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Wanting To Be Safe – Not Killed So As To Silence Me – Why Is That So Wrong To Want ?

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Writing this article is very hard as in doing so I am one swallowing the little bit of pride that I have and two it shows how desperate my situation is and yet how in reality nobody cares as I am a statistic to them and one day if things continue as they are I will be headline news and not in a good way but with the posting of details on my death. Yes the threat is very real and Yes I have to deal with it alone – Why well it’s simple I was born in Ireland sadly and as it is not seen as a country at war nobody outside the country cares and within they are enabling those that want to find me and silence me as I scare them with my honesty.

Every single day I see articles about people claiming to be in dangerous situations and or at risk and simply because they are cloaked in certain clothing or from a particular part of the world all jump at the opportunity to help them, without ever knowing the true facts or the true reasons for them wanting to gain entry into your country. If they are ignored then they scream discrimination and all bow to their every whim. Yet I am been DISCRIMINATED AGAINST I am a victim of Discrimination solely due to the fact that I don’t wear these clothes, I don’t come from these countries and I don’t follow their so called religion. The threat and danger to me is very real yet as I am just a normal person I am not important enough to be protected.

Now some may say oh that is total BS but if you read this article then you will see how it is not BS but the truth. Perhaps when you have to live every second of every day knowing it could be your last due to the desires of others then you can judge me but until then you have no right to.Let me explain in more detail as to why I am stating that I am a victim of Discrimination and Why I am refusing to die in silence. 

There are a few people who would want me dead from my Ex husband who spent over 23 years using me as his human punch bag to raping me when he wanted sex and who now 4.5 yrs ago illegally kept my son now 18 when he went to visit him in Canada. Despite Voice mails , text messages, pictures destroyed, and the memories that are etched into our brains he won’t rest until he knows I am dead. To him if I am killed in Ireland then he would be out in a few years hence why the risk here is very high. His dream is that I am to be fed through a tube for life and have to pis- into a bag forever more. This is actually on a recording and in writing from him.

Or it could be from the Corrupt Michelin Chef Conrad Gallagher who tried his best when I was in the US and when I exposed his crimes against the American People to have me killed, such was the risk from him that the US Marshals told us that if we were not Irish that we would be put into Witness Protection. They even had us pack up what we really needed so that we could go with them then they realized that Ireland wasn’t a country at war so they said we would be safe here, Despite the biggest threat of all been in Ireland we were left to survive alone and still are to this day. Funny thing is that he applied for his American Green card based on  lies, I had the proof and I told authorities but he paid a lot of money to an attorney and told a lot of BS in order to get it. The sole reason for it was that he can flee to other countries and that his South African Wife wouldn’t have to get visas to escape their latest cons. Surprise surprise this is what they did when months ago they fled Orange County before he was caught.The evidence I have on this man and his crimes against the American people is astronomical and his silent partner yet nobody seems to care enough to arrest him and incarcerate him. But he was rewarded with a Green Card and I was rewarded with a life of fear. As he said to me nobody crosses him and nobody has ever had the evidence and the information that I have on him in over 20 years but for some reason nobody cares. Does Crime Really pay that well ?

But the biggest threat is from I think the 375 Pedophile Names and Profiledetails that I gave to ICE two weeks ago, this included the images they were commenting on, the site they were liking which is clearly a Child Pedophile one and possibly Human Trafficking. Within 24 hrs of  this information been obtained the other lady helping me with this had people outside her home in the US yet her location is unknown to all but two people, blacked out vans and a man with a camera. Both our profiles were blocked yet we had not liked the page so they would not have known we were on there unless they had trackers on their site. That would explain the above and the incident this week at my home

On Wednesday last my house was broken into now normally I would have been there but the battery in my car was dying so I had gone to replace it, hence why I wasn’t there. But my Cell was jammed for the entire morning it wouldn’t turn on at all no matter what I did and this would have meant I had no contact with anybody had I been in the property. A coincidence maybe but after the fact the cell came on and that hasn’t happened since. I know that certain powers in Social Media are also involved and are tracking my posts and my location as too many things have happened to be a coincidence.

So if I suddenly vanish and am not on any of the Social Media sites and or not answering my Email then you know that they have found me and silenced me. To know that at any minute of the day I can be removed is frightening. I recently did some family Ancestry and found that my ancestors were not just a part of the US Military but also a part of history making in Maryland. But this only adds to my feeling of where I belong and where is home to me, I may have been born in Ireland but I have no connection with the people or the country it is like a Transgender who says they are trapped in the wrong body, well as silly as it may sound I am trapped in the wrong country. I would stand up for and beside every American over any other nation including Ireland and always will.

In Maryland my ancestor was the Very First Person to build a house made of bricks in Maryland. Here is a quote on him from a book on Maryland and what he did for others. After St. Paul’s was built, residents began to use brick to construct houses as well. Edward Fottrell, who came from Ireland and bought the land belonging to Jonathan Hanson and George Walker in 1741, built the first brick house in town. It had freestone corners and was the first to reach two stories without a hip-roof. The house stood at the location of the northwest corner of Calvert and Fayette Streets. Before Fottrell’s arrival, all the houses and commercial structures were built of wood. This was the case in almost all colonial towns and resulted in one of the greatest common dangers: fire.

1754-1760- “While the French and Indian War was in progress, Baltimore received a large addition to its population. When the French Neutrals were removed from Arcadia by the British government, many came to Baltimore and were hospitably quartered in the mansion of Mr. Edward Fottrell, which stood upon the square now (1900) covered by the stately court-house recently completed”

CIVIL WAR United States of America
1864, May 14 – d. – Capt. Jacob Fottrell. , KIA during the Civil War. Second Regt.. Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Resaca during the Atlanta campaign ( Ohio Archives). Enlisted on August 20, 1861 at age 27 as Lieutenant. Prom. to Capt.- December 2, 1862

1957, August 12 – A Navy bomber crashed at the Barbers Point Naval Air Station, California – LCDR John FOTTRELL, pilot , of NYC was slightly injured

*1944, June 6 – d. -1st. Lieutenant Winfield T. F. , Bergen County, New Jersey, USA, KIA D Day – Served 1st. Engineer Special Brigade, 531st. Engineer Shore Regiment . Interred American Cemetery of Colleville- Sur-Mer., Plot H, Row 01, Grave 37

I vowed in 2012 to dedicate my life to helping the American People as when those above tried to kill me it was the American People that saved my life and inspired me to do this work. I wont be silenced because some don’t like me revealing the truths. But I would like to know that if I was to wear a Burka and to then approach for a visa would I be refused or would I be welcomed with opened arms even if I pretended to have no documentation etc I know and you all know that I would be welcomed yet because I am honest, in real danger, waiting to be found and silenced and never had a criminal record, who works voluntarily for the American People every single day I have to live in fear awaiting my early death

Hope nobody ever has to live in this fear as it is the worst thing ever. Sad reality is that if I had money then they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid I would be handed a visa no problem, if I wore a hijab I would be handed one, If I pretended to be a refugee I would be handed one, But because i am honest, real and genuinely in danger I am left alone with nobody that cares to help.

I asked all my connections the other day if they could help as many could due to their work positions and out of them all only SIX people even messaged me and that says alot. So I don’t expect anybody to read this or to help but at least you can’t say you were not told of the risk to me the real risk and how even when I asked for help it was ignored.

Lurleen Hilliard

Email –



BULL I and others have got this week far too close to the people that are clearly making sure that those who stop abuse are silenced and those that enable abuse are allowed to continue to do so. Not one person on any social media or internet site has disagreed with this . All that deal with these issues have said that they also have been treated like this and that they are fed up with the control that FB and ZUCKERBERG have over so many in life.


I am sharing this now on my Blog as it was originally on LinkedIn and then they were redirecting the link to other posts NOT MINE and then they told me in an email that they fully supported this post and my work, Yet less than 30 mins later they BLOCKED my account for the same post and told me that they DON”T SUPPORT ME and that to allow my account to be active I have to remove this post. So I guess that he has far reaching hands but he can’t shut us all up and once it is on the Internet Mark it is on the Net. So I am now posting this on MY BLOG  so he can’t control it and he CAN’T IGNORE IT- I wonder now as to why they are doing this, clearly they are now been told what to do and I hope that they are not Puppets on a string for Zuckerberg too. As this is now on every internet outlet you can think so I won’t go away Mark so you better start answering some questions you owe it to the children and babies who you have just possibly risked their lives over your trying to silence me..

Little in life infuriates me to the level that I am at today, however when it comes to others Abusing – Trafficking or Enabling the abuse of Babies and or Children in particular I won’t be silenced. Now what I am about to tell you all will not surprise some but will others. In doing so I know that I risk further BLOCKING from FACEBOOK and I am sure further attempts and I say attempts to Silence Me as no amount of Money will Silence Me Mark Zuckerberg even if you can be bought I have something that even you can’t afford and that is INTEGRITY – Perhaps you can look it up sometime as most humans with any sense of decency, morals or respect for life have it. Clearly it bypassed you when you saw the $$$$$$$$$ signs and allowed others to buy the little bit of Dignity and Self Respect you were born with. You can BLOCK ME MARK ZUCKERBERG – BUT you cant BLOCK THE WORLD – Everybody that is in the Advocate World and Individuals on Facebook who are supporting me and kicking up hell about your actions are now getting their Pages Blocked – Banned and Reported – Hell we are really rattling your cage- So let me tell you something Mark you either help to STOP THESE PEDOPHILES WITH US – OR I won’t rattle cages I will topple them. No threats as I don’t threaten anybody I am promising you. As I will be the voice for these children and I am NOT A PUPPET LIKE YOU ARE on a string like you for scum .

Here is the image of the little girl that I initially posted on Facebook and on all social media – The post went Viral , her image the same. Thankfully we found out that the image was stolen and was of a little girl that was abused some years ago but is safe now, SADLY on the same site people were emailing me that they saw Babies and other Children for sale and rent in the same manner. This is a Secret Group that is on the Internet and on FACEBOOK (Mark) – ON YOUR SITE – YOU TOLERATE IT – YOU ARE SUPPORTING THEM – YOU BLOCK ME ????????????????????????

Due to the huge outcry in relation to this baby and this advert I also shared another image for another PEDOPHILE that is still on FACEBOOK he is friends with a man that INCITES DEATH TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS – Both their pages are still operational so I figured we would get exposure for this little child too. We know this group reaches from Europe to USA we know that this group is not a fake one – it has over 5000 members all secret WHY ??

Due to the International level of collaboration we were hours away from getting really good leads and details that would hopefully find all these babies and stop the abuse now. BUT THANKS TO MARK ZUCKERBERG THAT IS GONE – POSSIBLY FOREVER – EVIDENCE REMOVED – SITES SHUT DOWN – CHILDREN/BABIES RELOCATED – THANKS MARK

Now I have many things that I would like to say to these Traffickers, to those that they clearly have in their Pockets like Mark Zuckerberg and many others, but my main question is to this piece of crap Zuckerberg who thinks that money has bought him power – has bought him people- control and the right to say what baby and child can or can not live a life of abuse at the hands of vile pedophiles just because they are his friends. So here is my question to you MARK ZUCKERBERG – HOW THE HELL DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING THAT YOUR POCKETS ARE LINED WITH MONEY THAT WAS PAID TO HELP RAPE – ABUSE – MURDER- DESTROY THE LIVES OF BABIES AND CHILDREN WORLDWIDE – IS IT REALLY WORTH IT.


From Norway to Europe to Australia to USA to Canada we will speak out. You won’t stop us and although your actions are now going to possibly cost lives and certainly enable more child abuse we won’t allow you to silence us. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST – HELP ME TO HELP THESE BABIES – WE ARE ALL THEY HAVE – WITHOUT US THEY ARE VOICELESS- BE THEIR VOICE

Thank you to all for your support and helping to share posts since I am banned. We will not be beaten we will not be silenced and to those children I promise I will not stop, will never give up and I will find you, hold you , hug you and get you to safety. That is a promise not just as an Advocate – Human but a Mom


Lurleen Hilliard
Nolonger Victims

Email –

Syrian Refugees -The Hidden Agenda – Protect Your Borders – Not All Are Refugees – The Hidden Truth


I am writing this and I know in doing so that some will call me a bigot and every other name under the sun, but to be honest it doesn’t bother me as I will not be silenced and I will not ignore the true facts that Governments around the world are been forced to ignore by the pressure from certain groups and the media.I have friends who work with Real Syrian Refugees in the Refugee camps 365 days of the year and these I will support as I know they are real. But when you read the following please tell me that you can hand on heart say that allowing these people in is the best thing for your  country.


Yes the images that we all saw last week of the little boy Aylan Kurdi and his brother lying dead on the beach is heartbreaking, there isn’t a person with a heart that can say otherwise. HOWEVER the truth behind why he was there and the truth behind his father and his family has not been told and I am going to tell it now. As it proves that in particular Islamic and Muslim Groups who have so much control over people in these areas are behind this Mass Exodus. It is the ideal way to INFILTRATE COUNTRIES & BORDERS normally closed to them. Do you know the real truths about this mass exodus as all countries that are opening their borders to these so called Refugees need to know this.

According to recent reports made in a Media outlet called The Muslim Issue they state and they really have no reason to lie about this – 4 million Muslims pretend to escape 30,000 ISIS fighters who are not even near their towns, cities and even countries. This kind of mass-migration fraud is a medieval war strategy and it’s called Hijrah. It’s part of jihad and we all know what Jihad is part of. Not only that but the man who claims that he was on the boat that his children and wife died on was NOT EVEN ON THE BOAT WITH THEM – He attempted to send them into Europe as a Lone parent the mom to claim refugee status which is easier to obtain for a woman with children and then he would follow in the future claiming he had escaped a war torn area that he didn’t even live in.

Abdullah Kurdi’s story is FAKE – But his lies are now being used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, the image of his dead child is been used and exploited by ISIS and those that support their Muslim ways in order to ensure that they can pressure the Governments of the world to allow them access into their countries. This man was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. That’s why he was the only survivor. He learned of their death from the hospital ONLY AFTER the photos of his son had circulated around the world in the media. HE DIDN’T KNOW PRIOR TO THAT AS HE WASN’T WITH THEM – 

Syria is a huge country and not all of the country is a War Zone – This family had been living in Turkey for Three Years PRIOR to the drowning of his sons they had not just fled SYRIA they had been living for FREE in FREE HOUSING in TURKEY – HOW DOES THAT MAKE THEM SYRIAN REFUGEES ? – Also what Refugee has over USD $4.400 when they are apparently homeless and fleeing a war. Fact is that he is a LIAR and the world is blinded by the image of his children.

Lets talk about the children and his wife that died – His stories have changed many times and if a real Refugee who would have fled a Warzone unable to return due to the danger to him or his family how was he able to do the following safely and without any protection from others. Fact is he is a LIAR and is out for what he can get- he has used his children to open the doors to Europe and the World for Terrorists under the cloak of Syrian Refugees.

Now his stories as to how the boy’s died have changed many times depending on who he is speaking to. His wife’s body he claims was ballooned so much that he didn’t recognize her Yet this is impossible in a few hours to happen. As the decay of a body in water is NOT INSTANT – According to the Forensic Library it takes a body between 2-6 days for it to get to the Bloated stage that he describes happened in hours. – So if she was this bloated when did she die as she didn’t die a few hours prior to been found in this condition that is impossible. Guess he didn’t think that people would work this one out. Nor did he realize that when he first says that he saw his boys drown in front of his eyes and then that he assumed that they had made it to the beach and ran away that we also wouldn’t work out his lie -If he saw them drown in front of him then how can they have made it to the beach alive and run away. The dead can’t run yet he wants us to believe his lie after lie.  He also states that when they didn’t go to the agreed meeting point that he went to the hospital and then heard they had died. But he has already stated that they died in his arms so which is it as he can’t be on the boat and watch them die and then expect them to run up to him at the agreed meeting point.


Before he lived in Turkey with his family for Three years prior to their deaths he had lived and worked as a barber in Damascus that is according to his own sister yet he told the world that he fled Kobani which is over 500 km from Damascus to escape to Canada. So where did he live Kobani or Damascus – Also if Kobani was a war zone and so dangerous for him how could he then get a flight there and what is worse ISIS were NOT EVEN IN KOBANI when he said that his family had fled from them. MORE LIES – Also he claimed that ISIS were in Damascus three years ago when in fact the truth is that ISIS entered only a small rural part of northern Damascus last year and targeted a remote refugee camp with “Palestinians” earlier in 2015 and were pushed out. ISIS is present in only a proportion of the country about One Quarter of Syria and in  Northern Syria, not in the South of the country

As if the above isn’t enough to warrant severe caution to all that are claiming asylum around the world under the cloak of been a Refugee from Syria, more and more lies are been brought forward by this man and his story. He claims that he had applied to Canada for Asylum yet the Immigration there apparently haveNEVER received an application from him – So who is lying is it Immigration in Canada that have NO REASON TO LIE – or a man that wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face.

