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August 28, 2013

I am never really shocked over anything in life anymore as with some of the abuse and murders that are a reality to so many in there own lives ,I sadly have got used to pain and suffering.Does it make what I see any less in my eyes no not at all.As Abuse is Abuse and all are entitled to live a life free from it irrespective of there gender,race,religon,sexual orientation,or where they live in the world.

But I am now so aware of how few people really will stand up and speak out to help others in life with there abuse. As they seem to think that they can not offer any support or that somebody else will do it instead, as they were lucky not to live in an abusive home or suffer child abuse.But that makes no difference just reach out to help those that can not help themselves it is that simple and if all only reached out to one person then imagine how many could be helped.


Nolonger Victims


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  1. Stephanie Powell permalink

    The issue in this…We have so many people who have gone through abuse and in there heart of hearts would find a calling to help people of the similar situations. We live in such a victim blaming society. Its only in the past few years that I have come to terms with the abuse I went through. People who know nothing about abuse tend to lean more to the blaming side of things. It was just last year someone told me that everything that happened in my family was because of me(and this person knew so little about my family yet, felt the right to say that). Comments like this scare past victims into silence and the person worthy of a life lesson continues with this victim blaming train of thought. Not to mention, if past victims have contact with abusers or have contact with family or friends of said abusers, it gives them a door way to keep manipulating and controlling the lives of that former victim…in ways making them a victim still. In an ideal world we could all turn around and stand up for what happened to us…but it is a lot more complicated than that. Speaking out for me(among other things going on at the time) split my family right down the middle. I have more genuine love and understanding from those that know the whole story now but, it doesn’t keep it from my mind, that keeping my mouth shut would of been easier. It also caused certain people to come at me (and the people helping me) with bitterness, letters, txt messages, lies, ect. There is not much help or information on continued abuse or “coming out of the abuse closet” as an adult. If there were, I feel like you would never of had to write this article. It is the silence of everyone that is detrimental to this cause. I would love to see you write about this subject(“coming out of the the abuse closet” continued harassment or abuse after becoming an adult). I love everything you write! I came across your blog a few days ago and it is inspiring to see such openness on these subjects. ❤ ❤ thank you.

    • Hi Stephanie

      Thank you for your kind words and your lovely email,it is very
      much appreciated.Yes we all have to speak more of our abuse
      as you are so right in what you say by staying silent we
      remain a victim and that will just destroy who you are inside.

      Since I started to tell of my abuse and as the founder
      of NAASCA Bill Murray says I came out of the closet to
      tell my life of abuse I have started to really heal.And
      in helping others and letting them know that a victim
      never has a choice but the abuser does and that it was
      not in anyway there fault whatever form of abuse they
      suffered it also helps me

      Oh I know all about the hate and the bitterness but a friend actually Bill Murray above told me that in his experience it
      is better to ignore the insults and the abuse as if you do
      then the abuser wont get the satisfaction that he/she had
      hoped for,and ive started to do this and it does work.

      I fully understand how you feel about family as a lot of
      times the abuse is from within the family so when we speak
      out the family unit is gone,but ive copied what we do at
      NAASCA and all that are on my facebook page are there as
      friends I do not believe in the followers tab as I am nobody
      to follow ,but as friends we all know each other and we all
      support each other and we are a family that are now no longer victims.

      Please keep in touch and you are more than welcome to link
      with me on Facebook or any of the other pages,and again
      thank you for your compliments

      Stay safe

      Nolonger Victims

  2. Doe permalink

    It does sadden one for sure, if we just practiced a little more kindness and humanity in our lives. But, another thing that saddens me greatly, is when you are so much there to help, and the person is living in denial. As in, “it wouldn’t happen again”, “it was my fault”, he/ she is saying that for my own good, ” I am getting sloppy”, or letting myself go, or putting on too much weight.. ” He/ or she is only trying to help make me realize. And on & on. You realize, you are banging your head against a brick wall, and if you have lived this, such as I have, you know where its going. So you just silently pray. ~sigh~ and stand at the ready.

    • Hi Doe

      You are so true in all that you say and yes we do need more
      people to literally be more humane and consider the pain of others,it really is not much to ask yet can change a life dramatically.

      A lot of people live in denial I did for many years and you always think well maybe if I hang on things will change or if I do this he will be different but you can only control your own life not an abuser.He/She has there own agenda and by making you feel useless and unwanted they are increasing there power and control over you hence totally dominating your life where you just give up

      But you can get out all victims can we just have to decide is this the life for me or do you want something better.When you initially take that first step and its a long road the feeling is amazing and even with all the bumps and curves on the way eventually we become to realise that the abuser is the one with the problem not you or I or any other victim

      We never chose to be there victim but they chose to be our
      abuser.As ive said above you are welcome to link in with me
      on any of the pages and please do not hesitate to contact
      me if you ever wish to do so

      Stay safe

      Nolonger Victims

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