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May 24, 2013

Its that time of the day folks when you all get your gentle reminder of the brilliant radio show that is online 6 nights a week worldwide for you all to listen into and to contribute to.For those of you who dont know much about the organisation or its founder Bill Murray please take a moment to read our website as it is filled with information that can and does help so many.Starting at 8 pm Eastern Time it is simple to access thru the following link which is

Also at present we are compiling a detailed list for everybody around the world that will have at least one agency that can help you to escape your life of abuse or to help you deal with the abuse that you suffered as a child.All of these agencies will be available on the website in due course,however if anybody needs help NOW and doesnt know where to start then simply log onto the website at and click onto the contacts section,from there you will see a long list of names and contact information and we are available 24 hrs a  day 7 days a week so you are never ever going to not be able to reach out to us and get our help.

If you are worried about the cost of a call then its simple either email,text,or chat to us and we will gladly call you back as often as you need in order to make sure that you get the help and support that you need.I have one special request though and that is for any MEN that are reading this post or following our pages ,if you have been or are a victim of any abuse at all please dont continue to suffer in silence .We have all suffered abuse of some sort and we are all there to help you and support you irrespective of your gender,race or beliefs as we simply believe that nobody should suffer abuse and that Men need to be given that little bit more encouragement to tell the world that they too suffer and they want to stop living a life of pain ,that is hidden behind closed doors because of the ignorance of others

Hope to hear from you all tonight and tonight is again an Open Topic night so if you have something on your mind then call in and lets see if we can help you make life that little bit easier.The number for the show as always is 646 595 2118 

Again the website is http://WWW.NAASCA.ORG and the radio link for tonights show or for any of the Special Guest shows in the Archives is

Have a great day and talk to you all tonight


Lurleen NLV




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