The fact is that this mans own Family are Traffickers They are the People Smugglers and they were and are trying to find ways to get him and others into Canada and other countries. None of these refugees got on any of these boats without paying money – He had plenty on him enough to consider him a very wealthy man in these regions just like ALL TRAFFICKERS ARE – They are trying to find ways to get as many Muslims and those who support ISIS into our countries without having to go through any immigration like the normal person would. Why well they want to control the world, sure they tell us that all the time. What better way to get control of a country and its people then to have it infiltrated with those that want to destroy it. Nobody knows what these people look like – we don’t have mug shots of them – we don’t have criminal records – back ground checks – They support the Rapes and Murders of the innocent – Genital Mutilation- Child Abuse -Murdering of people due to their sexual orientation and we are now all meant to bow to them. NO we have to stand up to them.

Recently a school in Germany who has taken in a number of these apparent Refugees has told its students to cover their bodies as it offends these refugees. Sorry if we go to their country then we have to abide by their culture their laws so why do they not have to conform to ours. Fact is these are NOT REFUGEES these are TERRORISTS that are planning to attack all our countries from within and the worst part is that our Governments are falling for their lies.


The fact is that this man was part of the Human Trafficking of these people and made plenty of money from them – His family in Canada is also involved and all their stories are lies – How was he the only person on that faithful boat to have no injuries – need no medical treatment and survive – The reason is that HE WAS NEVER ON THAT BOAT IN THE FIRST PLACE – Real Refugees have the clothes they are wearing and little else, they have not lived in houses in non war torn areas for years and have thousands of dollars on them when apparently they are so poor they had to flee . HE WAS AND IS A TRAFFICKER WHO SO FAR HAS ESCAPED ACCOUNTABILITY – HIS SONS USED AS PAWNS TO GET WORLD SYMPATHY – CHILD ABUSE AT ITS FINEST – 

What man says that it is okay that his wife and kids have died as if that is the way of the world then he is okay with it- Sorry no man that loved his wife and children would want them dead and certainly not like this – Unless they were used as human bait to allow doors to be opened for others – I guarantee he is making lots more money now from their deaths as he has now managed to allow thousands that are NOT REFUGEES to get into our countries.

So this is why I won’t support these campaigns to allow these people in as we do not know who they are. We have enough Pedophiles -Traffickers -RapistsMurderers- Criminals within our own communities without allowing these that have no respect for their own people in life so all others are simply targets for them to destroy and to get rid of. Why won’t those in power see this and do what they are meant to do and protect their own people.

I know that some will give me horrific abuse over writing this but we can’t be silenced we have to speak out. The other day I posted on Facebook that I would be writing something about this situation and I received threats and intimidation to try to silence me – One man even posted my views onto Islamic sites so that they would target me directly and some have. But I won’t be a hypocrite and allow our children our people and our futures to be destroyed just so as to keep some in our communities happy and or to look good.



Email –

Nolonger Victims 

Native & Tribal Communities In Alaska Need Our Help – Far Too Many Women Are Suffering In Silence – Due To Domestic Violence / Abuse


I am writing this article in the hope that perhaps we can as a society highlight the horrific level of Domestic Violence & Abuse that so many women, in theNative/Tribal communities of Alaska have to suffer every day of their lives. It is due to the huge level of respect that I have for those in these communities and my personal anger at the amount who are forced to suffer in silence, and their voices need to be heard. There are some wonderful organizations andindividuals in Alaska who are trying to do as much as possible to help stop this pandemic level of Domestic Abuse, but sadly those in power are simply not listening to the real needs, and therefor the abuse is continuing to escalate daily, with the unnecessary deaths and suffering continuing.

Native Alaskans make up 61% of reported Rape Victims, now if that alone doesn’t show that the current system and programs are failing, then what will. Yes part of the problem is the fact that a lot of these communities are in very remote area’s, but that shouldn’t enable the abuse or rape of anybody. To use this as the reason for the continued escalation is an excuse and is so typically political. There is no excuse, no justification and nothing that can excuse or explain the Rape of anybody in any community. It is so easy for those in power to set up some programs that they think will at least make them look as if they aredoing something, when in reality the programs are a waste of time and are in place to just help secure votes. To me that is just shameful. Domestic Violenceis not about choosing respect, it is about the control over the victim by the abuser, and if those in power in Alaska don’t know what causes or is Domestic Abuse, then they should educate themselves so as they can actually do something worthwhile that will work, as right now they are failing miserably.

For example we have the Choose Respect Campaign this has not improved the lives of any native or tribal victim of abuse, and it won’t either, for one very good simple reason. Those VPSO have no idea as to what abuse is.When you haveunarmed safety officers even hear of a potential or an actual case of Domestic Violence they know it can be lethal, so many don’t respond. But what infuriates me is the fact that this program was apparently initiated to help the rural communities, yet in training these men/women receive NO training in relation toDomestic Violence therefor they are Not Qualified to help or intervene in anyissues of abuse. They must have training in Child Abuse/ Elder/ Sexual / Physical/ Mental/ Emotional Abuse which are all then inter linked with Human Trafficking.

Alaska Village Public Safety Officers are not armed but are trained in “basic criminal law and arrest procedures, rural fire fighting, and emergency responder first aid. Under Alaska law, the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) is not a recognized peace officer and has the same standing as a private citizen or aprivate security guard. How are they then any use to a victim of Domestic Abuse, they are useless to help, they are not required to make arrests in domestic violence cases like state law enforcement. Additionally, the VPSO might be reluctant to make an arrest in a domestic violence case, as domestic violence cases are very personal in nature, involving families and relationships. So this proves that the Campaign Choose Respect that constantly brags about installing more and more VPSO in rural area’s is a total waste of time, and just a smoke screen to make it look like those in power actually care. Thisignorance to the Tribal Communities needs to stop and their lives and pain need to be recognized

What needs to be done is local education and intervention with women in theserural communities, and not on a once a year event, but on a regular basis. If a woman is educated on what Domestic Abuse & Violence is then she is going to be able to protect herself and her children more. Nearly 75% of Alaskans either have experienced or know of someone who has suffered from Domestic Violence & or Sexual Assault. Native Alaskan women are 10 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than all other Alaskan women. these women are oftencut off from the avenues to justice.

So where does this leave Native Alaskan victims of domestic violence who seek the protection of the law or to bring their abusers to justice? The short answer is that victims need more assistance and protection in Alaska Native villages. Not only are victim services immediately unavailable due to the lack of/distance fromshelters and counselors in bush Alaska, but also state courts and the protection of law enforcement are frequently inaccessible. If a victim’s abuser is non-Native, criminal prosecution is up to the State of Alaska. If a victim’s abuser is Native and the tribal court exercises concurrent criminal jurisdiction, tribal courts are limited to sentences of only one year in prison or a fine of $5000, this is not acceptable and this needs to change. As the pain and memories of abuse won’t fade in a year, sadly they can last a life time. If the consequences don’t match the crime then their is not deterent for the abuser, and that is a problem.

We know that 30% of children who live a life of abuse within the home will go on to be abusers themselves in life, this is 30% too many. We need to break the cycle of abuse, and in order to do that , we have to ensure that the proper procedures, programs and initiatives are put in place. It is sadly expected now by many that the Native Tribal women of Alaska will have many who will life of abuse, we have to change that mentality, and ensure that these women know that they don’t have to suffer in silence, they don’t have to live in fear and that we arehere for them. Many will say that it is not my business as I am not either American or Native, I am Irish,however Abuse is my business and it i actually your’s too.The Alaskan people once saved my life, so now I will do whatever I have to in order to save at least one of their people. We were all given mouths in life for a reason, we use them in general for no real use, so why not start to use your mouth as the voice for the voiceless Native Victims of abuse in Alaska. They deserve the right to live life and to not just exist in it as a statistic of abuse, due to ignorance of those in the state in power or to the lack of education and resources because of where they live. We can go to the Moon and into Outer Space, so why can’t we make it possible to help those in the rural areas of our community. We can but the question is Who Will?

I will gladly do whatever I can to help these people, if that means travelling to educate them and to secure the programs they need in place, then consider it done. But who is willing to also step up to the plate and say Enough is Enoughand the Native People of Alaska Lives Count not Just For Votes. I know of manyeasy options that will work so as to alleviate the level of Domestic Abuse and Violence in the state, and in particular in these area’s which are forgotten by so many. I wonder how many will care to know what they are, who can make themnot just a dream for the victims but their reality in life.


Crystal Was Murdered – Stop Her Murderer Getting Bail -We Are Her Voice Now -Demand Justice


If anybody wants to contact me re the full story which is horrifying then please EMAIL ME and I will gladly reveal the full horror of what this excuse of a human did to Crystal McDonald, more than likely in front of her Three Children after he had days prior to her Death beaten her so badly she  also miscarried.

Look at this beautiful Woman Her Smile Crystal smiling

Now look at her Hours before she was murdered – Below is a Photo that Crystal Emailed to herself a few hours prior to her death as she knew she was going to be either Killed or Beaten up more – This was her evidence from the grave

crystal hours before her murder

Crystal knew that at least if she did die that her sister would find this email and hear her voice from the grave. Well her voice has been heard and listened to and this is NOT SUICIDE this is MURDER. Nobody can inflict those bruises on themselves, Also nobody that shoots themselves Dead will then be able to get up and wipe the weapon clean of all fingerprints especially when the fatal wound was to the head. it is simply IMPOSSIBLE . This Photo alone should be what get’s Justice for Crystal but her Murderer is trying to  escape accountability .

Her Murderer tried to say it was Suicide yet it was death by Russian Roulette after he loaded all chambers of the gun without her knowledge. MURDER IS MURDER and a Massive Life Insurance is a Clear Motive for any Murder. As if this wasn’t bad enough taking the life of a woman who was the mom to his kids, he then Smuggled months later her Three Children away from their Eskimo Tribe and Alaskan Home to his Sisters in Texas. Welfare Checks Have Been Unable to be carried out. Three babies without their mom – He Now Wants Bail Please STOP HIM GETTING RELEASED ON MONDAY. – WE OWE CRYSTAL THAT MUCH – NOBODY COULD SAVE HER LIFE BUT WE CAN AT LEAST INSURE IT WASN’T IN VAIN – WE CAN ALL PULL TOGETHER AND MAKE HER VOICE & CRIES HEARD FROM HER GRAVE.

We can’t Bring Crystal Back. But we Can Get her Justice — Please Email anybody and Everybody in Alaska as well as the Alaska Dispatch News and Demand Justice for Crystal McDonald – It is the Least that we as a society owe her.The Email for ALASKA DISPATCH IS  Judge Harbison who will be Presiding on Fairbanks Alaska  on Monday June 29th at 0845 Hrs Must Not Be Allowed To Grant Bail

My  email for more information on this case is koigc@outlook.comWill You Help Crystal ?

Thank you for Sharing

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims 

Nolonger Victims Supporting Justice for Crystal McDonald Rice (2)



As many know I have recently been inundated with imaged and video’s of little babies and children that are enduring HORRIFIC CHILD ABUSE. A lot of these images very sadly are coming from The Philippines and that is why after our initial intervention for the Baby Living as a Dog two weeks ago, I set up a Online Branch for Nolonger Victims in the Philippines, as we have to stop this abuse.Here is the link in case anybody wants to support the page & share to make the voices of all these victims of abuse heard :

However today this image was shared to me and I was asked  could I help. Now other than know the name of the person who shared it to me I have little to go on. But YOU CAN HELP, by sharing this article and image you are making the World’s Media Realize that this is not an isolated incident it is an ongoing pandemic problem in The Philippines and we all as a Society have to step up and protect these babies.

So I am asking you all to help with the following, No matter where you are located in the World you have access to the Media, to the Internet, to Social Media, to your local Government Representatives so help us to wake them up to this baby’s plight.

1.Share this article on all Social Media – We need it to go VIRAL 

2.Do you recognize the woman or the man in the image that we have posted 

3.Do you recognize the baby and or the location that it is at ?

4.Do you know who took this image so that we can contact them ?

5. Do you care enough to make this Baby’s Voice Heard & it’s life to be valued ?

We have as always a Team of Professionals that will Fly in and Rescue this Baby either to put into the Hands of Local Authorities or the Relevant Agencies. This we can’t do WITHOUT YOUR HELP . We need a Location  and some details so other than suspecting it is in The Philippines that is where the Trail Goes Cold. Help this baby before it is too late, as he/she is NOT A STATISTIC IN OUR SOCIETY. he/she is a precious little defenseless baby that is been abused, hurt and must be petrified every single time these monsters come near him/her.

My email is , We can find this baby and we will directly contact also Dinky Suliman who is the head of the Department of Social Services in The Philippines once we know for sure that this baby is in that country and we have a location. WE WILL NOT DELAY — PLEASE HELP THIS BABY TO LIVE – TO IGNORE HIS/HER SUFFERING IS TO ENABLE IT TO CONTINUE


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Who Really Is Mark Zuckerberg ? If A Man Then Answer My Questions ?


Mark Zuckerberg is one of the wealthiest men in the world , but how has he actually got that wealth and who is he really. Well according to the information that I am sure he has allowed to be known on him, he is apparently a 31 year old Man from the USA that is one of the Co Founders of Facebook and is an Internet Entrepreneur. However I personally think that the Mr Zuckerberg is simply another Puppet on a string for Organizations that are Financially supporting Facebookand him personally. He has a lot to answer as far as I am concerned and in this post I am Formally Calling On Mark Zuckerberg To Meet With Me In Person And To Explain & Answer the Following Questions – Just Name The Location Mark & I will Fly there to meet you. But I some how doubt that Mark Zuckerberghas either the Personal Self Respect, Dignity or Integrity to either Meet me or to answer these questions that are on the tips of many a tongue, but who most are afraid to ask about. I AM NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT NOW OR EVER – I AM NOT A PUPPET MARK & YOU WON’T SILENCE OUR VOICES.

In late May 2015 I and my team in Nolonger Victims shared a post on Facebook about a little Baby that was been led on a Dog lead, wearing a Dog Collar andeating from a Dog Bowl, whilst having no clothes on him and not even a Diaper. The world was OUTRAGED yet FACEBOOK REMOVED ALL OUR POSTS & ARTICLES & VIDEO ON THIS BABY – Everytime we posted they were removed by Facebook and the reason given was that we were postingPORNOGRAPHY – Now I am sorry Mr Zuckerberg but the baby above was a baby that was been abused it was in no way a Pornographic Image as you allow them all the time yet you don’t allow a baby to be saved. Thankfully we with our Friends in the USA in Law Enforcement managed to find this baby within 12 hours and the baby is safe in state custody, NO THANKS TO FACEBOOK.


So Mr Zuckerberg here are my questions to you and if you have a shred of decency in your body, an ounce of compassion for children and babies that are suffering around the world and a slither of personal integrity then you will not just answer these questions but you will answer them with the truth, and not just a formal statement that is drawn up by your Attorneys to make you look good but hides the truth. I may be a pauper material wise compared to you but I have morehonesty, integrity and values in my little finger than your entire Multi Billion Dollar Enterprise and you personally seem to have. Money may buy you powerbut it doesn’t Buy you Respect, That you Earn in life by your actions irrespective of who you are and how big your bank balance is.

1. Why is Facebook Ignoring Victims of Child Abuse ? 

2. Why is Facebook Protecting the Abusers of Children by Removing these Posts & Video’s and in turn silencing the Victim from asking for help ?

3. Why does Facebook allow images of Grown Men Passionately Kissing little girls & consider it Not A Breach of Community Standards ? Yet they remove a Child’s Image asking for Help ? 

4.Who is Really Behind Facebook ? – Clearly It isn’t You.

5.You are the Face of Facebook but with only 28% Shares apparently that means you are NOT the Majority Shareholder so WHO IS ? 

6.Why are Video’s of Children & Babies that are clearly showing their abuse & pain been REMOVED CONSTANTLY FROM OUR PAGES YET ARE LEFT ON ISLAMIC ONE’S – THE EXACT SAME POSTS ?

7.Why does Facebook Want to Protect Pedophiles – Child Abusers and ignore the cries of the children ignoring our REQUESTS for the Technical Data to be released which you have on file ? This is the only way we can find the exact location for these children and get them the help, by blocking this information you are Enabling Child Abuse & Disabling Attempts to Save Children. Why would you do this ? 

8.Why do Facebook allow ISIS to post the Visual images that it does, the children walking around holding a person’s head in their hands, or the burning alive of one of their kidnap victims.? Why is this acceptable to have on Facebook yet a Child been abused who can’t reach out can’t speak out is ignored and forced to be a statistic in society ? Why is this Mark ????

9.Why has Facebook also blocked the personal pages of people who speak out against these terrorist  groups or the islamic/muslim religion? Just like these people apparently have a freedom of speech so do the rest of the world, so WHY Mark are you protecting MORE & MORE PERPETRATORS OF CRIME- TERRORIST ACTS & SUFFERING OF THE INNOCENT ?

10.Why Mark doesn’t the voice of a tiny baby screaming in agony that is been swung from side to side for two minutes, with it’s arms out stretched, clearly been pulled from it’s sockets as it is not strong enough to hold them in and eventually going unconscious, Why isn’t this baby’s basic Human Right important to Facebook ? Why is this baby forced to suffer some form of Brain Trauma if not worse because FACEBOOK DON’T WANT THE WORLD TO SEE HIS/HER PAIN – OR TO HEAR OUR VOICES PLEADING FOR HELP?

