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Nolonger Victims- Update re photo of mom with gun to babys head

August 22, 2013

Sadly I have to post this as some people seem to think that by me posting the picture of the baby with a gun real or fake to its head is for fun.And that they can hurl insults at me try to ridicule me or  my name therfor I would like to have noted that I will reply to as many posts as possible however if you are just posting to do the above then i will not waste my time or energy either posting replies or accepting them

To all that have commented thank you for your concern for this baby  and I will update you as soon as I am able to.But for now we have to hope she is still okay.I am shocked at the level of ignorance some people have to child abuse and who think it is funny,there is nothing funny about any form of abuse to any victim ever


Nolonger victims



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  1. Can you update me. I haven’t been online in awhile. Is the child okay?

  2. What is the update?

    • This was updated months ago and was the same information that I
      posted to you a few moments ago. The FBI will not release any
      details of any reported crime to any member of the public. So
      although I did pass on the names and locations of those suspected
      to be in the photograph, I have no idea if they are the same

      Unless the FBI or Law Enforcement make details of a case public it
      will stay locked away from the public. Sorry that I can not give you
      any more information then this


  3. JamieLS permalink

    Your page is great indeed and I like it that you care so much. This case is only my problem because..well there are enough pictures like this..And even if the “image” they portray is wrong..It is not realy..And maybe some people will teach them. But there are much worse dangers for other kids! Like kids who accept everything of strangers. THAT is something more important since its easier for a child to follow a (maybe pedophile) stranger then to get a gun and to shoot others.

    We all should just calm down and think a bit. We don’t have to complain much but just freaking out won’t help either.

    • Thank you for your comment and your kind words re the page
      I really do appreciate them.You are right there are many sick
      pictures around however her caption is horrific and it does
      portray certain concerns for the child.

      All children need to be protected and we as adults have to be there
      voices as they do not always have one or are too afraid to speak out
      This was posted solely to ensure that the baby is safe and well
      as with Child Abuse a lot of damage you can not see to the naked
      eye and I see far too many stories that I have to deal with on
      babies and children been abused or murdered and it was the first
      incident or people never spoke up before to say anything.Hindsight
      with abuse is no use

      In the USA everyday at least 5 children die from abuse and that is
      what we know of so we have to make people wake up with these photos
      and realize that our kids are precious they are the adults of the
      future and if we do not protect them then what future will that be

      Far too many speak out about animal abuse and the posts and videos
      are sick but the abuse to our kids remains hidden behind closed doors
      if a fraction of those that speak out about animal abuse which is sick
      to me as well then our kids would live in a safer world and retain
      there innocence as a child

      It is not about complaining it is about making the world listen that
      no abuse is acceptable and until those in power put the proper protection
      in place for all,I and others have to keep speaking out even at times
      if we get abused for it ,not by you but by some others as If we do not then
      we are as guilty of allowing the abuse to happen as those that commit it

      Hope you see my perspective on it

      Lurleen NLV

      Nolonger Victims

  4. Kathleen permalink

    It is indeed a sick photo, but I don’t think parts of it are real. The toddler’s head is out of proportion to the body the young lady is holding. The photo was made for shock value. This is obviously a very disturbed, attention-seeking individual, but I think the toddler’s head has been photoshopped into the picture.

  5. Doe permalink

    I subscribed today after seeing that sick pic. People need to realize, there are some amazing buttons on computers that can be put to use, scroll, delete, block, unsubscribe.Or they can ignore, which is what is behind a lot of problems in this world. That said, what it really comes down to Sweetie, is not if the (la dee dah) public thinks you be right, or be wrong. What matters, when you get up in the morning, you can stand that face in the mirror smiling back at you, and in the end, well, you may have to be answering to Your God, if that is your belief system. If that all fits right with ya, ya go girl, that’s all that counts in the end. You live with you, knowing you did, what you believed right and you stood up and be counted. Hugs and patience being sent your way.

  6. Bob permalink

    I like all the people saying a mother should lose her child over a fake gun pic. Granted it is in really poor taste, but I think not feeding your child properly, not teaching your child responsibility, not teaching them how to care for themselves, not teaching them compassion and civility are far worse crimes that a parent can commit. Seriously, all these “mothers” saying take the child away, how many of you have taken “perfect” care of your child? NONE!!! Everyone makes mistakes and uses poor judgement.

