please tell me that you can hand on heart say that allowing these people in is the best thing for your  country.


Yes the images that we all saw last week of the little boy Aylan Kurdi and his brother lying dead on the beach is heartbreaking, there isn’t a person with a heart that can say otherwise. HOWEVER the truth behind why he was there and the truth behind his father and his family has not been told and I am going to tell it now. As it proves that in particular Islamic and Muslim Groups who have so much control over people in these areas are behind this Mass Exodus. It is the ideal way to INFILTRATE COUNTRIES & BORDERS normally closed to them. Do you know the real truths about this mass exodus as all countries that are opening their borders to these so called Refugees need to know this.

According to recent reports made in a Media outlet called The Muslim Issue they state and they really have no reason to lie about this – 4 million Muslims pretend to escape 30,000 ISIS fighters who are not even near their towns, cities and even countries. This kind of mass-migration fraud is a medieval war strategy and it’s called Hijrah. It’s part of jihad and we all know what Jihad is part of. Not only that but the man who claims that he was on the boat that his children and wife died on was NOT EVEN ON THE BOAT WITH THEM – He attempted to send them into Europe as a Lone parent the mom to claim refugee status which is easier to obtain for a woman with children and then he would follow in the future claiming he had escaped a war torn area that he didn’t even live in.

Abdullah Kurdi’s story is FAKE – But his lies are now being used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, the image of his dead child is been used and exploited by ISIS and those that support their Muslim ways in order to ensure that they can pressure the Governments of the world to allow them access into their countries. This man was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. That’s why he was the only survivor. He learned of their death from the hospital ONLY AFTER the photos of his son had circulated around the world in the media. HE DIDN’T KNOW PRIOR TO THAT AS HE WASN’T WITH THEM – 

Syria is a huge country and not all of the country is a War Zone – This family had been living in Turkey for Three Years PRIOR to the drowning of his sons they had not just fled SYRIA they had been living for FREE in FREE HOUSING in TURKEY – HOW DOES THAT MAKE THEM SYRIAN REFUGEES ? – Also what Refugee has over USD $4.400 when they are apparently homeless and fleeing a war. Fact is that he is a LIAR and the world is blinded by the image of his children.

Lets talk about the children and his wife that died – His stories have changed many times and if a real Refugee who would have fled a Warzone unable to return due to the danger to him or his family how was he able to do the following safely and without any protection from others. Fact is he is a LIAR and is out for what he can get- he has used his children to open the doors to Europe and the World for Terrorists under the cloak of Syrian Refugees.

Now his stories as to how the boy’s died have changed many times depending on who he is speaking to. His wife’s body he claims was ballooned so much that he didn’t recognize her Yet this is impossible in a few hours to happen. As the decay of a body in water is NOT INSTANT – According to the Forensic Library it takes a body between 2-6 days for it to get to the Bloated stage that he describes happened in hours. – So if she was this bloated when did she die as she didn’t die a few hours prior to been found in this condition that is impossible. Guess he didn’t think that people would work this one out. Nor did he realize that when he first says that he saw his boys drown in front of his eyes and then that he assumed that they had made it to the beach and ran away that we also wouldn’t work out his lie -If he saw them drown in front of him then how can they have made it to the beach alive and run away. The dead can’t run yet he wants us to believe his lie after lie.  He also states that when they didn’t go to the agreed meeting point that he went to the hospital and then heard they had died. But he has already stated that they died in his arms so which is it as he can’t be on the boat and watch them die and then expect them to run up to him at the agreed meeting point.


Before he lived in Turkey with his family for Three years prior to their deaths he had lived and worked as a barber in Damascus that is according to his own sister yet he told the world that he fled Kobani which is over 500 km from Damascus to escape to Canada. So where did he live Kobani or Damascus – Also if Kobani was a war zone and so dangerous for him how could he then get a flight there and what is worse ISIS were NOT EVEN IN KOBANI when he said that his family had fled from them. MORE LIES – Also he claimed that ISIS were in Damascus three years ago when in fact the truth is that ISIS entered only a small rural part of northern Damascus last year and targeted a remote refugee camp with “Palestinians” earlier in 2015 and were pushed out. ISIS is present in only a proportion of the country about One Quarter of Syria and in  Northern Syria, not in the South of the country

As if the above isn’t enough to warrant severe caution to all that are claiming asylum around the world under the cloak of been a Refugee from Syria, more and more lies are been brought forward by this man and his story. He claims that he had applied to Canada for Asylum yet the Immigration there apparently haveNEVER received an application from him – So who is lying is it Immigration in Canada that have NO REASON TO LIE – or a man that wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face.