11.Why Mark is your Organization that is meant to be a Social Media Outlet for the World and for all in it, that has apparently Community Standards not have any idea as to what the Basic Standards to the Right to Life without Abuse means ? Why are you Allowing Organizations that are meant to be protecting children to Hide Their Abuse & Pain and in turn Ignoring the Victims the innocent babies of our world ? Why Mark Why ? 

Now I don’t expect Mark Zuckerberg or anybody in Facebook to even acknowledge this Post and or to have the decency to Meet with me and to sit in front of me and my team and to answer these questions. If Mark Zuckerberg was a Real Man with Real Integrity and not just viewing the world as his personal ATMthen this meeting will take place. But he is just a cover for others who have analternative Agenda and he is the Smiling Face on Facebook that hides Deep Sick Vile Secrets as to what Facebook is really about. The truth needs to be Exposed and I am also curious as to why Any company would want a totally self reliant Compound such as Facebook has in the USA as if this was any other business it would be seen as a CULT COMPOUND. What is he expecting to happen ? More to the point What does he Know is going to happen to society and this is why he has everything that HE needs within his own facility so that he has thepower and control over not just society as a whole but the world via the Internet. Far too much control & power for one man. This man is a Front and we have to find out a Front for Who & What as anybody that is Enabling the Abuse of Babies & Children is as Guilty in My opinion as the Actual Abusers themselves.

Some who read this will know Mark Zuckerberg Personally and others will know how to forward this to him. I really wonder if this man has any decency at all as if he has then not only will he meet with me, but he will help us to set up a Program on Facebook where we who are Looking to Rescue Children From Abuse are afforded the Resources & Technical Data that we need. Work With Us Mark NOT Against Us.Every Child & Baby & Human CountsEvery Victim Has  A VoiceEvery Survivor Has  A Story To TellStop Enabling Abuse With Secrecy – Disable It With Exposure  & Our Voices – Speak Out So we can Reach Out – In Order for Victims to Get Out 

Lurleen Hilliard 

Nolonger Victims

Website: nolongervictimslurleen.webs.comNLV



I am asking all that see this post to please share it in the hope that it will go VIRALso that it will reach the media in Indonesia and subsequently to President Joko Widodo, as he MUST INTERVENE and help us to locate and find this baby. Below is a link to one of the most Vile – Depraved – Sick Acts of Child Abuse that I have personally ever seen. It is perpetrated against a very young baby as you will hear from it’s cries on the tape.

The person holding the Video Camera is as guilty as the person who is harming this baby, as he/she not just allowed this to happen but was happy enough to  film it and then share it on Social Media. Both are Guilty at the very least of Horrific Child Abuse if not the MURDER of this Baby. This fear is in no way an exaggeration of the possibly reality of this situation. When you get near the end of the video which is extremely distressing to watch you will see that the baby suddenly stops crying. Now I have spoken to some people qualified in the field ofBrain Trauma / Injury and they have stated that they fear we have all Witnessednot just the Abuse of this Baby but also his/her death. That due to the Hyper-extension in it’s neck that it suffocated hence why it stopped crying. Both Arms would also have probably been pulled from it’s sockets with the way in which this innocent baby was been swung around. If and it is a HUGE IF this baby is still alive then he/she certainly has SUBSTANTIAL BRAIN TRAUMA/ INJURY FROM SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME – THERE IS NO WAY THIS HASN’T HAPPENED


have along with my Contact in the USA sent a Direct Email with all of these Details and the Video to General Sutarman the Chief of the Indonesian Police  Email on May 31st 2015 . I am asking all to help me make his Department and the Media to help us to find this baby. The chances that this is a Murder that the Entire World has Witnessed should call for an OUTCRY OF DISGUST & DEMAND FOR JUSTICE FOR THIS LITTLE INNOCENT BABY. I personally and all my World-Wide Team in Nolonger Victims and our Connections Vow to Find theseAbusers or Murderers and to ensure that this baby is if still alive REMOVED FROM THEIR CUSTODY & THEY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. 

President Joko Widodo I am asking you to PLEASE PERSONALLY INTERVENE and to show not just the Indonesian People but the World that Child Abuse is Not Tolerated in your country. We have witnessed a Baby that is possibly a few weeks old not much more at all, been tortured in what looks likeHOT WATER as it’s skin turns Red after sometime, and in the end it’s energy drained and unable to continue to cry for help suddenly stops and goes silent. Surely this is NOT THE IMPRESSION you want the WORLD TO HAVE ON INDONESIA Or You as the President of This Country. I am sure that not just as a Father yourself to Three Children but as a Human Being that this video willsicken and infuriate you just like it has the rest of the world.

General Sutarman & President Widodo this baby is one of your people andhe/she can’t ask for help to be saved from this abuse, perhaps it is too late to save this life but the least that can then be done is that the Murderers are held accountable and this baby is given justice in Death that it didn’t receive in life. I and my organization Nolonger Victims is happy to work with you on this and all other issues of abuse in Indonesia. As if we work together to Stop Abuse then the children of your society have a chance of growing up retaining their innocenceand not been mere statistics in life. I look forward to hearing from you and more importantly that you HAVE TAKEN ACTION NOW  

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims 




This video I was sent today, it was posted by ThugLife Nationwide originally and the abuse that this baby is enduring is unreal. She states that she is punishing this child by turning him/her over and it is one of the worst that I have ever seen. Can you please help us to track her down and to also find this baby asap. He/she will not survive much more of this abuse as his/her brain will not be able to handle the trauma of same.

Any information on this woman please message me or email me directly at we can find her and we can get this baby to safety but we need your help to do so. Please Share and help to make this VIRAL as in doing so you will help to locate this vile woman..Nolonger Victims is determined to locate this baby please do your part by sharing and making her identity easier to be revealed.


Nolonger Victims

JL Mealer Arizona — The Truth of His Abuse Must Be Revealed- His Abuse of an Advocate & Frauds

It is with sadness that I find myself having to write this blog. However I spent far too many years as a victim of Abuse in Life and now as a Survivor and a Recognized Advocate, I won’t allow anybody to Abuse me or others and not do something about it. Mr J L Mealer is running for the Position as Governor in Arizona, and loves to tell all that he has Clean Hands. Well the truth is that he has anything but clean hands, and I am going to let you in on some of his Abuse & Scams that he has done to me Directly, all others can themselves post their details and their situations as comments. But I can only speak here on my own behalf. As a Single Mom and an Advocate that works tirelessly to help victims of abuse within the USA, I took his word as been honest and true, but in turn I ended up loosing all my savings, as I had to use them to survive when he kept DELAYING & DELAYING the application below. As my lease was up on the property I lived in, he told me to rent somewhere for a month or two in January. Well I told him that to do that I would have to relocate to the other side of Ireland as I couldn’t afford to live where I was, and that i didn’t want to have to use my savings for our new life in the USA, He told me that it would be for a Month Maximum and now Five Months on I am still here, and he has scammed me from the start.


In January 2014 Mr Mealer sent me a Offer of Employment a Work Contract that was signed by him and also myself. Although I had been working to help his campaign with Anti Trafficking prior to that, as and from that date I became an Employee of Mealer Initative. Although I was dealing with the Trafficking issues and Abuse and was the Only Person to do anything on these issues that he was including in his campaign for Governor, I never once up until today’s date from January 20th 2014 got paid one cent from him. Now he states that I was a volunteer and that the agreement only came into play when I was in the USA, But he clearly stated my commencement of Employment from January 20th that is what I did, and now when I ask for the Payments I am told where to go and apparently that he is broke and has no money to pay for fuel let alone me. His Facebook Page Mealer Anti Trafficking was Run Daily by me, I was the Sole Contributor to the Page, and My Contacts in this area of abuse where passed onto Mr Mealer. His wife recently told me that I had done nothing of Value for Mr Mealer and had nothing to do with his campaign for Governor. The funny thing is that although I didn’t deal with the Political end of things, on the Mealer Initative Page, His Linkedin Page & Mealer Anti Trafficking he himself has them all directly linked. So when he is running for Governor and stating that he will do certain programs when and IF he got voted in, then he would be enforcing these programs, that itself links them all together Mr & Mrs Mealer 


He asked me to send him over the money for the fee to cover his Photo Copying Fees and also the Fee for the Application to file a petition with the relevant Department for my work permit. I sent him over USD $ 450 and this he insisted was sent to his Mealer Initiative  Account, I had no issue with this and at the time didn’t know that his asking me to send this money was in fact ILLEGAL and something that he as my future employer was liable for. I recently on numerous Occasions have asked for this to be returned to me as since January it has been one excuse after the other and the petition was never filed. He has told me that he doesn’t have my money and that he has no money. So he therefor Obtained Funds By Deception and used them for his personal use and not what they were transferred for. Today he told me and I have copied all messages and documents and this is a Direct Quote From JL Mealer “I do not have money to pay for fuel let alone to refund any fees right now. This sounds like some freaky Orwellian conspiracy between the ex volunteers who demanded I violate the law and some Al Quida group! Did I walk into the Twilight Zone?” All that I had asked for was that he Refund the Fees Sent to Him for the Petition He Never Filed, But He Spent the Money on Personal Use or Campaign, that is illegal. Now he states that the Documentation for my work is not sufficient. I will let you all make your own minds up on that with my details below.


I recently found out that he was on the Board of Directors for Butterfly Dreams and had asked him as to why he had never actually told me about this. His reply to me and again this is a DIRECT QUOTE FROM HIS MESSAGES TO ME ” I have no idea why this Butterfly Dreams added me as any type of chairperson (or whatever they did) that came from Judge Bullocks friends as far as I know ” YET on his Linkedin Page he clearly states that he is on the Board of Directors of Butterfly Dreams since September 2013 , Why Lie about this ?. Or perhaps this is just another scam by Mr Mealer to get votes as he is desperate to become the Governor of Arizona. 


I was always let know either in Messages or Emails that Nobody messes with JL Mealer and Nobody will stop him getting to be Governor of Arizona. Well who wants a Governor that states the following in a written email, which can be verified and validated by relevant authorities if required. This was sent to me in relation to a volunteer that he said was trying to ruin his campaign “This is the big shakedown. Besides, he knows me enough that if I am ever cheated, I have backhoe, pre dug pits and bags of lime waiting for those who cheat me or cheat on me.” So I guess I know what will be waiting for me now with Mr Mealer and as to the level he will stoop to.

The USA has enough Political Problems as it is, there is far too much Corruption and Abuse, Yet here we have a Man that states he has clean hands, is there for the people, is not going to allow the abuse of anybody yet he abuses all that are involved with him. Other people that have been involved in his campaign have apparently also lost money, yet they were made out to be the Villian’s when they are the victims and he sure as hell is not the Saint. He is the one that has had persons in his campaign and connected to him awaiting Indictment for Murder and other serious offences. Is this who you want to be the Next Governor of Arizona,

Arizona You Have To Know the Truth. This Man is A Liar, An Abuser, and if you cross him then you go into a pit of lime. Now he states Today that I don’t have the Documentation Required to work in this field. So here are my Certifications along with many available Endorsements, Character References, Never Ever Having a Police Record, Not Involved in Drugs or Crime and Working Every Hour of Every Day with  Victims of Abuse Through My Own Pages and Org Voluntarily. My Reputation speaks for itself,Unlike Mr Mealers

I won’t be involved with a person like this, and despite his treatment of me and the non payment and use of my money for his own needs, I felt that I had to warn all as if I didn’t let you know what he is truly like, and he gets the power that he wishes then God Help Arizona and I would personally feel liable for any and all problems that is been Governor would cause. I won’t enable the abuse of anybody Mr Mealer and I am done been a Victim in life a long time ago. I have huge Respect for the American People and will continue to work with them and all victims of abuse. I will just go back now to looking for a Real Position of Employment in this field as he is just one man and not a True Representation of the American People. 

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims FB- Linkedin-Twitter

Ambassador of Hope – Certified in all aspects of Domestic & Human Trafficking

Certified by UNICEF & UNODC in all matters of Child Victims & Witnesses of Crime

Member & Certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress 

Member & Certified by the US National Center for Crisis Management

Published Author of My Own Autobiography – Survivors Not Statistics 

Radio Show Host — It’s Controversial

Editor of Free Online Newspaper Nolonger Victims — Issued Twice Daily Online

Advocate for Domestic Violence. Child Abuse, Male Abuse, VET Abuse, Elder Abuse,Gender Abuse, Sexual Abuse & Rape

Young Man Looking For Work World Wide With Animals-Voluntary With Small Income

Young Man Looking For Work World Wide With Animals-Voluntary With Small Income.

Young Man Looking For Work World Wide With Animals-Voluntary With Small Income

This is an unusual type of blog for me as it is not about any abuse issues. However I have been asked to do a blog for a young man who wants to do VOLUNTEER WORK that would give him even a small income and yet he cannot find any without him having to pay large amounts of money to do so. Now I fully understand his frustration and that is why I have agreed to do this blog. He wants to work with animals and is willing to travel from Europe to wherever it is in the world, his dream would be to work with Any Animal at all, that needs help, preservation or just daily taking care of.He has a huge amount of experience with a lot of animals and has no hesitation or qualms about working with any animal or mammal. He simply want’s to learn more about the animals involved, and to earn even a small wage that will just help him to survive wherever he is  based.

Working in a remote area, where the animals live is fine with him. But he is so Disillusioned as in order to VOLUNTEER to WORK he must pay thousands of dollars to the volunteer organization to allow him to work with them. Now I understand that they need to raise funds etc but when you have somebody who is willing to work for months as a volunteer with animals, without any hesitation on what hours he works or what work is involved and is only asking for a small wage to survive on then I don’t know why he hasn’t got Organizations and Agencies jumping at his offer.

We constantly complain about the young of today, about how they don’t want to do anything in society and yet when you have a man that is willing to travel to the remotest of areas, to work for little so as to help animals and get educated in life than that to me should earn him some respect and acknowledgement from us all. He has already with his family travelled to many countries around the world and lived in a few, he is very flexible with the cultures of others and  respects same. He has NO CRIMINAL record anywhere around the world and is willing to travel and work immediately.

So if those groups that are in all over the world, who constantly need people to help with their care of the wild animals then please consider this young man.When you have somebody posting all over the Internet for Work that says a lot about him and his devotion to succeed in life and to do swallow his pride and ask the world to help him to follow his dreams and help any animal he can.

Whether it is the Orangutans,Tigers.Whales, Sharks, Snakes, Elephants, Lions, Dolphins, etc he just wants to work to make a difference and that is something that we should all commend in society and do what we can to facilitate him in anyway that we can,If anybody can help him please feel free to email me directly at the address below, and I will ensure that all are passed on to him immediately. I am sure that with the size of our world, and the desperation that so many animals and organizations face that this request will be one that many will want to accept. As a very good friend of mine recently said to me, there are many out there that CAN HELP HIM – BUT HOW MANY ARE WILLING TO. And the question that you must ask yourself is are you willing to help, as I would if I could without any hesitation at all.

Please email me or leave a comment on the blog.

Thank you all in advance


Nolonger Victims 


Don’t Dare Try to Slander or Defame My Character– I Don’t Tolerate Abusers

Don't Dare Try to Slander or Defame My Character– I Don't Tolerate Abusers.

Don’t Dare Try to Slander or Defame My Character– I Don’t Tolerate Abusers

When I think of all that is going on in our world today, in relation to the abuse of others, the fact that I am even writing this blog now is infuriating, as I am wasting time that could be used to help victims of abuse rather than having to stand up to those that are trying to intimidate me in life. Now I was a victim of abuse for far too many years, and when I became a Survivor that didn’t just mean a survivor of abuse, no that meant a Survivor in life.

I have over the past couple of months had a few people that I would not consider wasting my time on in general, try to slander me and to say that I was a Scam Artist, a Fraud, a Terrorist, a Liar,and that I was on every single list that either Homeland, Customs, FBI or ICE have on their computer systems. Well I want to set the record straight and if this continues then those that are spreading these malicious rumors so as to try and Stop my getting a Work Permit to work with Victims of Abuse & Trafficking within the USA will be Named & Shamed without Hesitation.

I am Irish and for anybody that wants to check me out here are some details on me. I am 45 years old, I have documented proof of my family going to the USA as far back as the 1800’s, I can  give the names, dates, addresses to whoever wants them. I have never ever had any type of criminal conviction, never been arrested or even brought in for questioning on any issue. I have reported a scam artist that was and still is scamming American People to the FBI and I have found out that he is having files put against him in NYC. So other than that I have never had to file anything.,I have a full clean police record in Ireland and again anybody can check that. My date of birth is January 31st 1969 and I am a normal hard working single mom who works totally voluntarily 18-20 hours every single day with victims of abuse mainly across the USA as this is what I want to devote my life to.and what I will devote it to, no matter what the haters think.

