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August 28, 2013

To hear of abuse whatever type it may be Domestic,Sexual or Child Abuse most of us that have morals get infuriated and do not understand as to why some people have to live there life in fear and in hiding,Yet the following is going on right now and nobody with any power or authority seems to care.I hope that perhaps the blog may get the publicity that this needs as time is running out and the risk escalating

This is there story that is very sad and horrific yet the fate of two kids one a teenager and the other just 12 and there mom can be changed if somebody considered them important enough to live without fear or in hiding and isolation but worst the fear that when there mom is found by there dad that this time he will kill her and that the fear of kidnapping by his dad with the boy of 12 wont be a fear but his reality.

They went to the American Embassy in the country in Europe that they are in and a country which the USA has fantastic relations with,yet they were treated as if they were something that you walked in and was on the sole of your shoe.They had to travel over two hours to get there at 8 am in the morning and brought all there paperwork plus more,they also had the fees for there visas of USD 160 each which was a total of USD 480 and then seperate envelopes with stamps for registered post.They were in a crowded room and were called to a window where a homeland official was waiting.He did not want to see there paperwork none of it,he did not want to know about there finances he just didnt want them there.

Without looking up after the money for the visas had been handed over he threw the passports back at the mom and speaking loud told her that and I quote You are not the standard of person that we want in the USA even for a holiday now goodbye- He had a smile on his face and as the mom walked away crying,humiliated and totally insulted by this action and the fact all in the waiting room were witness to this embarrasment.Her two sons stopped as they heard him say something and turned around to see that he was smiling giving them what was described as a baby wave saying goodbye.I mean how arrogant and rude can you get towards anybody.There mom even wrote and sent a registered letter to the embassy and nearly 5 wks later it has not been acknowledged let alone replied to.

Despite none of the three having any criminal records,having many friends and supporters within the USA and also references from American Citizens some in Law Enforcement to support not only there going to the States but also the work that the mom does with other victims of abuse  within the USA all online or over skype ,she and her kids are not considered good enough to be allowed to live a life without fear or abuse

If a family who has survived Physical,Mental,Emotional abuse,Rape ,attempted murder many times and child abuse are not entitled to be allowed to be in a country where they can integrate and can use there life of abuse to  provide tremendous support to other victims of abuse are considered not good enough then I have one very simple question.


If nobody intervenes to help them out of this situation and they are not asking for any financial help as they have people to stay with they just do not want to keep living in hiding,without any family or friends,behind closed blinds and locked doors they dont live they exist in fear and the boys who have already lost a brother to there dad who has him now two years illegally and although safe they have not seen him since they are petrified that one day he will do as he is capable off and kill there mom.

They are normal people who lived a life of abuse,they are not part of any religous group or political party they are victims who are trying to become survivors but to do so they need to leave there home country and fast .Hindsight is a great thing but in this case if nobody helps them then hindsight will be a bit too little far too late.If anybody has any help or advice they can offer please feel free to email me at the address below.


Nolonger Victims








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