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Linkedin -Please stop this woman from stalking me

May 13, 2013

Yesterday I posted a email that I received from the woman below

I emailed her this morning after she sent me a connection request

to leave me alone that I didnt want anything to do with her.Well she

has just sent me another message by email so im publicising it on all

my pages as I wont tolerate been abused by anybody as why should I 

This is what ive just received

Denise Atkinson has sent you a message.

Date: 5/13/2013

Subject: RE: To be honest im an ADVOCATE that helps both male and female victims of abuse and I personally dont think that either should be refused…

No we must fight back for what is ours by birth. The glass ceiling is just that for men and women. You must act the part people. I on the other hand have had much trauma and my heart broken several time. 

I need a Knight called William Raymond Smith to save me but he is still married so I won’t bother until I get my papers filed. Did you know my husband did nothing for me yesterday. Oh well he will have to find himself a new wife. One who will beg to his every desire. Not me I wear the pants. 

Tolerate what you have no idea who you are talking to do you. Let me ask the people who monitor this conversation. Called the servers the big computers call CRAY. You will never understand because you don’t have the technical knowledge that is required for my job. PTSD. You never had the tour thru the CIA building have you and the men remind you of why I am still living. 

If you don’t like it then don’t talk to me on email. You can call me but I don’t publish my phone either. 

Good luck I am having lunch. 

Then a nap and to the denist. 



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  1. Wow. Someone’s “CRAY” alright. I think she forgot the Z in there…

  2. hgriswold permalink

    Mental Health issues?

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