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Nolonger Victims-Update re Woman with gun to babys head

August 22, 2013

I want to firstly apologise to all that I have not replied to as of yet as this page is been inundated with so many emails that I cant keep up with them,I will reply as soon as I can as if you take the time to post a comment then the least I can do is to reply

As for the woman in the picture ,the relevant authorities have been advised of this and they are dealing with it.I can not post anything on the page that would in anyway hinder an investigation as the sole concern I have is the baby and its welfare and safety.Wether the gun is real or fake makes no difference it is still wrong,if you hold any gun to a person say to rob a store and its fake you are still charged with armed robbery so why a difference with this baby. A baby can be traumatised like anybody that is a victim of abuse and this is a form of abuse.

I am sure that due to the attention this picture has received worldwide the authorities will make there findings public,and the situation re the baby.On top of the comments I have received a few emails that I wont post as they are too horrific in what they say those that have been insulting to me I have replied to some but in general there comments I will ignore as they are not worth the stress.

Thank you all for sharing this post of the baby and remember that education,intervention and prevention re child abuse is alot better than any child living a life of abuse and neglect.So please keep speakig out about abuse in your own area and make your voices heard,You can be and have to be the voice for the kids that dont have one right now.



Nolonger Victims


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  1. This is old and she actually is a teen mum and lives in Brazil,she claimed she was only joking around and that the gun is a toy gun which proved to be correct by the police!

    • Your right that this is an old post, as I posted this way back
      in August. The issue was never the fact of whether the gun was
      real or fake, it was the actions of the mom and also the words
      that she had written under the original photograph.

      I know that the police on an International Level have been involved

      Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)

  2. What ever happened to common sense and Occam’s razor. The kid is wet and in a towel. The front door is open. The gun is clearly a toy. Looks like the end of a water gun battle to me. They came in posed for a pic and people every where they obviously don’t play with water pistols lost their minds.


  4. So tell me why I still remember having a shot gun pointed at me when I was two years old ?

  5. billy permalink

    the difference is the girl isnt robbin the baby. your blog is real cultish btw

  6. Christine permalink

    You are completely right. It is wrong in so many ways. But also so many things could be going on here. That woman could be a teenager, a babysitter, a sister, even the baby’s Mom. Nowadays, teenagers look older and get themselves in adult situations unfortunately. For the baby’s sake I hope they find her. Properly investigate the situaton. I found something similar, and yes it was a horrible joke. Here is the link. This picture DOES show fear in her eyes. But.. was a jke even (with) her help.

  7. dan permalink

    I have personally seen this picture posted a couple of times & today. I was not happy to see it & have read several articles that it was out of this country. I noticed that the gun was fake as the color was all wrong for a gun. I notice the picture on the wall of which no one else probably noticed. This picture was taken in the USA as the picture is of Multnomah Falls near Portland Oregon. It is not a common picture you would see on a wall outside of that area that I could think of…. despite the depiction of the photo passed around it still raised tension over the web… best to just ignore the thing all together though it still was wrong to do it in the first place…. just saying…. let local authorities deal with it….

  8. MYOB permalink

    You people take stupid to a level I did not know was possible. It is a toy gun, the kid is fine and not traumatized you ignorant, self-absorbed pussies. My daughters shoot each other with nerf shot guns, and sometimes I get in on the fun! Guess I should be locked up for playing with mu kids hu? Lol.

  9. Bambino permalink

    Looks like someone got caught crying wolf again.

  10. wow what a bunch of whinny ignorant people! wow, you are so immature that you rather demonize people than to accept that you blew it out of proportion. Go get your heads checked you weenie. Foolish and Dangerous? from a plastic object? go find a real victim not this garbage. you lost all credibility

  11. Amber permalink

    Authorities have identified her blah blah blah. Are you kidding? And are doing what? Lecturing her on such a bad photo shop job? The resolution through out the photo is not fluid. The arm holding the child doesn’t match her face skin tone. HER HAIR IS FLOWING TO THE SIDE. Maybe the authorities are there to enforce the LAW of GRAVITY. Her head and the baby have obviously been transposed onto someone else’s body.