    • Let’s just make sure that this is just poor judgment, bad sense of humor.

      • With abuse hindsight is no use after the fact as it is better
        to be safe than sorry especially when a baby or child is
        involved as they can not ask for help so we have to be there
        voice as you say it is better to know rather than find out
        too late


      • I agree we have to be the voice for people who need a voice. An infant or anyone who is being victimized. I would rather be wrong and everything be fine. Being wrong is ok.

  7. randidiane permalink

    Everyone is saying if the gun is fake or real she should still have her kid taken. First of all they look like sisters not mother and daughter. Secondly I would several pictures by just googling “watergun fights” of parents almost in the same pose with a water gun pointed at their child so how many of you are gonna go after the parents with the water guns to their childrens heads? Cause I saw about 4 different ones in a matter of 3 minutes. You all who said if the gun is fake she is still horrible go google water gun fights and attack those parents to because they are pointing fake guns at their kids heads and chest and as you all said doesn’t matter if it is fake right?

  8. i’d like to say a few things
    – 1. a child can look perfectly healthy on the outside but can still be being abused.
    – 2. real or fake gun this should never have been done.
    – 3. she looks more like an older sister but more likely a babysitter messing with a fake gun (a water gun she probably just got through using in the tub playing with the baby) to impress boyfriend with a like gang pose.
    – 4. this one is a BIGGIE, could be a young mothers cry for help without realizing it, just like there had to be signs for a call for help from that mother that drowned her kids. she was a good mom up till that point.
    if this one is a young mother and has no one to help her, she may be tired and over whelmed, same goes for a sister.
    – 5. last but not least – this is turning into a man hunt and u will never find them like that.
    the baby needs to STAY SAFE. and this will not do it.
    IF this girl / women / mother is unstable in anyway she may do something in desperation which no one wants including herself, and you.

    Now as for the website and the work you do, i thank you. but,,each family case is different.
    u cannot tell by a picture alone that a child is being abused. YES it warrants looking into, but NOT an automatic removal of child.
    you seen to be a lot like me, its hard to keep your distance, but to stay objective u have to. if u don’t u end up doing more HARM then the GOOD u set out to do.
    i think its time to get off the soap box, LOL 🙂 stay safe & God Bless

  9. Bob permalink

    lol, yes, let’s scar a kid and put them in foster care. You obviously aren’t too familiar with the foster care system and how a lot of states have very few restrictions on who can be a foster parent, do the mandatory checks on the child (because social programs are constantly being cut). This isn’t abuse, it’s called immaturity. Taking away someone’s children because she pointed a toy gun at the child for a PICTURE is just as bad as beating the kid to a bloody pulp, really? As a Christian, I will pray for your soul for harboring such malicious thoughts and desires. Gotta love Facebook activism, no, we won’t educate, we will just post this around, get as many people outraged as possible and won’t be content until we get blood. It’s almost like we are at the Roman Coliseum, except we are supposedly more civilized.

  10. A mom permalink

    I would block all the people who are sadly misguided! If you point a gun at a child, you should be prosecuted. Regardless of the circumstances…. Fake or real, you are asking for it. Our law enforcement should not be wasting their precious time trying to decipher the details. It is just irresponsible and negligent.

  11. linda lowhigh permalink

    if you look at the picture close up the gun looks like a toy, the child is chunky and looks like it just got a bath. but she is still sick for doing this ,and should loose her child. my parents always taught us respect for guns ,toys or real, she is just teaching this child its ok to point guns at people, fake or real. so if she did do this to see who comments, i hope she gets found and her child taken. i feel this is a form of abuse. real or not

  12. kelly fuller permalink

    Lurleen, that photo is from an unsecured area in argentina, apparently an area with a lot of crime, prostitution, etc. I called the local police when i saw it, but they can’t do much. It’s part of a political campaign or something, someone wants to overthrow their local leadership in that area.