The fact is that this mans own Family are Traffickers They are the People Smugglers and they were and are trying to find ways to get him and others into Canada and other countries. None of these refugees got on any of these boats without paying money – He had plenty on him enough to consider him a very wealthy man in these regions just like ALL TRAFFICKERS ARE – They are trying to find ways to get as many Muslims and those who support ISIS into our countries without having to go through any immigration like the normal person would. Why well they want to control the world, sure they tell us that all the time. What better way to get control of a country and its people then to have it infiltrated with those that want to destroy it. Nobody knows what these people look like – we don’t have mug shots of them – we don’t have criminal records – back ground checks – They support the Rapes and Murders of the innocent – Genital Mutilation- Child Abuse -Murdering of people due to their sexual orientation and we are now all meant to bow to them. NO we have to stand up to them.

Recently a school in Germany who has taken in a number of these apparent Refugees has told its students to cover their bodies as it offends these refugees. Sorry if we go to their country then we have to abide by their culture their laws so why do they not have to conform to ours. Fact is these are NOT REFUGEES these are TERRORISTS that are planning to attack all our countries from within and the worst part is that our Governments are falling for their lies.


The fact is that this man was part of the Human Trafficking of these people and made plenty of money from them – His family in Canada is also involved and all their stories are lies – How was he the only person on that faithful boat to have no injuries – need no medical treatment and survive – The reason is that HE WAS NEVER ON THAT BOAT IN THE FIRST PLACE – Real Refugees have the clothes they are wearing and little else, they have not lived in houses in non war torn areas for years and have thousands of dollars on them when apparently they are so poor they had to flee . HE WAS AND IS A TRAFFICKER WHO SO FAR HAS ESCAPED ACCOUNTABILITY – HIS SONS USED AS PAWNS TO GET WORLD SYMPATHY – CHILD ABUSE AT ITS FINEST – 

What man says that it is okay that his wife and kids have died as if that is the way of the world then he is okay with it- Sorry no man that loved his wife and children would want them dead and certainly not like this – Unless they were used as human bait to allow doors to be opened for others – I guarantee he is making lots more money now from their deaths as he has now managed to allow thousands that are NOT REFUGEES to get into our countries.

So this is why I won’t support these campaigns to allow these people in as we do not know who they are. We have enough Pedophiles -Traffickers -RapistsMurderers- Criminals within our own communities without allowing these that have no respect for their own people in life so all others are simply targets for them to destroy and to get rid of. Why won’t those in power see this and do what they are meant to do and protect their own people.

I know that some will give me horrific abuse over writing this but we can’t be silenced we have to speak out. The other day I posted on Facebook that I would be writing something about this situation and I received threats and intimidation to try to silence me – One man even posted my views onto Islamic sites so that they would target me directly and some have. But I won’t be a hypocrite and allow our children our people and our futures to be destroyed just so as to keep some in our communities happy and or to look good.



Email –

Nolonger Victims 

Native & Tribal Communities In Alaska Need Our Help – Far Too Many Women Are Suffering In Silence – Due To Domestic Violence / Abuse


I am writing this article in the hope that perhaps we can as a society highlight the horrific level of Domestic Violence & Abuse that so many women, in theNative/Tribal communities of Alaska have to suffer every day of their lives. It is due to the huge level of respect that I have for those in these communities and my personal anger at the amount who are forced to suffer in silence, and their voices need to be heard. There are some wonderful organizations andindividuals in Alaska who are trying to do as much as possible to help stop this pandemic level of Domestic Abuse, but sadly those in power are simply not listening to the real needs, and therefor the abuse is continuing to escalate daily, with the unnecessary deaths and suffering continuing.