  13. Ilse permalink

    I am all for standing up for your rights and what you believe in. No one should be a victim. My mom’s a cop and that is not a real gun. So don’t you think you are blowing this out of proportion? Where will this lead? I should tell my 5 year old son that he’s not allowed to play, like all boys do, with his toy guns? While I’m at it I should then also tell him that Santa doesn’t exist, neither does the tooth fairy and for that matter, why don’t I just destroy the rest of his childhood and tell him to stop believing in anything fictional? In anything imaginary? “There is no such thing as make-believe, boy, stop being such a child!” That sounds like a worse way to grow up, don’t you think? Parents who restrict their children and teach them that make-believe (i.e. using their imagination) is useless are also crushing children’s dreams. Is that you? THINK of the repercussions.

    • Mom with guns permalink

      Actually, add the wife of a cop, and someone who hunts and shoots for sport themself, part of the issue is that so many people think that it IS ok for 5 year old children to play make-believe with toy guns. If we teach our children that guns do not need to be treated with respect 100% of the time, what will we get? Some young girl thinking it is ok to point a gun (real or not) at a baby, and someone else thinking it’s funny enough to take a picture (or much worse scenarios that I won’t go into here).

      While you don’t want to make guns “forbidden fruit”, you do need to teach respect and seriousness about ALL guns, ALL of the time. There are many things in life to be imaginative about. Guns aren’t one of them.

  14. A Mom permalink

    Anyone with any firearm training knows you never, ever aim a gun at another person unless you intend to kill them (in this case, in self defense). We as a society even teach our children that with their toy guns. The problem is, the person on the other end may not realize it’s not real so intent doesn’t matter, real or fake doesn’t matter, what matters is whether the person on the other end of it feels they are in danger because of it. In the case of a defenseless child, it’s mind boggling why anyone would even want to do that, even just playing around. There is nothing funny about it.

  15. Shane permalink

    It’s silly for you to think that a BABY is going to be traumatized by seeing a TOY gun, when in reality the baby has absolutely NO idea what she’s even looking at.

    • Shane

      It is not silly at all as many victims of childhood abuse
      can remember abuse back to when they were in a crib.So sadly
      there is a huge chance that this little baby will remember
      this and whatever else is going on for life

      Nolonger Victims

      • Michael permalink

        Ok I usually don’t post on things like this because everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, as a psychology student and someone that is fascinated by sociology and as someone that remembers seeing a parent being abused. I must say that in my opinion and I STRESS “MY OPINION” [you don’t have to like it 🙂 ]. Just from seeing the picture, and the baby’s face I do not believe that this particular incident will adversely effect this child. A human being has to be aware that the event was negative in order to be traumatized. I don’t believe the child even knew what was being pointed. Now for those of you who are gonna think I’m condoning this woman’s actions or rationalizing it. I’m not, however I do believe that the situation should be handled as a mistake. I don’t believe she thought it would receive the attention it has and hopefully she had no intentions of hurting the child. In my opinion she needs to go to counseling to handle this misguided attempt at humor.

      • Jon permalink

        If you think that people can remember what happened (or didn’t happen) to them when they were “babies in the crib” then you are an idiot.

    • Lulu permalink

      You look at that baby’s face, can you believe honestly she’s not scared.

      • If you think that just because she is a baby that she won’t be affected by what happens in her crib, then your an idiot.

      • Firstly don’t dare insult me for simply stating the facts of a
        case as I know them. Secondly I am well aware of the trauma that
        a child suffers from any abuse even as a baby, and if it is left
        untreated then they grow up into angry adults that in some cases
        go on to be abusers themselves. About 30% of those abused as children
        sexually will go on to abuse as an adult.

        Every single day I work to Educate people on the affects of abuse on
        children and especially if Domestic Violence is in the home, as this itself
        is Child Abuse. I speak out not only on the internet as you clearly don’t
        seem to know, but on Radio Shows six nights a week, in order to help Stop
        Child Abuse even happening.

        If I did not care about the trauma that this baby could suffer, and or any other
        possible issues of abuse, I would never have posted the photo, or the blog and certainly
        would not have tolerated the abuse from some people for simply speaking out and trying
        to find a baby that has no voice,like all victims she is speechless, but I am not.

        Perhaps that clarifies my position on this matter, and to be honest if you can
        only call me names or insulting me for your own reasons, than I will not be giving
        you the courtesy of replying to your comments.


    • Doug permalink

      You’re right Shane. Unfortunately you’re trying to relay your message to a bunch of overly zealous drama queens. They probably think when kids play “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and indians” they all end up being traumatized when they point toy guns at each other. Its pathetic how people are these days, always trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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