Now for some reason some spiteful,sick and evil people, a very small group are spreading these malicious lies about me. I have nothing to hide and if anybody wants to verify anything on me, check my back ground or ask a question then please feel free to do so. I am an Open Book and have nothing to hide. Yes I rock boats and I can rock boats of Abusers in the USA from Ireland so I understand as to why some of you want to keep me out of the USA, as you know that not only will I rock the boat, I will topple it. Am I politically correct hell no, but I speak the truth and I will speak for the voiceless that need to be heard. If as I was told before that I am not good enough for American then tell me in Writing and Prove to  me as to Why I am Not Good Enough to be in your country legally, to help your people when you allow Illegals and murderers, Pedophiles to roam the streets.

I will speak up and I will speak out and if been an honest and decent person who wants to protect others makes me undesirable to be in the USA then sadly that says more about those making decisions then it does about me. I will not be intimidated by these few abusers, I won’t be silenced and I won’t go away. As long as there are Victims of Child/Elder/VET/Domestic Abuse and people been Trafficked I guess you are all stuck with me.]

So to those who think they know all about me. Here is some advise and I suggest that you not only take this advise you heed it too. I have nothing to hide at all, Yes I support Gun Owners, Yes I support Zero Tolerance for Abuse of Anybody, Yes I support Gays & Lesbians, Yes I support the Right to Life, Yes I support that Abuse of Power is Wrong, Yes I support Stopping the Domestic Minor & Human Trafficking of Children & Vulnerable and Yes I will Stand up and Support all those that fight for these causes. So if you want to do something in life then get your facts straight and put your energy into helping others and stop trying to hinder those that are doing good not for show, or money but because they have a vocation in life and they want to.

You won’t Silence- Intimidate-Bully-Scare-or Stop Me ever from doing what I am in life, and that is helping those that need it. So Grow up and find something to do with your life, as you are wasting it  with hate and evil and as they say Karma does come back around.

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims



Social Network Sites Are They A Waste Of Time ?

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Social Network Sites Are They A Waste Of Time ?

I have been thinking about writing an article on this issue for sometime now, and recent events have really made me decide to go ahead and put this out there. I would love to hear all your views and opinions, the good and the bad. Although I know that a huge amount of my friends are also feeling the same and having the same issues on all these pages.

Like many out there, I am on most of the Social Network Sites, the main reason for this is so that I can reach far and wide, and to offer support and help to as many victims of all Abuses and Human Trafficking as possible.As no victim ever chooses to be a victim, and as much as they want to be a survivor, the control that an abuser or trafficker has over them, often makes this impossible to escape from alone. On Facebook I have my own personal page with a huge amount of friends, victims and survivors as they are not just LIKES on a page, they are people that I want to connect with and to know in life.My Nolonger Victims page was specifically set up to share help, support and to encourage as many as possible to live life and not just exist as a victim.

However I have found that most people on FB will only comment, or reply to a post if it is something to moan about or to complain about. But when asked to support change, or to help stand up for others that would also help to improve their own lives and that of others few step up to the mark. We all know for a fact that change must happen, especially in relation to the Abuse of All and the Trafficking Levels that are Pandemic, then we ALL must stand up and we ALL must Support each other. One voice can make a noise, but millions around the world can make change happen and a reality for all.

On Linkdedin which is meant to be a professional site, I am linked to thousands directly and through them a few million around the world, like many of you here. But I am very disillusioned by this site, as I feel that people connect so as to have a high connection  rate on their page, and really don’t  care less about those they link with. If somebody emails me or messages me on any social site I always reply. Even if it is a negative message, I never ignore them as if somebody takes the time to email me, then I will take the time to respect that and every email or message,

However two days ago I sent 89 emails to people on Linkedin, the reason that I sent so many was that I had one question that I needed an answer to, and all that I sent it to, worked within that field and therefor I simply asked for their opinion and advice. Nothing more as it was one question that needs to be completed on a I-29 Petition form for a work permit, it was a simple question yet seems impossible to answer, as only  Computers on the relevant phone lines. So I decided that I would email these contacts and ask them what they thought. Guess how many replied, that is right absolutely ZERO. Not one person even acknowledged them,.

So I have one question to all on these sites what is the point in you connecting with people, if you never want to reply to them, you don’t support them on issues that you are also involved in and you simply only contact them when you want something for your own reasons. I don’t mean to insult those that do reply, but I am sick of so many been on not just mine but others pages and never have input, and when they do it is to abuse others.

If anybody does know anything about this form above, please do let me know. But irrespective of that, if you are connected to people and in the same field, then why not work together, collaborate on issues and instead of criticizing about things, actually get changes made and improve the life for all.



Nolonger Victims 

Arizona — Only One Real Choice for Governor. JL Mealer is the Man You Need & Deserve

Arizona — Only One Real Choice for Governor. JL Mealer is the Man You Need & Deserve.

Arizona — Only One Real Choice for Governor. JL Mealer is the Man You Need & Deserve

Independent JL Mealer running for AZ Governor

Over the past number of days, we have seen a lot of articles and editorials on John Lewis Mealer and his bid to become the Next Governor of Arizona, Here is a combination of them so that you can all see, exactly what JL Mealer has in store for all people in Arizona. His campaign is real, and his promises are genuine and already set up ready to be put into action, from day one of his term as Governor. Below are articles that were written by various Media Outlets and show what John Lewis Mealer has to offer AZ that no other candidate can or will be able to offer.

Window Rock, AZ. John L. Mealer is no stranger to being a citizen-candidate running against the odds for elective office. Two years ago, he was a candidate for President. This time around, he’s set his sights on Arizona Governor. And with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer leaving due to term limits, it should be an exciting race.


John Mealer, independent candidate for AZ Governor running on the Americans Elect ballot line.

When John L. Mealer ran for President in 2012 in the Constitution Party primary, our sister publication Whiteout Press officially endorsed him. There were a slew of other candidates, including former Rep. Virgil Goode who eventually won the party’s nomination. But Mealer had a few qualities that were obvious in him that weren’t as apparent in the other candidates that earned him the endorsement. Some people are intelligent. Some people are honest. And some people are righteous. JL Mealer is one of the few that comes across as all three.

This is why we have ONE WAY, yes, just ONE SOLUTION to pull first Arizona and then the entire union out of this economic spiral downward. Rock bottom will hit by 2016 and once the rocks give way, we will not get a foothold.

The solution? Mealer Initiative 2014. No bull. No special interests. End of elected official’s corruption. End to lobbyists. 

My plan was designed by and is 100% ARIZONAN, and all American…

Regardless of where you are at within the states, you (YOU!) need to help make this happen in 2014. Stop by and contribute some time or funds to push this campaign tot he top. 

If you decide not to- You’re probably not thinking and we both know you are better than that. What’s $5, $10, $30, $50 to keep this nation free?!

When the other candidates are talking the talk, they have no walk to provide and they do not have the method to pay for what Arizona and the nation needs to survive. Mealer Does!

Another part of John Lewis Mealers Campaign is the issue of Human Trafficking & Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, VET Abuse and to ensure that those who are victims of abuse, are supported, protected, re-educated and taken from the life of abuse  and enabled and shown how they can live life and not simply exist as a victim of abuse and another statistic. His Office will be releasing details shortly in a Video Media Press Release of a new office been set up for the Anti Trafficking MAT which will be linked to Interpol and other Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide, but from Arizona. As the Current port hole that is been used by these Traffickers to destroy lives will be stopped and the protection of all a number one priority.
In order to do your part, simply click on to the link below and join all the other citizens of Arizona who have come out in droves to support John Lewis Mealer for Governor of your state. Sign the Petition and become pro active in your community, the link for the compulsory donation of $ 5 is also on this page. Change has to happen, and now is the time. Let Arizona shine as it should  and show the rest of the country how your state is now the Number One within the USA to live in. Working together is what will make Arizona the state that all others will want to follow.
Mealer Anti Trafficking MAT



Jahi is only 13 years old, and her life is literally hanging in the balance of a Court Room, Attorneys and Hospital Staff. Her family fighting them all solely to allow her to receive a possible Treatment that will let her live. What is wrong with this world that she is been refused this, why is her family been told that she is Brain Dead and that they must let her go. When it is proven that there is a chance, even a small one that is not too expensive that could help to bring her back to them

I know the pain of a child on Life Support, I know the fear of saying goodbye and I know that her family will never give up fighting for her, as right now Jahi only has them to fight for her right to life. She went in to hospital for a Tonsillectomy like so many other children every day around the world, but she had complications and suffered a Cardiac Arrest. Her family had to go to court to fight to have her left on Life Support over the Christmas, and it boils down to one thing and one thing only. THE COST OF KEEPING HER ALIVE AND TRYING TO REVIVE HER BRAIN.

Is life so meaningless now that a little girl has to die, her family loose her forever. She never get’s the chance or opportunity to grow up, to go to college, to graduate to have a family of her own, and for what reason other than her treatment costs too much money to do so. Well if it is about money, then I am sure that the entire Country and the World will support a Campaign to help Pay for Jahi to have a chance at life. What is worse is that the Hospital has the equipment there to help save her life, they do not have to get it from anywhere else, it is on the premises. John Lewis Mealer the Governor Elect for Arizona has been fighting for the world to listen to the plight of Jahi, if you check out his Twitter page you can see all his comments and posts on same, and on how she can be saved for little or no cost to anybody, especially the state.#JLMEALER


My letter to the McMath’s Lawyer: Hello Mr. Dolan, I am not a doctor, but I have researched and engineered many things, including cures to disease (PAH and have succeeded). During my thousands of hours of research I have become intrigued with the so-called brain death and permanent spinal injury, etc. One thing that has stood out and may very well work for Jahi and is worth the shot because it is so inexpensive is a form of electro-physilogical (inner cranial and externally) where a small voltage can be given to Jahi. What I have read up on is simple electrodes on the skull running a sequence (any direction) and an innercranial needle with an elec charge into the thalamus and one into the brain stem. PLEASE print this and get it to the hospital or intervene with a different/new doctor who will do it. It is certainly worth a try! Many advanced medical professionals will understand this method. As you stated, she is still exhaling, so her brain is getting oxygen! Hey, I am an engineer… I engineer things. IT IS WORTH THE $500 COST! John Lewis Mealer



Nolonger Victims 




As an Advocate for victims of abuse, I see daily the destruction that Traffickers, Agencies and Predators have on the lives of so many innocent Victims. There sole crime was that they were voiceless to speak out against these people. But imagine having a man, who is running for the position of Governor Elect to not only put proposals out there to help these victims. but that he guarantees that in order to implement them it will cost the state no cash expenditure. ARIZONA this is your chance to make a real difference, don’t ignore the plight of others, and don’t leave it to others to vote. Your One Vote can make this happen, it is up to you.

Human Trafficking destroys so many lives, and yet it is tolerated by society and the system.But One State has the opportunity to not only speak about making changes and a difference to the lives of many, but to actually make it a reality. ARIZONA Governor Elect John Lewis Mealer has ZERO TOLERANCE and A NO BS ATTITUDE to not only Traffickers but to the ABUSE by CPS in Arizona. His proposals are in my mind what is needed in so many states, and when Elected he will ensure that these initiatives are in place from Day One. In order to Make Change Happen, you need a Voice that is Fearless and one that won’t be silenced. John Lewis Mealer is this voice in Arizona, so don’t let any victim suffer for another moment, when you personally can help to simply save a life.One Vote = One Life changed for the better forever.

Help us to help all those that have no voices as a victim of Trafficking. This also includes the many children that have been taken from their homes, due to no fault of their own and are been basically held in what is a a prison cell to them.Change Must Happen and we can and will make it a reality with your support and votes. The following is what is proposed by John and we all need to adapt the No Bullshit Attitude to the plight of these innocent victims. Remember none of us are aware as to what is around the corner in life, and with Johns programs in place, you are helping to not only protect your own children and family, but all those around you. Don’t just sit back and ignore the problem, if you live in ARIZONA then VOTE for JOHN and in doing so, you will help be the voice of the voiceless.


1) Take the Child Protective Services [a Federal Agency] and put them under extremely tight reigns by creating a publicly owned agency in Arizona. Thankfully the Arizona Constitution allows this to be put in place and by having an Agency that is run by the Citizens of the State this agency would be more powerful then the Police or any Federal Agency currently in force.

During the first week of service, John would demand (arrest and have charged if need be to get the info) the exact location of the Federal CPS “homes” (actually prisons) for the children, that have been removed from families and we would raid them. The children would be freed to a safe haven or kept there, but the doors opened so they can come and go as they desire. Small children in particular will be be ensured to receive the proper care that they need, and No Longer have to live incarcerated in locked cells/rooms. We would open up the facilities to give the children a less cramped living space. **This would mean taking over many of the abandoned and foreclosed homes throughout Arizona. In doing this we would also be helping to improve communities from having these buildings boarded up, or been used for Anti Social Behavior, they would be used to help the Children of Arizona, who are the Future Adults of the State.

2) Arizona would have an actual “Rules of Engagement” for Drug Traffickers and Human Traffickers. With those very broad guidelines, the non-government run task force would then be able to engage with these cartels and traffickers. When trafficked victims are located they will be sent to whatever rehabilitation facility that they might need,and depending on their individual situations they will then either be  returned to their own Home Countries or placed into the “UNTSA” Program as detailed in the Mealer Initiative 2014 on P 17.

3) Trafficking sadly includes so many Children that at one stage either ran away from an Abusive home or where lured into the world of Prostitution by Traffickers and then end up trapped there forever, with nobody to help them escape and no where to go. However what John is proposing will CHANGE all of this for victims in ARIZONA. The crimes for prostitution will be rewritten to consider many of the prostitutes as victims and the “jons” and pimps as human traffickers, kidnappers, etc., and signs will be posted throughout the state making this very clear. No Trafficker, Kidnapper,Pimp,Jon in Arizona will be able to claim Ignorance to these new laws.

FREE CELL PHONES will be handed out to suspected victims of these predators, the reason for this is simple, these Traffickers thrive on the control that they have over their victims, and that includes who they call or speak to. With giving out the FREE CELLS at least these victims, have a choice, they have a way out and all it takes is One Call to the Numbers for Pick Up Teams. These Numbers will not change as they are already recognized by many. These FREE CELLS can and will be paid for by the legally seized funds and property of those that are  involved in the Trafficking of these victims.Whether it is the Pimps,Cartels,Jons anybody that is involved will be held accountable. John knows that this will accumulate a large amount of money that will go directly in to providing services and support for their victims

4) As a Community who cares about its citizens, John wants to build centers complete with shopping, schooling, job skill training and security with housing for the victims.In doing this we are ensuring that the lure of returning to a life as a victim of traffickers is taken away, and that the victims are now Self Sufficient and become Valuable Members of the Community, they in turn can then also give back to other victims and help them to escape the life that they knew for far too long. Like the abandoned buildings already spoken about far too many large apartment buildings and shopping centers are closed and can be used as interim centers while the owners are reimbursed for use of their property.

It is simple with this Campaign.If you want to take control of your lives back, Help to save many children and adults from a life of abuse, to make your own community a better place to live in for all, and to be PROUD TO SAY that you live in Arizona that has Zero Tolerance for the abuse, trafficking of all victims. Then you need to ensure that you VOTE for John Lewis Mealer, so that as the Governor of your State, the voices of all are heard and listened to, and those that have no voice right now, have others that will speak out for them.This campaign, it’s objectives and the fierce determination that John has to make it work, is what has me supporting it One Million Percent. As Arizona will be the One State where No Traffickers or Predators will want to be. As the Harsh Reality for them is Zero Tolerance by all.

To better understand the above and the entire campaign that John is running, you should download and read the Mealer Initiative 2014 at I was never one to support any politician, but when they are willing to put there neck on the line, to make the changes that are desperately needed a reality and to understand from the ground roots what is needed in order to once again make Arizona the state that is should be, then I will support him totally and ask you all to do the same.

Lurleen Hilliard 

Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)


The Most Heartbreaking Letter to SANTA That I Have Ever Seen — Worst Bit Is That This Little Boy Is Family

The Most Heartbreaking Letter to SANTA That I Have Ever Seen — Worst Bit Is That This Little Boy Is Family.

The Most Heartbreaking Letter to SANTA That I Have Ever Seen — Worst Bit Is That This Little Boy Is Family

Usually in my Blogs I have lots to say, and probably far too much at times. But this time, there is very little that I can say, other than somehow, someway I am going to make sure that this Christmas, this little boy has reason to smile. And that he know’s the world so admires him for telling of his life of abuse, his pain and suffering. Yet all he wants is to see other’s smile and to meet a Dolphin. This is not a request for financial aid, his mom has the finances to pay for the trip, all that they need is a Holiday Visa, they are not asking for any financial help at all.

Christmas is for Kids, it is not about us the adults, it is all about making them smile and retain their innocence, As a Child that clearly speaks and writes of his life to date of abuse, to still retain that innocence and believe in Santa show’s how amazing he is. If there is anybody out there that can help me make his dream come true, please email me below. He is from Ireland and all Children should know that Santa and Miracles do come true. Neither he or his mom who would travel, have any criminal records and no reason for them not to have a Holiday Visa, yet nobody in any of the US Embassies will reply to her correspondence. Hence why this blog is been published, as it possibly may make somebody care enough to help with the visa. Neither have any criminal records,and have the fees etc to pay for the visa’s.

Sorry I can’t write anymore as this letter has me in tears, it is so heart breaking and touching, especially as this child is family. Child Abuse lasts an eternity, we have to help Kodi smile again.The letter is below, but just click on it to read the full size please.