Native Alaskans make up 61% of reported Rape Victims, now if that alone doesn’t show that the current system and programs are failing, then what will. Yes part of the problem is the fact that a lot of these communities are in very remote area’s, but that shouldn’t enable the abuse or rape of anybody. To use this as the reason for the continued escalation is an excuse and is so typically political. There is no excuse, no justification and nothing that can excuse or explain the Rape of anybody in any community. It is so easy for those in power to set up some programs that they think will at least make them look as if they aredoing something, when in reality the programs are a waste of time and are in place to just help secure votes. To me that is just shameful. Domestic Violenceis not about choosing respect, it is about the control over the victim by the abuser, and if those in power in Alaska don’t know what causes or is Domestic Abuse, then they should educate themselves so as they can actually do something worthwhile that will work, as right now they are failing miserably.

For example we have the Choose Respect Campaign this has not improved the lives of any native or tribal victim of abuse, and it won’t either, for one very good simple reason. Those VPSO have no idea as to what abuse is.When you haveunarmed safety officers even hear of a potential or an actual case of Domestic Violence they know it can be lethal, so many don’t respond. But what infuriates me is the fact that this program was apparently initiated to help the rural communities, yet in training these men/women receive NO training in relation toDomestic Violence therefor they are Not Qualified to help or intervene in anyissues of abuse. They must have training in Child Abuse/ Elder/ Sexual / Physical/ Mental/ Emotional Abuse which are all then inter linked with Human Trafficking.

Alaska Village Public Safety Officers are not armed but are trained in “basic criminal law and arrest procedures, rural fire fighting, and emergency responder first aid. Under Alaska law, the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) is not a recognized peace officer and has the same standing as a private citizen or aprivate security guard. How are they then any use to a victim of Domestic Abuse, they are useless to help, they are not required to make arrests in domestic violence cases like state law enforcement. Additionally, the VPSO might be reluctant to make an arrest in a domestic violence case, as domestic violence cases are very personal in nature, involving families and relationships. So this proves that the Campaign Choose Respect that constantly brags about installing more and more VPSO in rural area’s is a total waste of time, and just a smoke screen to make it look like those in power actually care. Thisignorance to the Tribal Communities needs to stop and their lives and pain need to be recognized

What needs to be done is local education and intervention with women in theserural communities, and not on a once a year event, but on a regular basis. If a woman is educated on what Domestic Abuse & Violence is then she is going to be able to protect herself and her children more. Nearly 75% of Alaskans either have experienced or know of someone who has suffered from Domestic Violence & or Sexual Assault. Native Alaskan women are 10 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than all other Alaskan women. these women are oftencut off from the avenues to justice.

So where does this leave Native Alaskan victims of domestic violence who seek the protection of the law or to bring their abusers to justice? The short answer is that victims need more assistance and protection in Alaska Native villages. Not only are victim services immediately unavailable due to the lack of/distance fromshelters and counselors in bush Alaska, but also state courts and the protection of law enforcement are frequently inaccessible. If a victim’s abuser is non-Native, criminal prosecution is up to the State of Alaska. If a victim’s abuser is Native and the tribal court exercises concurrent criminal jurisdiction, tribal courts are limited to sentences of only one year in prison or a fine of $5000, this is not acceptable and this needs to change. As the pain and memories of abuse won’t fade in a year, sadly they can last a life time. If the consequences don’t match the crime then their is not deterent for the abuser, and that is a problem.

We know that 30% of children who live a life of abuse within the home will go on to be abusers themselves in life, this is 30% too many. We need to break the cycle of abuse, and in order to do that , we have to ensure that the proper procedures, programs and initiatives are put in place. It is sadly expected now by many that the Native Tribal women of Alaska will have many who will life of abuse, we have to change that mentality, and ensure that these women know that they don’t have to suffer in silence, they don’t have to live in fear and that we arehere for them. Many will say that it is not my business as I am not either American or Native, I am Irish,however Abuse is my business and it i actually your’s too.The Alaskan people once saved my life, so now I will do whatever I have to in order to save at least one of their people. We were all given mouths in life for a reason, we use them in general for no real use, so why not start to use your mouth as the voice for the voiceless Native Victims of abuse in Alaska. They deserve the right to live life and to not just exist in it as a statistic of abuse, due to ignorance of those in the state in power or to the lack of education and resources because of where they live. We can go to the Moon and into Outer Space, so why can’t we make it possible to help those in the rural areas of our community. We can but the question is Who Will?

