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August 6, 2013

As most of you know I am trying to get my story heard and to get some form of help for my two sons and I so that we can get a life without fear in the USA ,we are not doing it illegally we are doing it the correct way hence why we are having so much difficulty.The other day I had received an email from a connection on Linkedin asking me if it was ok for her to tell my story to her contacs in the hope that prehaps one of them would be able to help us.I gladly agreed and appreciated her efforts.

However one woman who I dont know has been emailing me and others telling them that I am bogus and a scam as well as a liar.Now I am not and I wish I was not a victim of abuse but it has made me who I am and that is a fighter so I wont give up.I am posting her latest email to me and you will see the level of hate towards me including  stating that Ireland has  no right to ever be free from England.Due to what she has said to others about me I have no choice but to share this email as it is totally disgusting and shows why so many stay victim of abuse as there are still some out there that think we are not victims at all.



Mmmm, do you recall the US abolished the inflight i90 visa, I think three years ago? Now you have to apply online through the new system before you fly. I know this to be true. You would have to go to the Embassy for special requests, like if you have a criminal history, which appears to be highly likely based on the additional details you added. Incidentally, how did you get permission to fly to Alaska and, furthermore, you certainly can request Asylum if you have proof of death threats. The ACLU would cover you in a heartbeat. 
You make the point that I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, or what I know, or how I know it. So claiming my arrogance or ignorance is simply striking out. Perhaps I do have some idea of what you are talking about. Perhaps more than you do? How would you know any better, so let’s agree that trying to insult me simply highlights your failure to understand this exchange. 
So you fell in with the wrong crowd, kept incriminating evidence and made yourself and your children a target.
And now I’m being mean to you too, because I question the veracity of your story? Because you’re not hearing the pity party you get from others? Of the many survivors and refugees I’ve dealt with, not one of them went shopping for a country of safe haven. England and alive is better than Ireland and dead.
Northern Ireland has no more right to independence than Alaska does from the US. You’re not in Northern Ireland, so what do you care? Ever have to lay down in the High Street while the police clear a bomb from a busy department store full of shoppers? There are some innocents for you. You and I do not count amongst them.
Save your breathe, or fingers, on this argument. I can call Bullshit on any facts I find unlikely, 1st amendment right, in a public forum. I did not impune your character, just questioned the poorly presented details.
So, in this private email, you are an idiot for bringing this down on your family, you are an idiot for returning to a potentially fatal environment, and you are a mercenary for trying to make money off demonstrating how dumb you are with your half-baked, illiterate moaning of a book.
I have been under live fire, seen civilians and their children burn to death, watched as cities fell and thousands poured out seeking any shelter they could, anywhere, anyhow.
You seem slightly less afflicted so I’ll save my sorrow for those without hope rather than the hopelessly deluded. #FirstWorldProblems.
Save your fingers, unless you need to vent.


To all those that are trying to help us I say thank you and if anybody needs verification of anything that ive said then please do not hesitate to email me and I will gladly give you same





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