    • Hi Kelly

      We have information to believe that she is within the USA
      and the FBI have been advised as well as some additional
      information that I am waiting for them to revert to me on
      so that I can hand it to them


  13. Kat permalink

    Have you shared this picture with the news stations?? I think it would work even better than Facebook. This may not be the Mother. It may be the older sister. She looks awfully young. She looks like she may be Hispanic. The best you can do is contact the newspeople so hopefully they can disseminate the image. Also, there are computer people that can find out where that picture came from, especially if it was taken with a cell phone. You have to get it to the right hands.

    • I contacted my local news station with the pic and the URL. I haven’t heard anything in my location.

      She does look young.

  14. Bob permalink

    If that girl was bruised, crying, bloodied, bloodshot eyes, etc. I would agree with you on finding the authorities. However, when the only crime is bad taste, you are just being a jerk.


      • The worst form of abuse is that which is hidden as nobody
        can see the damage been done inside the head of a victim
        and it is this damage that lasts for an eternity

        Even a child witnessing abuse is traumatized and so many think
        that Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse are seperate issues sadly
        they are joined at the hip and they are both horrific to suffer
        or to grow up watching

        Lurleen NLV
        Nolonger Victims

  15. Bob permalink

    Actually, I think you are a callow, self-righteous person that uses the internet as a bully pulpit. Yes, someone takes a picture in bad taste, with a fake gun. So, we should seek prosecution and the child going into foster care? Yes, because we don’t find the humor in that. Maybe she is a good mother, and was just being an idiot at that time. The most important things to being a good parent is spending time with your kids, playing with your kids (loving them is a given) and it looks like she is doing that. I’m sick of people on the internet getting the mobs worked up and destroying reputations, careers, and lives of people because they don’t agree with them, or the person made a mistake. Then again, not everyone makes a mistake (cough).

    • Wouldn’t you rather have it checked out, and it be nothing, than do nothing and it be a big deal?

      There is really no way of knowing for sure what’s going on without checking into it. You sound like you have children certainly you can understand that.

  16. Jodii permalink

    You were never loved as a child were you? I mean I can see why lol but still. Sad. One day I hope you open your heart to god and stop bullying people for your own boredom. One day some one will love you but u have to love urself first, and the first step in that is accepting god.

  17. Kelli permalink

    shared on my fb page … and what you do is a brave strong wonderful thing do not listen to fools

  18. connie permalink

    I say keep up the good work!! I’m sure your blog has helped many, as for the photo, I’m not sure what the hell she’s thinkin, very poor taste, but on the other hand she looks really young maybe the baby’s sister, thinkin she’s being funny,( you know teen agers) they do really stupid things and dont think about it till it smacks em in the face lol . better to be safe then sorry, as others have said I really hope this doesn’t turn into a witch hunt.

    • Connie

      My only priority is to ensure that a little baby is safe and
      is not been abused.This picture sends many red flags and therfor
      has many many worried about same


      • Jessica permalink

        amen what a sick individdual…hope u find her

  19. connie permalink

    ya gotta take the good with the bad, only replying to post that suit you and the ones agreeing with you, makes you look stupid, EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions, not just yours.

    • Not a problem Connie and ive replied to many but when they
      are insulting me then I wont reply to them as they dont
      warrant a reply but they are still posted onto the page which
      I could block if I wanted to but I dont

      I have replied to hundreds of posts today and was actually
      criticised for replying to posts and told that I should just
      have more to do in life which I do so therfor I will reply to
      as many as I can and the priority will be the ones that are
      not abusive or insulting to me or anybody else

      Hence why your post is on page and ive replied.But thankfully
      the blog is not my fulltime work been an advocate for abuse
      is so that does take priority over anything and anybody which
      I am sure you will agree is correct

      Nolonger Victims

      • god bless you for caring don’t pay attention to those that don’t understand about a child being abused

      • Thank you Annie I wont

        Stay safe

        Nolonger Victims

      • Back to the issue, the act of pointing a gun is the issue here, Joking or not joking the ACT of portraying pointing a gun to a child’s head is unacceptable by standards of God fearing, country loving, caring individuals who would rather have good behavior over imitating bad behavior. The fact that she could do this in jest is not funny its sad, this thought pattern can also be a point of issue of her capabilities of doing something like this for real. Either way at a minimum a realty check is not a bad thing for an out come so long as the message is said and hopefully heard. God Bless and lets pray it is only a JOKE.

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