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Myth #1 – Boys and men can’t be victims.

This myth, instilled through masculine gender socialization and sometimes referred to as the “macho image,” declares that males, even young boys, are not supposed to be victims or even vulnerable. We learn very early that males should be able to protect themselves. In truth, boys are children – weaker and more vulnerable than their perpetrators – who cannot really fight back. Why? The perpetrator has greater size, strength, and knowledge. This power is exercised from a position of authority, using resources such as money or other bribes, or outright threats – whatever advantage can be taken to use a child for sexual purposes.

Myth #2 – Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males. Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

Myth #3 – If a boy experiences sexual arousal or orgasm from abuse, this means he was a willing participant or enjoyed it.
In reality, males can respond physically to stimulation (get an erection) even in traumatic or painful sexual situations. Therapists who work with sexual offenders know that one way a perpetrator can maintain secrecy is to label the child’s sexual response as an indication of his willingness to participate. “You liked it, you wanted it,” they’ll say. Many survivors feel guilt and shame because they experienced physical arousal while being abused. Physical (and visual or auditory) stimulation is likely to happen in a sexual situation. It does not mean that the child wanted the experience or understood what it meant at the time.

Myth #4 – Boys are less traumatized by the abuse experience than girls. While some studies have found males to be less negatively affected, more studies show that long term effects are quite damaging for either sex. Males may be more damaged by society’s refusal or reluctance to accept their victimization, and by their resultant belief that they must “tough it out” in silence.

Myth #5 – Boys abused by males are or will become homosexual. While there are different theories about how the sexual orientation develops, experts in the human sexuality field do not believe that premature sexual experiences play a significant role in late adolescent or adult sexual orientation. It is unlikely that someone can make another person a homosexual or heterosexual. Sexual orientation is a complex issue and there is no single answer or theory that explains why someone identifies himself as homosexual, heterosexual or bi-sexual. Whether perpetrated by older males or females, boys’ or girls’ premature sexual experiences are damaging in many ways, including confusion about one’s sexual identity and orientation.

Many boys who have been abused by males erroneously believe that something about them sexually attracts males, and that this may mean they are homosexual or effeminate. Again, not true. Pedophiles who are attracted to boys will admit that the lack of body hair and adult sexual features turns them on. The pedophile’s inability to develop and maintain a healthy adult sexual relationship is the problem – not the physical features of a sexually immature boy.

Myth #6 – The “Vampire Syndrome”Ñthat is, boys who are sexually abused, like the victims of Count Dracula, go on to “bite” or sexually abuse others. This myth is especially dangerous because it can create a terrible stigma for the child, that he is destined to become an offender. Boys might be treated as potential perpetrators rather than victims who need help. While it is true that most perpetrators have histories of sexual abuse, it is NOT true that most victims go on to become perpetrators. Research by Jane Gilgun, Judith Becker and John Hunter found a primary difference between perpetrators who were sexually abused and sexually abused males who never perpetrated: non-perpetrators told about the abuse, and were believed and supported by significant people in their lives. Again, the majority of victims do not go on to become adolescent or adult perpetrators; and those who do perpetrate in adolescence usually don’t perpetrate as adults if they get help when they are young.

Myth #7 – If the perpetrator is female, the boy or adolescent should consider himself fortunate to have been initiated into heterosexual activity.In reality, premature or coerced sex, whether by a mother, aunt, older sister, baby-sitter or other female in a position of power over a boy, causes confusion at best, and rage, depression or other problems in more negative circumstances. To be used as a sexual object by a more powerful person, male or female, is always abusive and often damaging.

Believing these myths is dangerous and damaging.So long as society believes these myths, and teaches them to children from their earliest years, sexually abused males will be unlikely to get the recognition and help they need.So long as society believes these myths, sexually abused males will be more likely join the minority of survivors who perpetuate this suffering by abusing others.
So long as boys or men who have been sexually abused believe these myths, they will feel ashamed and angry.And so long as sexually abused males believe these myths they reinforce the power of another devastating myth that all abused children struggle with: that it was their fault. It is never the fault of the child in a sexual situation – though perpetrators can be quite skilled at getting their victims to believe these myths and take on responsibility that is always and only their own. For any male who has been sexually abused, becoming free of these myths is an essential part of the recovery process.

All of the above and lot’s more information is available, under the Resources, Self Help Section of the Website.All on the site is FREE, so please check it out today, and see how you are not alone in your struggle to stop been a victim of abuse.


Nolonger Victims




Christmas for Children is a time for giving, been with family,eating more than we need, and feeling loved and having fun with what Santa Claus gave you, if you have been a good boy or girl. Well for one special little boy,this year like last despite believing in Santa at 12 yrs of age he has one wish and that is NOT TO HAVE TOYS or COMPUTERS, but TO SIMPLY SMILE & BE A CHILD. And I am going to do whatever I possibly can with your help, to make this happen.

He is not suffering from a Terminal medical condition, although he does suffer from a Horrifically Painful Chronic Pain disorder, No his life has been one of Child Abuse. Living in a home, where all he say was beatings of his mom & siblings, one a few occasions he got hit when he was in the wrong place,been forced to live a life in hiding for fear of his father finding him and hurting him, and yet at just 12 years old is despite all of this Academically in the Top 2% in the country according to his school. Due to the level of Abuse that was within his home, he has lost all his friends as having to move so much, to stay alive made them impossible to keep, he has lost most of his immediate family, who either wanted to ignore the abuse and leave it behind closed doors, or they would tell the abuser, his dad their location. So he lives in Isolation with his mom and one brother. This brother is like a dad to him, his idol and best friend. Sadly he will leave the home on December 11th to follow an opportunity he has been given, a once in a life time dream to live with Buddhist Monks in India. As happy as this 12 yr old is for his brother, he is now  devastated about no Christmas, about Santa he feels doesn’t exist now, and his will to smile and feel happy is now gone, as he is far too young to understand.

What he endured in life is way too much for any child. His one dream in life is simple. He wants to  Swim with Winter the Dolphin in Florida or at least to just meet him. Why you ask ? well it is simple, when he saw the Film last year, he realized that like Winter he was different but that he would fight to be a kid, if Winter could   fight to stay alive. The issue is that he and his mom will need a Holiday Visa for the USA. They have No Criminal Records, they are from a European Country that has great relations with the USA, they want to fly out before Christmas, They have Nobody to help them.

I am asking Anybody that is in either Homeland Security or Law Enforcement within the USA, to try find your Christmas Cheer, your Heart and to help this little boy to just be a boy at Christmas, and to feel wanted and not alone with just him and his mom. To let him see that Dreams Do Come True, you just have to believe. Most children want a long list of gifts from Santa, and family, but all he wants is to smile. Surely somebody can help me to make this a reality for him and his mom and his dog, who is the closest thing to a family member that he has.

If anybody is willing to help me try to make his dream come true, then please Email me at the address below. We still have time, we have at least two weeks to make this happen, so let us all come together and show this little man what Christmas is really about. Sharing, Caring and Loving of others, and most importantly Making Children Smile. I know we can do this, and I know that we will. Don’t think that others will do it, so you sit back and don’t offer your help.




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I was contacted by a friend in relation to this situation and asked if I would help to inform the world. And I have no hesitation in doing so as this man is a former Navy Veteran and served his country, to now be another forgotten statistic is totally UNACCEPTABLE and DISGUSTING. What makes this even worse is that this letter was sent to Congressman Griffin of the 2nd Congressional District in Arkansas and he himself is a former Lt.Col in the National Guard. So he is well aware of the difficulties this man and his wife are facing, yet clearly his BIG PENSION means he doesn’t careless. Well guess what Congressman the majority of people around the USA and the WORLD do care and we will fight to help this hero, as we DON’T FORGET.

Here is the letter that was sent, and today a phone call was received by the Author of the letter saying that they could do nothing and that he should contact State Legislators. Well this man is partially paralyzed, has a brain tumor and his wife was told by Medicaid that her husband could care for her, I would love to know how he can do this. Recently she had two bad falls.

Congressman Griffin,

It’s not everyday you see something like what I am about to tell you. Last month my wife and I had stopped at Harps on the corner of Highway 5 and Salem Road. I was in the truck with my two dogs while she ran in. While sitting there I noticed a lady with a walker sitting on the bench outside. There were a few cars behind me and I thought, well I have seen worse get in a car and drive away. This was not the case. I watched as she made her way off the curb and across the parking lot. As she passed all of the cars I then realized she was walking back to wherever it was she came from. As she got under a street light I drove over and ask her is she would like a ride. She said yes, thank you that she lived two streets over, second house on the left. I got her in, put her walker in the back and called my wife telling her I would be right back. She knew I was helping someone just from me saying that and the tone in my voice. The lady proceeded to tell me that her husband was at home in bed, that he had had a brain tumor removed and that he had also had a stroke and was paralyzed on his left side. I get her home and up the handicap ramp leading to the front door of the mobile home and to the door. She hits the light switch but it didn’t come on, so she tells me she can’t reach the chain to get it to come on. I reach for and it and as it comes on I see her husbands photos on the wall in uniform. I ask her is that your husband? She said yes that he spent 20 years in the Navy. I ask if I could go back and meet him, she yells Mark are you awake. A reply was yes. I go back and meet him and talk to him briefly and find out that he hasn’t been able to get out of bed because his wheelchair is loose. I make a deal with them to come back the next day, Sunday and fix it and anything else they might need fixed. I get a friend of mine another former Marine and we go over and fix the chair, vacuum cleaner and dryer vent. I go later with another friend and add chain to her fan and light so she can reach it without falling. We have also taken groceries and as well as myself and the friend have cooked and taken them food.

Fast forward a little. I have been back over numerous times. Once to get her mail for her since the post office drug their feet on approving paperwork to have their mail put in the box at the top of the ramp instead of the main one everyone uses in the park. I have since gotten that taken care of. The mail is now delivered to the door. One piece of mail was from DHS in Saline County notifying her that she had been denied her disability from Medicaid and that she could appeal it in a phone call hearing on November 12th. I spoke with her yesterday and she told me that they had cancelled the hearing because they weren’t going to give it to her and that her Doctors had not sent them her records, which the Doctors told her that they had. They also told her previously that she had been denied because they felt she could go back to work doing her old job she had in the past in Yuma, Arizona which was working at a laundry mat cleaning machines, and that her husband could take care of her.

She has to use a walker or hold on to something to keep from falling over. Since I have known them she has fallen twice in her house. She loses her balance and starts turning circles and falls. She hit her head on the chest of drawers once. Mark her husband has also gone back to the Doctors at St. Vincent, since the V.A. has done nothing for him and told them they can’t, and found out that the brain tumor has returned and that treatment and skins graphs will be needed, but as of yesterday all of that has been cancelled for some reason and the Doctors didn’t give her an answer why.

My points in this case are this. He is a 20 year Retired Navy Veteran and can’t get help from anyone. They don’t have a car because she can’t drive, he can’t drive and the State took away his license. DHS tells her that she is capable of working and that her husband can take care of her. All the while, he is lying there in bed doing nothing but sleeping because of the brain tumor returning, and she is having to take care of him the best she can under the circumstances. So could someone please tell me, what happens if she falls, hits her head, gets knocked out and he is unable to get her up or get to a phone since she has to help him get dressed and get up when he does get out of bed? What happens if the house catches fire? There is no way they could ever get out. Here is a 53 year old woman that is permanently disabled with a disease that has crippled her and impaired her speech taking care of a man that served his country for 20 years and is bed ridden from a stroke and has a brain tumor returning, yet they deny her disability and tell her she can go back to work. So who is supposed to take care of her husband? They receive a check on the third Wednesday of the month and on the first of the month. If they run out of money they don’t eat or do without prescriptions. Feel free to call them

She may not answer because she sometimes drops the phone when she reaches for it, but she will return your call when she gets to it. I would love to arrange a meeting for someone from your office and DHS to go over there and see how one of our Veterans is being taken care of. They were at one time signed up for meals on wheels but when they would go by there, the excuse they used was no one would answer the door. If Vanessa is at one end of the house and someone goes to the front door it takes her awhile to get up and get to the door. Therefore meals on wheels stopped going there at all.


I am asking for you all to please help to get this man his basic rights, his basic needs and his basic entitlements as a human being and more so as a man who put his life on the line so that we could all sleep at night. Now enough is enough, Respect is earned in life and he has earned more respect then many out there, so let us all show both this veteran & his wife, that although those in power may forget them, we wont. My email is below and please feel free to contact me on it if you have any help or advise that you can give to this VETERAN as he helped all when needed, now we need to HELP HIM.

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Survivors Not Statistics — Available Now Online Worldwide–One Stop Guide

This is my autobiography, about my life of Domestic Violence and my children’s forced life of Child Abuse due to this abuse. What is different about the book to many others, is that it  contains a Worldwide Listing of Agencies for Victims of Domestic Violence, so irrespective of where you live, there is always somebody that you can reach out to who will help you. Men, Women,Children all are victims of abuse, and all are entitled to live life free from fear and with as much support as possible. I had to amend some details inside the book recently, and those have now been resolved and deleted.
Book Cover-Survivors Not Statistics
 Here’s the true story of a woman who has refused to be a simple statistic in the world. She and her children where victims of domestic violence, but she decided not to be headline news, another murder victim. She decided to be a survivor. Her story will shock many and amaze others, but ultimately will give a victim of any abuse the courage and strength to escape that existence, and to live his / her life the way they want to.
Physical, mental, and sexual abuse .. drugs, crime, Mafia connections .. fear, affairs, hospitals and alcoholism .. this book contains it all. Of most importance is the information on how to recognize the signs of an abuser, and how to escape from his / her clutches. It doesn’t matter how many years you’re a victim, one day is too long and 20 years is horrific. The aim is to help others escape, to see that a life of freedom is defiantly worth living and is certainly a lot better than just existing as victim. You’re only a victim as long as you let your abuser think that you are theirs to own.
Lurleen’s story is a heartbreaking tale of one woman’s determination to survive pain and brutality, the story of how courage and a huge heart, plus a fierce determination to take care of her family, got this amazing woman through hell to the other side. It’s quite simply a page-turner, and a must-read for anybody who cares about the plight of women in our society. She is a truly amazing, inspirational woman.
Here are the links in order to Purchase the Book Online. Available soon on Kindle. Thank you all for your support to date, I really appreciate it. And if I can do it then so can you.
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Hopefully Every Cloud Does Have a Silver Lining — As I Need One Now – Can You Help ?

Sadly I find myself having to post this blog, and in doing so not only embarrass myself but I feel totally humiliated and foolish. However I am a straight talking person and what you see is what you get, so I need to let you all know about a situation that has occurred as so many of you supported me in this venture. I am a proud Survivor of Abuse and that is why been an Advocate for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse means so much to me, and as to why I am so passionate in the fight to stop it. As I don’t want anybody to suffer what I did.

A dream of mine was to Open a totally new concept in shelters, the information that was released was only the basics, but the plan was to open in Ohio and I would run the facility and be the Asst CEO and Director of Public Relations. However one person who was a major player in this happening has turned out to be not who I thought they were. I won’t say anything here that can identify them, but in the last week I have endured horrific verbal abuse from this person in messages, have been insulted and belittled, and had friends contacted by them and also abused. This is certainly not the type person that I want to be associated with in any way, nor is it the type person that should be involved in a Sanctuary for victims of abuse. I think one of the comments made that it would lower the tone of the area where it would be based, infuriated me beyond belief.

This person basically backed out in full, which considering the above is a god send, However it has caused me great distress as I was planning on relocating there very soon and my application that was meant to be processed for a work visa was also now ground to a halt due to the non existence of the shelter. Now my sole desire when I set out on the road to been an ADVOCATE was to help others and in particular those in Rural Alaska, as those were the people that gave me the strength  to become a survivor, and I want to give back to them.

So if anybody know’s of any agencies that are looking for a hard working big mouth Advocate that will stand up for all victims of abuse, will you please let me know. I would ideally like to be located in the Rural Communities of Alaska as they need the support more than those in the cities, were support is available to all. I have no hesitation in been on call 24/7 as I am now anyway and I know that without sounding conceited that I can be a huge benefit to  any and all victims of abuse. I am open to all areas within the USA and am literally ready to pack and go as that was the plan with the Sanctuary. If anybody is interested in opening a project like I have planned please let me know, as I am flexible but just want to work to help others.

Please message me or email me any contacts or information that may help. I am not bothered about the level of pay once it is fair and enough to put a roof over my head and food on the table. Other than that I have no qualms about working in any area even remote and to working weekends or holidays, Abuse has no time off so as an Advocate I expect to always be on call, as if a victim needs me I will be there for them. I hope to hear from at least a few connections on Linkedin.

As for the profits from my book that were going to the Sanctuary they will be held securely and I will donate the profits to whoever I am working with and also intend to do a Huge Fundraiser next April that will raise funds for two organizations as well as the one that I hopefully will be working with. This will be an Annual Event if I can pull it off and will start the month Child Abuse Awareness off to a great start.