I will gladly do whatever I can to help these people, if that means travelling to educate them and to secure the programs they need in place, then consider it done. But who is willing to also step up to the plate and say Enough is Enoughand the Native People of Alaska Lives Count not Just For Votes. I know of manyeasy options that will work so as to alleviate the level of Domestic Abuse and Violence in the state, and in particular in these area’s which are forgotten by so many. I wonder how many will care to know what they are, who can make themnot just a dream for the victims but their reality in life.


Crystal Was Murdered – Stop Her Murderer Getting Bail -We Are Her Voice Now -Demand Justice


If anybody wants to contact me re the full story which is horrifying then please EMAIL ME and I will gladly reveal the full horror of what this excuse of a human did to Crystal McDonald, more than likely in front of her Three Children after he had days prior to her Death beaten her so badly she  also miscarried.

Look at this beautiful Woman Her Smile Crystal smiling

Now look at her Hours before she was murdered – Below is a Photo that Crystal Emailed to herself a few hours prior to her death as she knew she was going to be either Killed or Beaten up more – This was her evidence from the grave

crystal hours before her murder

Crystal knew that at least if she did die that her sister would find this email and hear her voice from the grave. Well her voice has been heard and listened to and this is NOT SUICIDE this is MURDER. Nobody can inflict those bruises on themselves, Also nobody that shoots themselves Dead will then be able to get up and wipe the weapon clean of all fingerprints especially when the fatal wound was to the head. it is simply IMPOSSIBLE . This Photo alone should be what get’s Justice for Crystal but her Murderer is trying to  escape accountability .

Her Murderer tried to say it was Suicide yet it was death by Russian Roulette after he loaded all chambers of the gun without her knowledge. MURDER IS MURDER and a Massive Life Insurance is a Clear Motive for any Murder. As if this wasn’t bad enough taking the life of a woman who was the mom to his kids, he then Smuggled months later her Three Children away from their Eskimo Tribe and Alaskan Home to his Sisters in Texas. Welfare Checks Have Been Unable to be carried out. Three babies without their mom – He Now Wants Bail Please STOP HIM GETTING RELEASED ON MONDAY. – WE OWE CRYSTAL THAT MUCH – NOBODY COULD SAVE HER LIFE BUT WE CAN AT LEAST INSURE IT WASN’T IN VAIN – WE CAN ALL PULL TOGETHER AND MAKE HER VOICE & CRIES HEARD FROM HER GRAVE.

We can’t Bring Crystal Back. But we Can Get her Justice — Please Email anybody and Everybody in Alaska as well as the Alaska Dispatch News and Demand Justice for Crystal McDonald – It is the Least that we as a society owe her.The Email for ALASKA DISPATCH IS  Judge Harbison who will be Presiding on Fairbanks Alaska  on Monday June 29th at 0845 Hrs Must Not Be Allowed To Grant Bail

My  email for more information on this case is koigc@outlook.comWill You Help Crystal ?

Thank you for Sharing

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims 

Nolonger Victims Supporting Justice for Crystal McDonald Rice (2)



As many know I have recently been inundated with imaged and video’s of little babies and children that are enduring HORRIFIC CHILD ABUSE. A lot of these images very sadly are coming from The Philippines and that is why after our initial intervention for the Baby Living as a Dog two weeks ago, I set up a Online Branch for Nolonger Victims in the Philippines, as we have to stop this abuse.Here is the link in case anybody wants to support the page & share to make the voices of all these victims of abuse heard :

However today this image was shared to me and I was asked  could I help. Now other than know the name of the person who shared it to me I have little to go on. But YOU CAN HELP, by sharing this article and image you are making the World’s Media Realize that this is not an isolated incident it is an ongoing pandemic problem in The Philippines and we all as a Society have to step up and protect these babies.

