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Nolonger Victims – Your Opinion Please

August 26, 2013

I would appreciate your views on this issue please as to me it is seriously wrong and inhumane.A teenager and a 12 yr old who lived a horrible life of abuse from there dad,the older boy suffered additional horrific abuse  abuse from others also related to his dad.Yet despite all that has happened to them and the fact that they are living in fear of been found or taken like there other brother was they are mere statistics.

They want to get to a country that is safe that has laws to protect them and to live a life without fear or seclusion but as they were born in Ireland and the laws are not there to protect them they have no choice but to exist not live.

Why wont Governments and Immigration facilitate victims of abuse. surely this violates there human rights to be able to live without fear ,and morally,ethically it is very wrong.Sadly though they are mere statistics and when they and or there mom is found they wont be domestic violence stats they will be murder ones.Hindsight is no good the help to be survivors and free from fear is needed now not an apology on ignoring there plight when its too late

If anybody knows of a government outside of Europe that actually cares about victims of abuse can you please email me the details so that this does not continue just cause they had the wrong dad and were born in a country that has no weapons allowed and no laws to protect victims.By forcing these children and there mom to live in fear and seclusion they are been forced to continue been victims of there abuser and also of bureaucracy ,and it shows how victims of abuse really have no voice at all.



Nolonger Victims


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  1. You ought to take part in a contest for one of the greatest blogs
    on the web. I will highly recommend this blog!

    • Hi

      Wow thank you that is unexpected comment but is greatly
      appreciated ,please do keep viewing the blog and if there
      is a particular article or area of abuse that you would
      like to be featured here then please let me know

      Abuse is abuse and we have to all speak out about it and
      the more that we do the quicker we will lift the stigma
      and taboo associated with telling our secrets to the world

      Thank you again

      Lurleen NLV

      Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)

  2. Annette Rondeau permalink

    I wish I had an answer for their safety. I wish them peace…

    • Thank you Annette for your comment and I hope so
      too,but the longer they are left in this situation the more
      risk they are in at been found,sadly nobody with any power
      or connections thinks that they are important enough to help
      yet if or when something tragic happens then they will all
      pour out of the woodwork,when its too late

      Lurleen NLV

  3. good article

  4. I don’t believe it is that countries don’t care enough as much as it is they are to overwhelmed and unable to even give basic care for the multitude of ever increasing number of victims and no funding to meet the demand. Some of it is probably just plain ignorance or stupidity of the government. There is a lot of educating that has to be done. I have been trying for over ten years to get lawmakers to even listen to me and get in front of people to spread the word and run into a wall over 98% of the time. It is very frustrating.

    • I totally agree with you and it is wrong as so many genuine people
      need help and are ignored as they are either not important enough
      or have the strength to make others listen to them

      Abuse is wrong and to stop anybody from having a life full of fear
      and anxiety due to politics is wrong and has to be changed


      Nolonger Victims

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