Thank you and again I am sorry for having to post this, but feel it is necessary 


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Nolonger Victims Facebook Page — Help Needed To Report Page Pretending To Be Me

It irritates me so much that a small minority of people, can not get up off their backsides and actually do some work for themselves. But instead they try to DESTROY the work of other’s. In the last ten days I have had my Facebook Page Hacked Maliciously, Sabotaged and all my Friends wiped. This caused Huge Devastation not only to me, due to the work that I have put in for the last year, but also as those on the page were Friends for a reason. As many were Victims of Abuse it is important that they know their is somebody out there that will hold their hand and help them on the Road to been a Survivor.That is one of the Main Reasons as to why I never had Follow on before as I don’t feel that I am anybody to follow and also I am here as a Support and a Friend.

Despite setting up a New Page within Days this was apparently Suspended by Facebook for it not been a real page, or my name. This did not make sense as I know my name. It might be a weird name to some, but it is my name. I was asked to forward a copy of my ID to FB which I did, but no reply, my emails ignored, and my messages to them also ignored. But now I know why, at the same time a page suddenly appeared that not only got the Identical amount of LIKES that my page had, but Notifications that I received about additional LIKES would not go to my page count but their’s. Also Friends have received Friend Requests and Like Requests from this page pretending to be me, and as soon as they query it they are BLOCKED. Now I am also blocked so am unable to Report the page to Facebook, but I am sure that somebody on one of the Social Sites will have a Legitimate Contact within Facebook and hopefully offer to help with this matter.

Nolonger Victims & Lurleen Hilliard are my pages, the first is the page for all the work that I do and the second is my own page, where I have asked all who are on Nolonger Victims to also join me as a Friend.That way irrespective of what happens to the page, I will always have a contact for you, and that is very important to me and also to those on the page. Trust for a Victim is very hard to develop in others, and this other page is trying to destroy the trust people have in me, by sending them False Friend Requests and Pretending to be a page it is not. Now this page my be run by a number of people, either Abusers who don’t like my Big Mouth speaking out about Abuse, by my ex who is not happy that I revealed my life of abuse in my recently published book Survivors Not Statistics, or by two men in the USA who are Irish and who have scammed thousands of American Citizens along with other’s and who’s crimes, and scams I reveal in the book. The reason for this is that if I don’t speak up and protect their Victims then I would be as guilty as they are, and that I am not.


All Profits from the sales of my book will go to Nolonger Victims & All Haven Sanctuary in Ohio.This is the Sanctuary for all victims of abuse, all genders and all ages that we are setting up. It is a totally new concept, brand new era in how Shelters will be, and provide totally individual private self contained homes within a Shelter Security Environment for all. So it is really important that those who are trying to destroy My Reputation as Nolonger Victims are stopped, as they are hurting so many other’s and for no justifiable reason other than they can. The sanctuary is been set up by myself and two friends and will Shake the World Awake with these new concepts and facilities for all.

If anybody can please be of help with this issue, my email is below and I would appreciate your support. As I do not trust FB now or their links to the help pages as I have seen that they too can be compromised. For anybody that wants to purchase my book please do so through the links below. All Profits go to Nolonger Victims All Haven Sanctuary Ohio.

Thank You to all for your support to date.


Email Address is as follows>


Nolonger Victims™

Nolonger Victims & All Haven Sanctuary

Lurleen Hillilard — FB

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Nolonger Victims Lurleen Hilliard — Facebook Page Hacking Update

Sadly the other evening some people decided to Hack in to my Facebook page and to cause a horrific amount of distress and upset to me personally by doing so. However initially I thought that it was just random attack as happens on Facebook all too often, as many of you know. But this was a planned, malicious attack against me for the simple reason I opened my mouth in my Auto-biography that was released one week prior to this incident. Although my book Survivors Not Statistics is primarily about my life of abuse, the road to been a Survivor, Self Help Chapters and  also a World Directory of Agencies to Help Victims, it also contains details on two people in particular and their criminal activity within the USA. 

Their paths crossed mine and my children’s and despite doing everything that I possibly could to have them stopped, they were allowed to continue their crimes. One now was recently indicted for the tip of the iceberg of his scams and the other has simply moved state. Although their names are changed anybody who worked for these two will know exactly who they are. Why do they want to shut me up you ask, well it is simple. In over 20 years of scams I am the only person to have the evidence, the inside scope on what they did and do, and the paper-trail. I offered to go as a witness if Law Enforcers wanted me too and that offer still stands. With over 600 people alone in NYC last year owed money for non payment of work by one of them, I assumed my offer would be taken up. As of today’s date nobody has contacted me. When I went public last year they wanted me dead, they still do and now more so as I have written about their scams in an entire Chapter in my book. I may not have stopped them, but at least I tried my best to protect other victims in the future that may run into either of these men.

The person who hacked my page has been tracked back to them I am told, but my cell was also hacked and a friend of mine within the USA was called at 2345 hrs on the night of the hack and verbally abused and  threatened if they continued to be in contact with me. These threats are what these two would do and they would have others who  would do it for them, hence no evidence back to them. But I have had a number of other things that have happened, since the release of the book including one man looking for me in an area close to where I was located. He resembles the family of one of these men and was not from the area where I was and who nobody knew the location of. With the Hacking this week, all has started to make sense.

However as my page name states Nolonger Victims I am not a victim of my abuser who was my ex husband or of these men or their cronies. I am not ever going to be a victim again. So I have set up Nolonger Victims Lurleen Hilliard again and despite loosing all the last 12 months work, and the 770 friends that I had built up over that period were either blocked, or un-friended. So if anybody was blocked please send me a Friend Request to my new page below. I would never block anybody unless they were abusive to either myself or others. Thank you to all that have continued to support me through the last few days, it has been very upsetting but I am back and I am here to stay.

Stay Safe



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Survivors Not Statistics — Newly Released Auto Biography — Simply a One Stop Shop to help all Victims of Abuse

At present the book is available solely online through the links below, however it will be in stores in the coming weeks and also will be available to purchase on Kindle. Please support the book as in doing so, you are been pro-active in helping to support victims of abuse of all gender and age that are going to stay at All Haven Sanctuary in Ohio. Totally new World First Concept on how to get victims on the path to survivors. A residential facility with individual self contained log style cabins. No Communal Sharing.
Here’s the true story of a woman who has refused to be a simple statistic in the world. She and her children where victims of domestic violence, but she decided not to be headline news, another murder victim. She decided to be a survivor. Her story will shock many and amaze others, but ultimately will give a victim of any abuse the courage and strength to escape that existence, and to live his / her life the way they want to. Physical, mental, and sexual abuse .. drugs, crime, Mafia connections .. fear, affairs, hospitals and alcoholism .. this book contains it all. Of most importance is the information on how to recognize the signs of an abuser, and how to escape from his / her clutches. It doesn’t matter how many years you’re a victim, one day is too long and 20 years is horrific. The aim is to help others escape, to see that a life of freedom is defiantly worth living and is certainly a lot better than just existing as victim. You’re only a victim as long as you let your abuser think that you are theirs to own.
Lurleen’s story is a heartbreaking tale of one woman’s determination to survive pain and brutality, the story of how courage and a huge heart, plus a fierce determination to take care of her family, got this amazing woman through hell to the other side. It’s quite simply a page-turner, and a must-read for anybody who cares about the plight of women in our society. She is a truly amazing, inspirational woman.
Should anybody want to contact me re the book or the sanctuary please do so through my Facebook- Twitter-Linkedin pages or send me an email to the following address > This book is a bit different in that it contains two Self Help Chapters. One has a listing of an Agency in every state within the USA and within every country Worldwide that will offer support and help to all victims of abuse. If it is not located in your specific area they will be able to give you details of the agency that is. Also there is an entire chapter on How to Escape your abuser, and What are the signs of an Abuser.So please do purchase the book, you never know when this One Stop Shop for help on all aspects of abuse will be required by you or somebody you love.
Thank you for your support to date.
Lurleen Hilliard
Nolonger Victims™ 
Bad4Burn Finding & Supporting the Missing Children of America


As you know I posted a blog earlier about the horrific way in which a young woman is been treated by the staff and management of Fayette Prison PA. However what we have found out in the last few hours, not only makes my blood boil but makes my stomach churn. A baby is a precious gift and should be given every single chance at life, yet due to the horrific and barbaric treatment of this woman in Fayette Prison, her baby and her are at serious risk.     

Due to the fact that Brittany is not being fed properly, the doctor’s after doing a sonogram, have decided that Annyhia’s birth weight is to far too low for her to be born. They have maintained Britt’s B/P for now & have put her on a strict diet to try  and help unborn Annyhia gain the weight she so desperately needs!! They have been told that Brittany is to have no stress at all as in order for her to stay well, her blood pressure must remain low and that is a priority for the baby. Yet the staff at Fayette are not happy that she now has to be FED PROPERLY with a High Protein Diet as it is the only way the baby can put on weight.

But it get’s better as the staff in the prison, which is known for the abuse of inmates, Brittany was sprayed with MAZE as she refused to paint the prison walls, Now I am sorry but that is total abuse and in my mind assault, as she is pregnant over ten days dilated to 4 cm and they refusing to allow the baby last week to be induced, now that she has collapsed and is so ill due to the stress of the abuse from the guards, her life and the babies is in danger.Surely spraying maze at a pregnant woman who is in labor as she refused to paint a wall is a crime, it is in my book.

Now some will say well she is in jail so tough, well yes she is in jail and she must do a sentence for her crime, but with Double Breast Cancer, Stage 4 Cervical Cancer, been refused a Hysterectomy by the prison until she gets a court order, Not been fed properly so her baby is seriously under weight, been left in Labor for over 10 days dilated and not been allowed the medical attention she needs, having Maze sprayed in her face as she refused to paint a wall under the above conditions to me, breaches every single Moral, and Ethical Law that there is, not to mention her Legal rights of Health & Safety. On top of that a District Attorney who is contacting her constantly harassing her as he want’s to get justice for his mom in law the woman who Brittany committed the crime against.            

We need the MEDIA and any LAW FIRM that will take on the abuse of Fayette Co Prison System, All are entitled in life to the right to life and when a baby is having her life jeopardized before she is even born by total ignorant people who are abusing their position of power, then we have to as a society stand up and say Enough is Enough. Protect Annyhia and help her to be born safely and for her mom to be allowed to eat and stay safe until she at least gives birth. Brittany’s mom is available for any interview with Radio or Media so please let us show this woman that we do care about her baby.    



Nolonger Victims




Abuse of Power from County Prison in PA – Media Needs to Hear THIS


Brittany committed a crime and is in jail, however she has been told that she must have a re-trial as the prosecutor was the son in law of the victim and the defense her neighbor so she did not get a fair trial. Now she does need a sentence for her crime that we all agree on, but what is happening to her is pure torture and very wrong in my eyes. Let me know what you think. Now her mom has literally just found out that they wont deliver the baby now as she is too small in weight due to lack of proper food. She is been kept in hospital until tomorrow and then back to jail, they have been told High Protein Diet and No Stress. But next week when she is hopefully having the baby, this situation will arise again and we have to prevent it. So please share and get others to do the same.

She is in a prison in PA which is due to shut down next September due to the amount of abuse towards inmates. Britt is in labor over 10 days now at 4cm dilated and they refused to allow her to be induced. Yesterday she collapsed as her blood pressure was so high, and taken to hospital. Her mom Robyn a friend of many on this page was told that if she went to the hospital she would be arrested. They refuse still to say anything about the condition of her daughter or the baby.

Now what makes this case so sad and sick, is that Brittany has Breast Cancer in both Breasts, also has Stage 4 Cervical Cancer all of which she found out after the pregnancy and whilst in jail. She has been told now that she must apply for a court order to have a Hysterectomy and is in hospital now suffering all of this and in labor. The prosecutor has been hassling her with calls and texts in order to get an earlier retrial and this to me is very wrong, and could have induced her high blood pressure and collapse. Yes she did wrong but she is seriously ill, Robyn already adopted Britts other three children and is adopting Annyhia and Colleen and I are proudly going to be her God Mom’s but the treatment that Brittany is receiving is sick and the lack of updates to her family disgusting.

Share please and let us see if the MEDIA in PA will be interested to see how a woman in labor and with cancer is been treated, by one of the worst prisons in the state and they are getting away with it. Surely her human rights if not civil are been breached here and the baby is been endangered, she is entitled to our protection even inside the womb. If anybody wants to speak to this woman’s mom just email me, or if you can help even better.




Nolonger Victims 




BOOK RELEASE — Survivors Not Statistics



Please share as my book is finally released, it has been a long hard road to get here, but one that has been so worthwhile. All profits from the sale of this book are going to go to All Haven Sanctuary Ohio, which is a new concept in shelters for those fleeing abuse. We will be offering Individual Self Contained Log Style Cabins, that will cater for Men, Women, Children and most importantly all teenagers up to the age of 18. As right now any teenager over 14 years old, can not stay with their family in a shelter they must go to a homeless shelter, we aim to change that. All teenagers are welcome as are those with disabilities. No sharing of a bathroom, or kitchens or having to simply get along with others. You will have your own privacy whilst also receiving all the help and support you need, but most importantly the skills and education to ensure that you never return to the life of a victim.

We will have all the normal shelter services available, plus lot’s more, to include compulsory Personal Combat Training for all, Animal Therapy, Education and a life as a Survivor never to be a victim again. So please do support the book as this Sanctuary  which is currently been set up by myself, Colleen Carpenter and Robyn Mellott, we know what victims need, and we intend to ensure they get it. No more sharing bathrooms, communal kitchens or bunk beds, these will be proper styled homes that you can make your own up to 6 months depending on the situation. It won’t be a holiday camp, as you have to work hard to become a survivor, but we will be there to hold your hand and help you and any children, teenagers that need it.

So please SHARE my book and more importantly BUY it NOW on Create a Space, the link is below, It will also be  available on & Amazon Europe in 5- 7 days, and within a few weeks in all the Expanded Distribution Networks. But for now you can purchase it from the link below. I am just another woman telling her story, in my own words so that perhaps I can help one person to see that you’re not alone now and never will be again, the road from Victim to Survivor is a hard one, but the best thing you can ever do.

Here is the current link for the book>

Thank you to all who have supported me over the last year in particular and on this page. Also thank you on behalf of all those that will benefit from the Sanctuary to anybody who buys the book, as they are literally helping somebody to stop living a life of abuse and giving them the chance whether Men, Women, Children, Teenagers to live life as they want and to ensure that they are no longer a simple Statistic of abuse.



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Bad 4 BURN Finding and Supporting the Missing Children of America


Do you actually know what it is like to be RAPED, as clearly whoever wrote this post is very ignorant to what been RAPED does to anybody. Whether you are a Man or a Woman who is a victim of RAPE it does not last 30 seconds, it destroys your life, your relationships and your trust in others.

It is a long time since a post has infuriated me and insulted every single victim or Rape or Abuse as the author of this post has. Nobody can choose not to be RAPED no more than anybody can choose not to be MURDERED. That choice lies solely in the hands of the perpetrator the criminal, who is the Murderer or the Rapist.

GUNS do not go out and kill people, HUMANS use GUNS to KILL. Now perhaps I am wrong but if there is a case anywhere of a Gun deciding to choose its victim, then loading the bullets and walking out itself without the help of any human and then KILLING a person, please let me know. As these deaths by GUNS are caused by the Hands of the Human who holds the weapon, they purchased the weapon, they chose their victim and they pulled the trigger.

So if you want to blame anything on Gun Murders than make sure it is the hands of the human who held the gun that you blame. You are trying to blame a gun without the human that is like blaming all penis’ of walking out and raping others whether a man or woman, without the helping hand of the human. It is physically impossible to do, just like it is impossible for a gun to kill without a human.

Your post has insulted every single Rape Victim, whether Male or Female, and as a Rape Victim for over 20 yrs by my abusive husband, I can tell you that once you are raped it kills a little of who you are inside with every second of that rape, or rapes. It does not last 30 seconds the pain lasts a lifetime and we never ever forget, we can’t. A murder victim does not live with the pain of their death, their family and friends do and that also lasts forever.

An Apology to every RAPE VICTIM is the least that the uneducated and ignorant Author of this post can do. I  would gladly go onto any media show with this author and ask them to explain to my face how they came up with this Bullshit and as to why they think it is okay to minimize the effect of Rape on any victim, whether a Man, Woman or Child. I  know that I am speaking for the hundreds of thousands of victims of Rape who you have managed to insult within one post worldwide.

Shame on you, the Author of this post needs to be held accountable for the distress and upset this has caused us all. We all have consequences for our actions, and you are no different.

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)


Oh really?  I think Rape Victims would beg to differ.</p><br />
<p>This is the Mentality we are suppose to be civil to.  This is the Mentality we are suppose to Compromise with.  </p><br />
<p>How do we reconcile this kinda of mentality with ours to save the Republic?
Oh really? I think Rape Victims would beg to differ. This is the Mentality we are suppose to be civil to. This is the Mentality we are suppose to Compromise with. How do we reconcile this kinda of mentality with ours to save the Republic?



I am posting this, as I have a child that is in fear for her life and the authorities are ignoring her plea. The media are also ignoring requests to publicize her situation, So I will try to get her horrific situation and fear of been murdered. Her mom can not even apply for an Ex Parte order as she has no funds for a attorney. Please if you can help in anyway, than do so.