So I am asking you all to help with the following, No matter where you are located in the World you have access to the Media, to the Internet, to Social Media, to your local Government Representatives so help us to wake them up to this baby’s plight.

1.Share this article on all Social Media – We need it to go VIRAL 

2.Do you recognize the woman or the man in the image that we have posted 

3.Do you recognize the baby and or the location that it is at ?

4.Do you know who took this image so that we can contact them ?

5. Do you care enough to make this Baby’s Voice Heard & it’s life to be valued ?

We have as always a Team of Professionals that will Fly in and Rescue this Baby either to put into the Hands of Local Authorities or the Relevant Agencies. This we can’t do WITHOUT YOUR HELP . We need a Location  and some details so other than suspecting it is in The Philippines that is where the Trail Goes Cold. Help this baby before it is too late, as he/she is NOT A STATISTIC IN OUR SOCIETY. he/she is a precious little defenseless baby that is been abused, hurt and must be petrified every single time these monsters come near him/her.

My email is , We can find this baby and we will directly contact also Dinky Suliman who is the head of the Department of Social Services in The Philippines once we know for sure that this baby is in that country and we have a location. WE WILL NOT DELAY — PLEASE HELP THIS BABY TO LIVE – TO IGNORE HIS/HER SUFFERING IS TO ENABLE IT TO CONTINUE


Nolonger Victims


Who Really Is Mark Zuckerberg ? If A Man Then Answer My Questions ?


Mark Zuckerberg is one of the wealthiest men in the world , but how has he actually got that wealth and who is he really. Well according to the information that I am sure he has allowed to be known on him, he is apparently a 31 year old Man from the USA that is one of the Co Founders of Facebook and is an Internet Entrepreneur. However I personally think that the Mr Zuckerberg is simply another Puppet on a string for Organizations that are Financially supporting Facebookand him personally. He has a lot to answer as far as I am concerned and in this post I am Formally Calling On Mark Zuckerberg To Meet With Me In Person And To Explain & Answer the Following Questions – Just Name The Location Mark & I will Fly there to meet you. But I some how doubt that Mark Zuckerberghas either the Personal Self Respect, Dignity or Integrity to either Meet me or to answer these questions that are on the tips of many a tongue, but who most are afraid to ask about. I AM NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT NOW OR EVER – I AM NOT A PUPPET MARK & YOU WON’T SILENCE OUR VOICES.

In late May 2015 I and my team in Nolonger Victims shared a post on Facebook about a little Baby that was been led on a Dog lead, wearing a Dog Collar andeating from a Dog Bowl, whilst having no clothes on him and not even a Diaper. The world was OUTRAGED yet FACEBOOK REMOVED ALL OUR POSTS & ARTICLES & VIDEO ON THIS BABY – Everytime we posted they were removed by Facebook and the reason given was that we were postingPORNOGRAPHY – Now I am sorry Mr Zuckerberg but the baby above was a baby that was been abused it was in no way a Pornographic Image as you allow them all the time yet you don’t allow a baby to be saved. Thankfully we with our Friends in the USA in Law Enforcement managed to find this baby within 12 hours and the baby is safe in state custody, NO THANKS TO FACEBOOK.


So Mr Zuckerberg here are my questions to you and if you have a shred of decency in your body, an ounce of compassion for children and babies that are suffering around the world and a slither of personal integrity then you will not just answer these questions but you will answer them with the truth, and not just a formal statement that is drawn up by your Attorneys to make you look good but hides the truth. I may be a pauper material wise compared to you but I have morehonesty, integrity and values in my little finger than your entire Multi Billion Dollar Enterprise and you personally seem to have. Money may buy you powerbut it doesn’t Buy you Respect, That you Earn in life by your actions irrespective of who you are and how big your bank balance is.

1. Why is Facebook Ignoring Victims of Child Abuse ? 

2. Why is Facebook Protecting the Abusers of Children by Removing these Posts & Video’s and in turn silencing the Victim from asking for help ?

