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Nolonger Victims – Homeland Security Abuse in Dublin Ireland

July 19, 2013

Today I posted on my Facebook page and Twitter how disgusted and upset I was over the way in which I was treated by a Homeland Security Official in the US Embassy in Dublin where I went with two of my sons.I had an appointment for an interview for a visa simply for a holiday to meet friends that I have made thru my work on Nolonger Victims and who are more like family now then strangers.We were told to pay USD 160 x 3 for the visa application and the man that I spoke to or sorry who grunted at me thru a screen was the most arrogant and ignorant man ive ever in my life dealt with.He took my drafts and told me without even looking at any of my paperwork or verifying anything that and these are his words I DO NOT CONFIRM TO THE STANDARDS OF A PERSON THAT THEY WANT TO ENTER THE USA.Now this was told to me in a crowded waiting room with my two sons,he didnt want to listen refused to verify anything and threw my paperwork thru a hatch that it all got caught and bent.

Of course no refund for the money paid no that is Non Refundable,my son told him not to be so rude and as we walked away my two boys turned to him as he was heard to laugh and they saw him wave and say goodbye .Now this to me is the highest of insults as I am a law abiding citizen of Ireland ,my parents actually were legal immigrants if not citizens and we have no criminal records and I work tirelessly as a volunteer to help victims of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence mainly within the USA,I do this upto 18 hours aday and it can all be verified from References from people that know what I do to those ive helped.I do this work as I love it and in helping others I am helping myself ,yet today I was made feel a victim again

I posted a comment onto a Linkedin group that I have been in for a long time about briefly what happened today and I mean briefly and they are so interested that they have now blocked me from the group.Now I may not be a doctor or brain surgeon but I am a respectable hardworking honest person that solely wants to help victims of abuse within the USA ,yet im considered NOT UPTO HOMELANDS STANDARDS.

I contacted the Embassy and was told that he should also have given me a paper with the reason as to why I was refused entry but he failed to do this also,I was told I can reapply and re pay but no guarantee now how can he have known my situation when he failed to look or verify any paperwork that I had with me .It is handy for them to take the money and refuse people knowing that they will have to repay the fee again.

My son now 11 whos birthday is next week July 24th wont now get to go to Florida to see the dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale called Winter as that was his dream and we were going to try and surprise him.but if been honest and a survivor means that I am unsuitable for entry to the USA then ive one question. Why are all the terrorists,religous fanatics ,murderers,rapists,pedophiles welcomed with open arms only to hurt,abuse and kill your people and are considered to meet your standards for entry,as to me they are what you should be keeping out not inviting in

I would like to THANK most sincerely the huge amount of support that I have received today on Facebook,Twitter and email and from bar a few all American Citizens who say that they apologised for how we were treated.I do not in anyway blame the ordinary American person for this treatment it was a man on a powertrip that saw he could ruin somebodys day and did that without a shred of conscience.As bad as his treatment was his throwing my papers,smiling and waving as we walked away and his insult that I am not upto the standard required to enter the USA has literally made me physically sick today.The insult and embarrasment of all looking at me,the humiliation was something that I didnt think as a survivor id ever feel again,yet in that one moment I was back to been a victim.Now im fighting back as this is wrong and this is pure abuse of power for the wrong reasons

Ive been told by a few people that there is a campaign been set up,some have gone to there US Congressman and others are organising petitions in order to get us now over there and to safety and now for good .Thank you so so much you have restored my faith in humanity and I have never had so many strangers that have become our family offer to help us.The letters of ref that ive received by email are also fantastic so thank you and please if anybody can help with this matter can you email me at the address below as a matter of urgency

Thank you 


Nolonger Victims




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