This girl is 15 yrs old, she has been telling of abuse within the home that she has been forced to live in with her dad and step-mom for some time now in Florida. She over heard her step mom and step sister speaking and saying the step-mom said that she would SLIT HER THROAT(speaking about this child). Now she ran away to her moms home who is based in Ohio. Her mom has been trying to fight to get her daughter and son back to Ohio. The problem is that the Step-Mom works within the court system in Florida so is always one step ahead of her.

When her daughter called her to say that she was on a bus to Ohio, the mom then subsequently called authorities to advise them that she had run away and was at her home. The Sheriffs who responded to the call, spoke to this young girl, she told them of her fear of been killed and that she was terrified of her Step Mom. Yet despite her telling them how genuinely  IN FEAR FOR HER LIFE that she is, they told her that if her dad wants her back with him and the Step mom in Florida then they have to take her.

She will not go back to be abused, and her cries for help are been ignored. Now we have to highlight her story, she is willing to speak to the media, go on YOU TUBE and tell the world of her life of abuse yet all are ignoring her. I have spoken directly to this girl today, and she is so scared and traumatized that she needs support and help, not to be forced to live a life of abuse and fear. If she is returned to this home in Florida and anything at all happens to her, including the continuation of this abuse. Then not only should the Court system, but the Sheriff and the Police all be held accountable for their lack of protection for her when asked.

Anybody who wants to help this girl, please Call or Email me NOW. She does not have much time, and I can not sit back and allow any child to be returned to a life of fear and abuse. I have also been given permission by the mom to give her cell to anybody who can genuinely help her and her daughter.

Abuse is Abuse and if a child tells you that they are in fear of their life, then guess what THEY ARE. We also have totally independent witnesses who will give evidence of their serious concerns for her safety and welfare, they also fear for this childs life.



CELL> 011 353 89 414 1921 (SKYPE–nolongervictims(Lurleen)


Nolonger Victims(Lurleen) 

Bad4Burn–FInding and Supporting Missing Kids of America



I have posted and seen so much in relation to Child Abuse , that sadly little shocks me. However the actions of this thing who is meant to be a woman ,has actually made me physically sick and so infuriated. This little baby boy is only  few weeks old. That is clear from the video attached. We all know that shaking a baby can and does cause horrific Brain Damage. What this woman is doing is totally unbelievable and inhuman. I do not care if she has problems of her own, Nothing and I mean Nothing justifies or condones this abuse of a little baby.

In my own opinion I feel that he is either now seriously injured,will certainly have an Acquired Brain Injury and god knows what else.But there is a real possibility that he is dead ,as to survive this abuse would be very hard.Please please share this link on all your pages as we have to find her and find her now.If she is happy to have this posted on to the Internet than what the hell is she doing off camera.

The FBI have asked for anybody who has information on this woman, regarding who she is, her location and that of the baby, to please report it to them Directly or to local Law Enforcement.You can help to find her and hopefully save this little baby as if we do not share, than his life of torture will continue and she will finally cause his death, if not already.Here is the link

Share and Re-post as much as possible

Lurleen Hilliard


Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)




I am writing this as very good friend of mine has had her life torn apart by what I personally consider a total set up.She lives in PA and has a daughter who is in her mid 20s .Sadly this girl a number of years ago fell in with the wrong people and got addicted to drugs.She had three children who her mom took from her and adopted as she was not caring for them.A number of months ago this girl attempted to rob a elderly ladies handbag from a Walmart store.She failed and ended up kicking the lady who broke her hip.However she did recover and was back to independent living and driving thankfully.

The young woman who assaulted her was arrested and held in jail until her trial yesterday.However it is not straight forward Within a few days of been incarcerated she found out that she had Breast Cancer in Both Breast and also had Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.As if this is not bad enough she was also pregnant.To find out all of this and to be alone in jail is horrific for anybody.She is due her baby on November 11th.Since her incarceration she has been totally clean off drugs and has had no issues.Her mom found a lock down rehab that would enable her to get medical treatment for the cancer,have the baby and learn how to be a parent as well as be educated .It was not a holiday camp it was jail time but at least she would be helped.

Yesterday she was in court and what happened makes my blood boil and my stomach sick.The PROSECUTOR was the SON IN LAW of the woman who got injured so he wanted justice,The PUBLIC DEFENDER is this womans neighbor.And this young woman was told that she will now serve 6-12 Years in Jail,Have NO COUNSELLING—ALL HER PARENTAL RIGHTS REVOKED —NO REHAB–.When her daughter is born she must be alone her mom is not even allowed to be there with her,she will have a C Section and a Hysterectomy at the same time.Once her daughter is born she will not even be allowed to touch her no contact at all.Her mom has 3 hours to get to the jail to get the baby or it goes to care.

Now I am sorry but yes she is guilty of the crime but this is sick and disgusting.A young girl was never ever given a chance in that court room.She had no legal rep for her as they were both related to or friends with the victim.She if not treated will die from cancer alone,.A jail sentence yes by all means,medical care she should be entitled too and to see and hold her baby at least once is a human right.This girl has had everything in life taken from her what has she got to live for .Yet a Teacher in another state who RAPED HIS STUDENT AND SHE THEN COMMITTED SUICIDE GETS 31 DAYS IN JAIL-

If there ever was a miscarriage of justice then this is it.That DA and the Public Defender should be totally held accountable for their actions and bias in court and the judge should have known better.Media outlets you need to help this girl and her family,she was wrong we are not denying that but this is a sentence from the stone age and very very wrong .

Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)


Forced to live a life of Child Abuse- My 12 yr old son asks me Why mam Why ?–What do I say ?

My heart has literally been broken by what my youngest son 12 yrs old has just spoken to me about.Many of you will be aware of our battle to survive,to escape the life of fear and isolation that we have been forced to live ,simply due to the fact that we are statistics in life.It is crazy to think that literally 6 hours or 300 minutes on an airplane would give my sons their lives back.Yet it seems millions of miles away.

Kodi 12 used to have dreams of been a Judge,an Attorney he is very like his mom,in that he likes to help others and make a difference.But now his only dream is to be able to have friends,to have a tree house in his own home,not to constantly have to move to stay safe.To play sports like all others in his school.His ultimate dream for his birthday was to have met and swam with Winter the dolphin in Florida,but he could not even have a party as too risky to invite friends.He simply wants to be a kid and to enjoy the innocence of same.Sadly he is been Forced to live with the constant Trauma of Child Abuse and nobody seems to care.

I know that he is now depressed as he comes home from school and straight into his bed.He dreams of playing, of laughing and of not been Kidnapped.The stress is starting to take its toll on him.Imagine as a child wondering if today is the day when your dad ,your abuser turns up at the school to take you.That if he does that he will never see his mom or brother again.At 12 yrs old that is Mental Torture and Abuse.But the threat is real and his fear is destroying who he is inside,just a little boy who sadly had the wrong daddy.

His brother R now 18 yrs old ,has his life on hold.He also has no friends ,no life,cant go out to work.Why you ask ? well it is simple he has to do for us what the authorities can not do.He has to protect us from our abuser his dad again.He is now also starting to get very depressed,as he can never leave us alone,as he says the one time he lets his guard down is when he will strike.He sleeps during the day and he sits up with his dog every night to let Kodi and I sleep,well what sleep we can get.

Many people think that as an Advocate for Domestic Violence & Child Abuse that I should be able to protect us.But the reality is that as we are Irish and sadly live in Ireland despite all that I do is in the USA and for American People we have no laws here to protect us.No barring order,No protection order,No safety order.We are on our own.Our lives are one of total isolation from the world,from family,from friends we are simply been left to rot away behind closed doors and blinds.

Do you know what it is like to live in constant FEAR ? Well I will tell you ,as we do and as sad as it sounds I would prefer to have my abuser,my rapist to continue to abuse and rape me rather than live wondering if today is the day I die.Walking out the door is a military effort,going to the store is a nightmare.Waiting to be found,waiting to be murdered is the loneliest and most horrific feeling in the world,Yet this is our life everyday.

We do not want to take anything from anybody in the USA.We want to help victims,with the project we have planned that will insure men,women and children can not only leave their abuser,but the program will insure they never go back,It is a totally new unique concept and will be totally FREE.We do not want any Social Security,or financial aid.We have somewhere to stay,work available.We will support ourselves all that we want is to be able to live,sleep,laugh,and have friends without the fear of death.What is so wrong with that ?

When we where in the states on a waiver we had to file reports of DV due to somebody telling my ex where we were?We where in a shelter,we had to at times go on the run to stay alive.We have been told that we come under the terms of a U Visa which is for victims of DV that are non citizens,we have the paper trail,the proof yet nobody seems to care.

I am now 44 yrs old and have lived over 23 yrs of that life been abused.And we are still been abused.My son K now 16 yrs old went to see his dad in Canada when he was 14 on July 23rd 2011 ,I have not seen my son since.His dad kept him and I will not loose Kodi to this man.I do not want to die,before I get to live .I want my sons to have their dreams and to be able to see that if you speak out and tell the truth that someday ,somewhere ,somebody will care enough to help us.

If something does not happen soon to allow us into the USA ,then we will simply be the headline news on newspapers and on the internet.People always say that they would have helped if they had of known.Well I have swallowed every ounce of pride that I have and told the world,I have begged for help.But as we are not famous,not rich we are not important enough to be saved.

The U Visa is there to help victims like us,so why are all our requests been ignored.And why was I told that I am not the standard of person the USA wants even for a holiday.That was simply when I applied for a holiday visa nothing more.I could understand if we where the wrong type of people but when we are not criminals,not terrorists,not fanatics just normal family wanting to escape our life of hell.Like my boys I am on the verge of giving up as despite some people saying they will help,their words are simply that just words.

Please pray for my family as we just want to live,surely that is a human right for us all

Lurleen Hilliard

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Men are victims of Domestic Violence just like women are.This article though is in general based on statistics that we have found that relate to women who are abused.It does not in any way at all belittle the abuse against men.However these statistics may open your eyes as Domestic Violence with children in the home = Child Abuse.Maybe these figures will help to make the world realize the level this abuse has risen too.These figures relate only to the USA

85%-95% of Reported cases of DV are made by women.

Over 500.000 women are stalked by an intimate partner every year 

5.3 Million women are abused every year 

Up to 324.000 women suffer Domestic Violence during pregnancy

1.232 women are killed every year by an intimate partner 

Domestic Violence is the leading form of injury to women

Women are more likely to be attacked by somebody that they know rather than a stranger

An estimated 5.3 million cases of Domestic Violence occur among US women 18 yrs or older every year.Which results in nearly 2 million injuries 

On average more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day in the USA 

50%-70% of men who abuse Women Also abuse Children

Of the 1.7 million workplace violent deaths every year in the USA ,18.700 are commited by an intimate partner,or current/former boyfriend/girlfriend

45% of women have been Slapped,Beaten,Kicked

75% of battered women tried to commit suicide

77% of men felt that there masculinity threatened if their wives did not listen to them

55% of women perceive violence as part of their normal life and marriage

Everybody has to stand up and help to stop this violence.It is not just against women and children.Men are victims too,Nobody as a victim is ever to blame irrespective of their gender and all are entitled to our support and help.All of these statistics and more resources for helping all victims of abuse can be found on our website below.All on the website is FREE and if you can not find what you are looking for then please let me know and I will try to get the relevant information for you


Lurleen Hilliard


Nolonger Victims (Lurleen)

Bad 4 Burn 



Matthew fought for his country and people-Now lets all fight for him and help him

This is a post that really hits home with me as sadly there are few people in our world that are lucky enough to escape the clutches of cancer in their family at some stage.Matthew is a young man who has a beautiful young family that love him he has a little girl just 4 yrs old and a son that is just 2 yrs old.His family are immensely proud of him having served in the military for a number of years and been deployed abroad away from his family and friends.Yet despite the dangers that face all our military the biggest fight that Matthew has is right now against the CANCER that has targeted his body.Nobody ever knows what is around the corner so please remember if sadly this was your family you would love all to support them in their  time of need.

Life in California was hard so they made the hard decision to relocate to Ohio this year,shortly after they moved Matthew found out that he had CANCER .Sadly this is spreading throughout his body and he has to endure horrific Chemo and Radiation that is as lethal as the cancer is yet it is his only chance to survival.With Matthew in hospital his family is really struggling to survive,his mom can not afford to travel to see him as much as she wants as she has not the money for the gas,his uncle who lives in Florida and who is doing all that he can to support his nephew,and has today informed me that he will be flying to visit Matthew tomorrow so that will be an amazing trip and boost for Matthew.

I have posted the link to Matthews Facebook page and I ask you all to please SHARE and even if you can only offer a small donation to this family I really think that it is the least we can do.Perhaps a Gas Company would help his mom and wife with the cost of gas to go visit him in hospital.Having cancer is horrific and having to endure it knowing that it is causing so much hardship to those that love you makes it harder,and stress combined with cancer do not go,they only encourage the cancer

So please help out in any way that you can ,so that Matthew knows the world and his country men and women are behind him and supporting him in his fight for life.Remember he was willing to lose his life when he was deployed to protect strangers so now it is our time to protect and support Matthew and his family anyway that we can.No donation or offer of help is too small and all is genuinely appreciated

The link for his page  is here moms pay pal  is as follows and his uncles Marc Moon Mullins pay pal is little helps so let us all come together and help this soldier and his family to win what is a fight for his life,his children want to have him in their life  growing up and his wife wants to make up for all the lost time they have had due to his illness.Here is also an updated direct link in to Matthews PayPal account

Share please

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)

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My Book – Survivors Not Statistics -Literary Agent Required

I wrote the story of mine and my childrens lives of abuse ,which sadly in someways is still ongoing.However I had never written a book before and wrote it in plain simple English so that all can relate to it as perhaps they can escape there life of abuse long before us.A number of months a go a well known and hugely respected Author Cathy Kelly asked me if she could read my book or manuscript unedited at that stage as she had heard about our story.I was more than honored.Cathy Kelly is one of Irelands best selling authors and is known World wide for your books so for little me a total unknown it has been a total honor to receive her encouragement and endorsement .



Lurleen’s story is a heartbreaking tale of one woman’s determination to survive pain and brutality.  Survivors Not Statistics is the story of how courage and a huge heart, plus  a fierce determination to take care of her family, got this amazing woman through hell to the other side. It’s quite simply page-turning and a must-read for anybody who cares about the plight of women in our society.She is a truly amazing, inspirational woman.


I received a email today from a top Publishing house within the USA that had read part of my book even though it had been unsolicited however there opinion was important to me.Thankfully they told me that the book and I quote SEEMED VERY GOOD and that I now need to get a literary agent in order to get it published .To have even received a positive review of the book in my own mind is a huge achievement for me as I am no journalist just a survivor of horrific abuse .

I have been given a list by the publishers of possible Literary Agents however I do know that I have many contacts through all my sites and I would really appreciate it if there is an agent as a connection that would be interested in taking on this book to please let me know.The reason for the book is two fold the first is to make my story known so that I can help others and show them how to get on to the road to been a survivor.The second is slightly different to what I have on my social posts but still is for victims.I want to use any proceeds from the book to set up a Non Profit with two other people and to create the plan that we have to help many victims of abuse whether they be Men.Women.Children or Teenagers or even the Elderly as Abuse is Abuse and all are entitled to support

What we are going to offer is at present no where within the USA and possibly the world so it is been kept a very close secret at present mainly due to people pretending to be me or this page.So until the plans are copyrighted and in place I can not disclose them but I will say that they will shake up the world for victims of abuse in a good  way.So if you can help me to find an agent I would really appreciate it and thank you to all for your continuous support in my fight to stay alive and to ensure the safety of my two sons 

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims (Lurleen)



Living with FEAR 24/7 a constant torture that nobody should have to endure-Yet we do everyday

As many of you know I posted a blog recently about my life and the fact that I live everyday in anticipation of it possibly been my last alive.I fought for over 23 yrs to be a survivor of my ex and his abuse and how I am alive today I will never know, but I do know that a huge reason that I am is solely due to my son Rambo and his effort to keep me alive.Yet FEAR is my life ,if you are in a bad situation in life you fear the outcome,if you are seriously ill you fear the outcome,and if you live a life of abuse you fear the day when he/she will finally kill you in the physical.As every-time the abuse you they kill a small part of who you are inside until the time comes when you can not remember yourself who you once where in life.

Fear of the unknown in life is so hard to deal with,you can never make plans ,never be relaxed ,never be truly who you are inside as you can not let that guard down and the simple things in life that many take for granted are only a dream for you.How do I know this well it is simple this is my life and that of my two sons.Despite been away from our abuser we are been forced to still remain his victims as most victims of abuse are aware of in life we really do not matter to many and in death we are used as a political stance for the gain of others.

Why does the life of victims that are alive that want to escape and who want to use there life of abuse and trauma to help others to become survivors literally have there pain and suffering not even recognized by anybody that can help them.Surely we are all entitled to the basic Human Right of a life without fear or abuse or death at the hand of another,but for those of us who are not famous or wealthy enough to matter we are simply statistics.Many times I wanted to die as it was easier than having to wake to another day of violence,verbal abuse or rape as we can all only take so much in life yet no matter what I do or how hard I work we are still been forced to live this life.But I could not leave my sons they were and are my life and if my ex does kill me or should I say when then the boys are alone to fight this battle,and this is one battle that I intend to have won before I am murdered so that at least they will not continue to live a life of secrecy and fear and reclusive .

