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June 22, 2013

Many friends of mine have advised me to go public on this matter as despite writing letters,emails and phone calls to Burgerking and there CEO none have been replied to,acknowledged so they leave me with no option.

As you all know im an advocat for Domestic Violence however this is a situation that I and my son found ourselves in last year in Vegas whilst in Burgerking .We were there to celebrate it been the second anniversary of him waking from a Coma,however he could easily have been killed that day in the Burgerking Store yet they ignore this issue.I will give basic details of what happened but will include the main points.

Whilst in the store eating we noticed a man about 6ft 5tall and very aggitated he was pacing the restaurant with a soft drink in his hand.He left after a while however was doing same in the carpark so when we left we sat in our car for amoment to make sure all was ok.Thankfully we did as a staff member in uniform walked out towards her car she was only about 4ft tall tiny,this man threw his drink to the ground and ran at her,he then punched her in the eye and she went down.My son jumped from the car and I followed he pulled the man off the woman and I told him the cops on the way,that he couldnt hit a woman.His reply well shes my woman I can do what I want.Now been a victim of Domestic Violence this infuriated me however he was clearly high and had a knife in his pocket so he went off screaming he would be back and cussing whilst making a phone call.

We went into the restaurant and asked them to call 911 they had been watching but nobody helped.While we were there this man came back into the restaurant and was shouting abuse there were kids and elderly there so I approached him and told him to leave that the cops on the way and no need to scare kids .He grabbed my arm and twisted it around my back,my son saw this and ran over to push him off me.However the man dragged me in between him and my son to the bench at the window,I got free and the man was on top of my son trying to gouge his eyes out with his fingers .I managed to get them out of his eyes and he was punching my sons head and actually bit his leg.His girlfriend still in uniform was on his back trying to pull him off ,after sometime my son turned this guy over and busted his nose with a punch he then fled out the door.We subsequently found out that he was a known gangbanger,29 yrs old and high on cocaine,armed with knife.My son was 17 yrs old and only had his hands for protection.When it was over people were thanking my son for what he did including all the staff of the store.The manager had filmed it on his iphone rather than try to help.

The girl was fired and this man charged with Domestic Abuse she also lost her kids prior to this due to the same man and domestic violence.My son went to hospital and had scans as we were terrified of what the punches had done,but other than extensive bruising and bite mark he seemed ok.I had a sprained back and was on medication for a longtime

Burgerkings area manager told us that the insurance would look after the situation,initially they said in writing they would pay the medical bills but then changed there mind cause we fought back if we didnt then this man would have harmed other customers what my son did was heroic yet other than a free burger we have been left with all the bills and not even an offer of compensation or thank you to my son,whatever about me as a teenager who knew he risked his own life by intervening in the situation he didnt care he just wouldnt allow aman hit a woman

Ive written extensively to the Burgerking Corporate,the CEO, and all there managers and there response is this NOTHING NOT A SINGLE REPLY they have ignored all so now im going public.This staff member would come to work daily with bruising from this man yet nobody did anything,they allowed customers to be at risk for what as it wouldnt happen at there store well Burgerking it did happen and you are lucky that we were there,cause if not you would have had a situation were kids and elderly were injured or worse

Shame on you Burgerking in todays world far too many ignore abuse and clearly your corporation does as well,instead of praising and thanking a young man you ignore what he did and continue selling your burgers,the funny thing is that one week after the incident they hired security patrol that was resident at the store so if no risk why hire them

SHAME SHAME SHAME Burgerking and since you seem to tolerate Domestic Abuse prehaps those that are victims of same which is a huge proportion of society should boycott your restaurants as its clear that you are only concerned with making money not the staff and not your customers

Lurleen NLV



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  1. I will NEVER eat at another Burger King EVER. Have you ever tried going to the media? Any kind of media. OMG.

    • Hi

      Thank you for your support,yes I tried before to go to
      media but they werent interested,suppose they didnt want
      to take on BurgerKing as we are just normal people and they
      are such a huge corporation that they wouldnt listen

      SO ive decided to go public myself as its horrific and they
      are way out of order,they take our money but then dont care
      about there customers.This particular Burgerking is also
      well known for hiring illegals to work mainly mexicans so they
      are always looking at ways to save money

      Please share my post if you can on any pages that you have as
      prehaps then somebody will see it and act on it.Thank you


      Nolonger Victims

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