3. Why does Facebook allow images of Grown Men Passionately Kissing little girls & consider it Not A Breach of Community Standards ? Yet they remove a Child’s Image asking for Help ? 

4.Who is Really Behind Facebook ? – Clearly It isn’t You.

5.You are the Face of Facebook but with only 28% Shares apparently that means you are NOT the Majority Shareholder so WHO IS ? 

6.Why are Video’s of Children & Babies that are clearly showing their abuse & pain been REMOVED CONSTANTLY FROM OUR PAGES YET ARE LEFT ON ISLAMIC ONE’S – THE EXACT SAME POSTS ?

7.Why does Facebook Want to Protect Pedophiles – Child Abusers and ignore the cries of the children ignoring our REQUESTS for the Technical Data to be released which you have on file ? This is the only way we can find the exact location for these children and get them the help, by blocking this information you are Enabling Child Abuse & Disabling Attempts to Save Children. Why would you do this ? 

8.Why do Facebook allow ISIS to post the Visual images that it does, the children walking around holding a person’s head in their hands, or the burning alive of one of their kidnap victims.? Why is this acceptable to have on Facebook yet a Child been abused who can’t reach out can’t speak out is ignored and forced to be a statistic in society ? Why is this Mark ????

9.Why has Facebook also blocked the personal pages of people who speak out against these terrorist  groups or the islamic/muslim religion? Just like these people apparently have a freedom of speech so do the rest of the world, so WHY Mark are you protecting MORE & MORE PERPETRATORS OF CRIME- TERRORIST ACTS & SUFFERING OF THE INNOCENT ?

10.Why Mark doesn’t the voice of a tiny baby screaming in agony that is been swung from side to side for two minutes, with it’s arms out stretched, clearly been pulled from it’s sockets as it is not strong enough to hold them in and eventually going unconscious, Why isn’t this baby’s basic Human Right important to Facebook ? Why is this baby forced to suffer some form of Brain Trauma if not worse because FACEBOOK DON’T WANT THE WORLD TO SEE HIS/HER PAIN – OR TO HEAR OUR VOICES PLEADING FOR HELP?

11.Why Mark is your Organization that is meant to be a Social Media Outlet for the World and for all in it, that has apparently Community Standards not have any idea as to what the Basic Standards to the Right to Life without Abuse means ? Why are you Allowing Organizations that are meant to be protecting children to Hide Their Abuse & Pain and in turn Ignoring the Victims the innocent babies of our world ? Why Mark Why ? 

Now I don’t expect Mark Zuckerberg or anybody in Facebook to even acknowledge this Post and or to have the decency to Meet with me and to sit in front of me and my team and to answer these questions. If Mark Zuckerberg was a Real Man with Real Integrity and not just viewing the world as his personal ATMthen this meeting will take place. But he is just a cover for others who have analternative Agenda and he is the Smiling Face on Facebook that hides Deep Sick Vile Secrets as to what Facebook is really about. The truth needs to be Exposed and I am also curious as to why Any company would want a totally self reliant Compound such as Facebook has in the USA as if this was any other business it would be seen as a CULT COMPOUND. What is he expecting to happen ? More to the point What does he Know is going to happen to society and this is why he has everything that HE needs within his own facility so that he has thepower and control over not just society as a whole but the world via the Internet. Far too much control & power for one man. This man is a Front and we have to find out a Front for Who & What as anybody that is Enabling the Abuse of Babies & Children is as Guilty in My opinion as the Actual Abusers themselves.

Some who read this will know Mark Zuckerberg Personally and others will know how to forward this to him. I really wonder if this man has any decency at all as if he has then not only will he meet with me, but he will help us to set up a Program on Facebook where we who are Looking to Rescue Children From Abuse are afforded the Resources & Technical Data that we need. Work With Us Mark NOT Against Us.Every Child & Baby & Human CountsEvery Victim Has  A VoiceEvery Survivor Has  A Story To TellStop Enabling Abuse With Secrecy – Disable It With Exposure  & Our Voices – Speak Out So we can Reach Out – In Order for Victims to Get Out 

Lurleen Hilliard 

Nolonger Victims

Website: nolongervictimslurleen.webs.comNLV

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