Stress causes so many physical illness in life and how I have not had a cardiac arrest I do not know,but I do know that I am here for a reason and that all the abuse and trauma that we have suffered has made me who we are today and has made us realize that we want to help others to be free from the prison of there abuser even when they are away from them in the physical,they can still control your life and control whether you simply exist in life or live .

So many normal people that are victims and want to be survivors or have been victims and are now survivors or Advocates have tried to help us but nobody in power is listening it is as if we are really just three more statistics and when the time comes and he does kill me then they will use my life as lessons to be learnt so as not to let it happen in the future.,But I DO NOT WANT TO DIE it is as simple as that and irrespective of what good they do after my death it can not bring me back to life and it can not give my sons back there mom .

Why is it so hard for anybody within the powers that be to realize that sometimes they can actually help to stop a death before it happens and that there actions to help others will speak a lot more than the words that they have written for them in order to make themselves look or sound like they care.The reality of life of a victim is that unless you are lucky to live in a country that has laws to protect you and friends to support you then you are left to suffer in silence as what goes on behind closed doors far too many want to leave there.Abuse happens to all in all walks of life I never expected to live a life of abuse to be beaten,verbally mentally emotionally abused,to be raped more times then I can remember,to bury my only daughter because of my ex as due to the abuse from him she was still born at just over 5 months.Next week is her birthday,a day that I will never forget as after I delivered her he left me to spend the night with his girlfriend and I organized her funeral myself.My two sons I do not want to have to continue living a life of Child Abuse or to have to bury me why does nobody care what my life is worth.

If living a life of abuse and rape plus lots lots more is not enough to offer us help to simply stay alive then what is as right now I really wonder what is the point of trying to survive when the ultimate is going to happen .I am starting to get physically ill from the stress of waiting to be found and killed and although I will never give up mentally fighting to stay alive I can not stop the stress as long as the fear is there.The media cares when we are dead as that sells news but those wanting to stay alive simply are not worth reporting on

Thank you to all that are continuing to support us and our fight to stay alive,we wont ever give up so please do not give up on us either


Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)





Waiting to be Die -What daily life is like waiting to be murdered – I hate it

I have been thinking about writing this blog for the last week,and always came up with the reason not to as who would want to know.But I finally decided today that the world needs to know what it is like to every single day  wake up and wonder if today is your last on earth ,if today is the day that I become just another murder statistic or if today is the day that is my last ever with my sons who I will not see grow up,tell them I love them or to hold them in my arms.

Life as a victim of abuse whether  it has been as a child growing up and you were the victim of your abuser,or as a child living in an abusive home watching your mom or dad been beaten and abused this is all abuse and destroys a childs life and takes away there innocence which can never be replaced.Many grow in to adults without ever telling there secret and ending up in continuous abusive situations.My abuse was from my x husband who for over 20 yrs used me as his punch bag,mentally,emotionally,verbally horrifically abusive to me.Most of this in front of my four sons and some of the sexual abuse he imitated in front of them the shame of this I still feel.Sex to him was rape and you as a victim learn to just let him/her do what they want it is easier for all.

Why did I stay well I was totally isolated no friends or family,no income,no self esteem and no will to live.Yes I will admit I wanted to die many times and I did try to overdose and once to throw myself over the stairs but I could not leave my kids even though the thought of not having to wake up to another day of his abuse was so close,I knew if I died my boys would too,as I was all the had and they were all I had.Many that knew us knew of his abuse,of his alcoholism of his friends that I dare not cross and his temper,hence why I stayed his victim for so many years.How I am alive I do not know as he tried to kill me so many times if my one son now 18 had not protected me and taken the hits and hit back I would be dead already.

Finally after the last Rape and him then keeping one of my sons who went on a holiday to see him when he moved abroad I swore he would never touch me again.Yet three years later the threat to my life is as real and dangerous as it was when he was here in person.You see due to the lack of laws and concern my two sons with me and I have no protection from him we wait to be found.We live in a house that is a total dump with no heating and very basic but we do this so as to hope it will be one of the last places he will look to find us,but I know he is aware of the area we are in as he lets me know every now and then.Despite enough evidence to lock him away for life nobody cares I wait to be found and killed,and as much as I do not want to die I do not want to leave my kids they are my life and the reason as to why I survived so long and the reason as to why I want to help as many victims of abuse as I can,as they had nobody to help them and now we will use that to help others and make there voices heard.

Last year we went on holidays to the USA and as we are Irish we had a waiver so no need for a visa.But my eldest son told his dad where we were located,the risk to us was so great that there are at least two if not more reports filed with police with the real threat against my life,yet as we had not got the money to go home and we were in such danger I pawned the only thing that I had belonging to my late mom her engagement ring and we went on the run.The US Marshalls told me to cut my hair and to change our appearance we did all that they said and yet we were found thousands of miles away again,but we did escape back to Ireland,sadly where our life went back to been alone and to been in fear

Fear is one of the worst feelings in the world as it takes over your entire life,a typical day for myself and the two boys is that my youngest 12 yrs old who is at constant risk of kidnapping from his dad and again has no protection,goes to school everyday wondering if he will see us after school,if he will have to fight not to go with his dad or if his dad will have found me.At 12 yrs old that to me is torture and child abuse yet nobody cares.I bring him to his school and go home all with the car locked and watching what car is behind me in case I am followed,then it is normal household duties cleaning and ensuring that all the doors are locked,the windows are never opened and the curtains are always closed tight.My son 18 sleeps during the day when I am in the house not out of laziness no simply so that he can sit up at night every night to ensure we can sleep and that we are safe,this is no life for anybody and certainly not a 18 yr old .If I have to go to the store I have to have him with me he is our bodyguard 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Friends and Family here we do not have it is far too dangerous as Ireland is too small a country and very easy to find somebody.Our police are not even armed,it is illegal to carry a gun or to have one,it is illegal to carry a knife or to have one with you,it is illegal to carry pepper spray.So as for protection it is non existent.Birthday parties can not happen,christmas it is just the three of us as we have no choice but to continue to live the lives of victims as we are simply not important enough for anybody to care that can do something

Dont get me wrong I am a hard worker I work to help victims of abuse especially within the USA as much as is physically possible and will always do that,it is comical if not so serious that I can help to protect others yet not myself.I have big plans with some friends in the USA on what we can do for victims of abuse there but again nobody cares.I want to work to integrate and to help be the voices for children of abuse that have no  voices what is so wrong with that.I do not want something for nothing that is not who I am,and although I may not have much materialistically I have my self respect and dignity back and that makes me a very rich person.On top of that the friends that are now more family to my sons and I in the USA are all there for us,if anything happens to me my sons are alone they have nobody and nothing,that is why I have to fight to stay alive to make our plight heard and to pray that somebody will believe in us

I have spent over half my life been abused,and now I am spending the next half waiting to be murdered,He will not care if he is arrested as life here is not life as in a jail in other countries it is a holiday camp for inmates and then after his time served he is free ,I am dead and he got what he wants.I am so sick and tired of been scared I know what he is capable of and as much as he wanted me dead before the fact that I went public and spoke out has now embarrassed him so much that he is more determined then ever to have me murdered.

You all have your own problems in life  and some I am sure a lot worse than mine,but please think of those around you that live in constant fear,unable to eat properly,to sleep,to laugh or to simply live there life as those are the simple things that I dream of .I do not care if I have no money as money does not buy you happiness ,been able to live without fear is taken for granted by so many worldwide and yet those of us that would do anything for even one day of a life that had no fear in it are forgotten about.Nobody knows what is around the corner for you in life so be grateful for what you have as there are those of us that want nothing more in life then to eat,sleep,laugh and to love why is that so wrong ? The crazy thing is that in roughly 6 hrs flight time from where we are now my sons and I would be free from this suffering they could be kids again and they could have the opportunities in life that they lost as younger children been forced to live a life of abuse.Yet as I have been told I am not the standard of person wanted in that country and if I can not understand this then how can I explain it to my children.

Hindsight is no use with Child Abuse,Domestic Violence or death,help is needed now as I simply do not want to die.Why is wanting to live without abuse and to watch my kids grow up and to love and cherish them something that I may loose solely as I was born in the wrong country and am victim of my abuser.If anybody has any answers please let me know and for those that do not think we are worthy enough to be helped to stay alive remember this blog when he finds me

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)


Support Safe Kids Now Please -They want to win a competition to help more kids

I have been asked if I would post the link below. A wonderful organisation called Safe Kids Now.We all know the plight of the children of our world and what an uphill battle it is for all organisations and advocates to ensure that we do as much as is physically possible to help and support them all.Here is your chance to support this organisation simply from the comfort of your own home,so please do and ask all you friends on all you social or business sites to share and support this worthy cause

This nonprofit organization, Safe Kids Now, entered a video contest to win money for our cause to protect the youth. The People’s Choice Award is selected with the most Facebook likes.

Here is what you have to do

1. Go to 2. Click the “Facebook Like” button on the link page. Every child deserves a safe neighborhood, and we want to keep our kids safe. Take care now!

Safe Kids Now

Safe Kids Now from Do Something Church on Vimeo.
I am sure that you will all help in there quest to win this competition
Stay Safe
Lurleen NLV
Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)


I have been asked to post this as a woman who is a very good friend of mine on my page Nolonger Victims is totally beside herself with fear and stress due to what has happened to her today.And this is on top of the fact that she is in hospital with her grandson who she has adopted and is 9 yrs old and Autistic and is having tests for seizures.I am sickened by what has happened and if you can please help her and her family please do so.This woman is an amazing mom to her own grown up 5 kids and she has adopted her four grandchildren as her daughter was unable to look after them properly,this girl is also seriously ill with Ovarian cancer and Breast Cancer in both breasts at the age of 25 and she is also pregnant.

This morning this woman who I will call X just for the post got a frantic call from her husband.He was at there farm feeding the animals when three cops and a man who was meant to be the overseer of her aunts estate.This man had a deed to the farm and told him that they have 24 hours to have all there property off the farm.,This is the first that they have ever heard of an issue like this and he was told that the paperwork they have is USELESS.

Now despite the fact that she is in the hospital as above and they have put over USD 10.000 in to the farm in repairs and have had it for over 18 months they are now told that they have to get out by tomorrow.Now I am not an attorney but surely there is some form of miscarriage of justice here as this can not in my mind be right and certainly is not morally or ethically correct

What is worse is the effect that this will have on the little boy 9 yrs old when he comes home from hospital as any child with Autism needs continuity they need to be comfortable and secure in there surroundings and now he is going to be homeless with the rest of the family

X is also only recovering from serious surgery on a bad injury to her leg that left her totally debilitated for weeks.Surely there is somebody that can intervene and help them and the media need to make what is happening to them known to the world.Surely this family have some rights and are not to be thrown on to the streets with nothing more than 24 hrs notice.

Anybody that can help please email me or A Retrospective Investigations Services  in Ohio .The contact there is Colleen Carpenter and the  email address for this company is as follows

Somebody Somewhere has to care like we all do as this could be any of us and we would like the support of others so lets all speak up and help to keep there home


Nolonger Victims


Nolonger Victims – Attempt to Destroy My Page-Military Rape Pages Please Also Beware

Sadly I have seen now what many have known for a long time that Facebook do not care about the real people on there pages and clearly have no concept of what a page that supports victims of abuse is really for.As you all know I have had to post since yesterday about a page that was set up on Aug 13th 2013 which is using the exact same name as mine nolongervictims and is apparently a page for victims of Military rape.Yet they are using my work for the last year,my reputation that has taken a lot of hard work to develop and are using it for there own Financial Gain as they are selling merchandise as well under my name and reputation

Despite numerous complaints to FB they as usual showed there true colors and have BLOCKED my posts and others that have complained about this fraud page.Why well clearly they either have contacts within FB or they are generating revenue from the page and we all know that this is what matters on this site

So I am posting this DISCLAIMER and I will continue to do so everyday so that everybody is aware that I have no association with these people and what they state they do.I have also posted this onto my walls so that the real Military Rape pages can see what is been done,as all our reputations are been taken into disrepute by these people

DISCLAIMER Nolonger Victims


Nolonger Victims this page with this profile photo and my own photograph is the only Nolonger Victims page that I am associated with.I support Military Rape groups but I do not support or endorse the page nolongervictims Military Rape.My name has been associated with them and they have also used this to get followers and friends however I never give any details of those on my page to others and I will not ever suggest a friend to them.So if you get a friend request or anything from nolongervictims with a profile that has dog tags THIS IS NOT ME .I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE PEOPLE OR THERE FALSE PAGE

Please feel free to share this post on to your walls and ask your friends to do the same.As victims of abuse to have all that I have accomplished on my page attempted to be taken from me is not something that I will tolerate.I have investigators in Law Enforcement also investigating this organisation

Remember as well that there are many many groups and pages all over the internet and very few like this one have a shop to sell items in order to generate money for the page.As an advocate this is not correct and what I do is and always will be FREE as you will find on most genuine pages that are been run by advocates or groups

Lurleen NLV

Nolonger Victims


Life never ceases to amaze me yet the level that some people will stoop to in order to ensure they personally gain in life has shocked me.I have seen over the last few weeks in particular that others have set up pages with the same name as mine with perhaps a slight deviation.But today what I found out has left me with no option but to ensure that every single person who knows my page Nolonger Victims which is to support all victims of Abuse especially Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are fully aware that this is the ONLY Nolonger Victims Page that I am affiliated too

There was a page set up on August 13th 2013 and I have just received a message from the woman who did to say that I am Unprofessional in telling people that she is copying my page.Well it is simple she has contacted people off my friends list,she has taken the name of my page and has used it to open her own page on Abuse in the military.She has taken the abbreviations that I use NLV and is using that on the sites as well.,So excuse me if I am wrong but that to me is trying to use another pages reputation and I will not tolerate it

I like most advocates work long hours all voluntarily up to and usually more than 18 hrs a day every single day in order to build my page and to ensure those on the page are protected and are supported as they need to be.Hence why the page anybody will verify is really great as those on it work together it is not just my page it is the page of every person that is a friend of it and I will stand up to protect there privacy and safety is paramount

So please note that the only page that is Nolonger Victims is this one there is no other page that I am associated with that is under this name.I will never give out your details or ask people to send you friend requests to you,so if you receive any please be aware they have nothing to do with me

Military Rape is a huge problem and I do not appreciate it in anyway been used in this way and my page name been associated with same.Thank you all for your support and I will not stop working to make the voices of victims of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence heard irrespective of who tries to cast a shadow on my page

Lurleen NLV

Nolonger Victims


Nolonger Victims – My Own Update

It never ceases to amaze me how money and power really does rule the world.As if you have money then those in power want to know you and will support you and those in power always want  to be friends with those that have money

But what I do not understand is why the ordinary person the normal working class respectable person in our communities that are not criminals are not considered important enough to be helped or simply  statistics on a computer

Yet when those in power want to be re-elected they need the normal person to vote for them and to support them so why wont they support the people that need them instead of ignoring them..All on this page are aware of my situation ,you know of my abuse and the way my sons and i live .

Everyday I post the deaths of women and men from Domestic Violence from an abuser that can not handle the lack of control over there victim when they have fought back to be survivors.Well due to total ignorance to my  plight and the bureaucracy of some I am waiting to be on one of those posts

It is only a matter of time and that is no exaggeration before he finds me and carries out his threat to murder me.Those that think he wont do not know him like I do and have not lived a life of abuse with him ,sadly I know all too well what he is capable off,hence why I wanted to simply get my two sons and I to safety in the USA

I have  lost one son to my ex and have not seen my son in two yrs not through the courts illegally,and my youngest waits to be taken my 18 yr old has his life on hold to keep us alive.What I want to know is this .IF AS TOLD I AM NOT THE STANDARD OF PERSON THAT THE USA WANTS IN THERE COUNTRY ,THEN PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS

I spend my life working to help mainly American Victims of Child Abuse and Domestic Abuse all voluntarily,as I want to and in helping them at least I know they are not alone like I and my boys are.I have some great ideas and plans with friends in the USA who are citizens on how we can help all victims of abuse more.What we have in mind is totally unique and would help so many and it would be FREE ,yet I am not the standard of person that the country wants ,please somebody explain to me why.

The only reason I can think is that I have a big mouth that speaks out about Abuse and how it has to stop and that all children have to be protected more,and if that is been held against me then there is nothing I can do to change it.As I wont stop speaking out and been pro active to save the children as the children in our world today are the adults of the future.

Surely our human rights to life and a life without fear of death and abuse should count for something or is it that we are not important enough as we are not rich and famous.Well we count and if those in power in the USA can not see it in there powers
to help us now then when it is too late and I am dead there help in hindsight will be no good

POLITICIANS > Ask yourselves this please would you like to live your life waiting to be murdered,having lived a life of over 23 yrs of abuse ,rape and a lot more .The answer is NO  you would not so why the hell have my two sons and I too do what you would
not do yourself


Nolonger Victims


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