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August 31, 2013

Nolonger Victims – My Own Update

It never ceases to amaze me how money and power really does rule the world.As if you have money then those in power want to know you and will support you and those in power always want  to be friends with those that have money

But what I do not understand is why the ordinary person the normal working class respectable person in our communities that are not criminals are not considered important enough to be helped or simply  statistics on a computer

Yet when those in power want to be re-elected they need the normal person to vote for them and to support them so why wont they support the people that need them instead of ignoring them..All on this page are aware of my situation ,you know of my abuse and the way my sons and i live .

Everyday I post the deaths of women and men from Domestic Violence from an abuser that can not handle the lack of control over there victim when they have fought back to be survivors.Well due to total ignorance to my  plight and the bureaucracy of some I am waiting to be on one of those posts

It is only a matter of time and that is no exaggeration before he finds me and carries out his threat to murder me.Those that think he wont do not know him like I do and have not lived a life of abuse with him ,sadly I know all too well what he is capable off,hence why I wanted to simply get my two sons and I to safety in the USA

I have  lost one son to my ex and have not seen my son in two yrs not through the courts illegally,and my youngest waits to be taken my 18 yr old has his life on hold to keep us alive.What I want to know is this .IF AS TOLD I AM NOT THE STANDARD OF PERSON THAT THE USA WANTS IN THERE COUNTRY ,THEN PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS

I spend my life working to help mainly American Victims of Child Abuse and Domestic Abuse all voluntarily,as I want to and in helping them at least I know they are not alone like I and my boys are.I have some great ideas and plans with friends in the USA who are citizens on how we can help all victims of abuse more.What we have in mind is totally unique and would help so many and it would be FREE ,yet I am not the standard of person that the country wants ,please somebody explain to me why.

The only reason I can think is that I have a big mouth that speaks out about Abuse and how it has to stop and that all children have to be protected more,and if that is been held against me then there is nothing I can do to change it.As I wont stop speaking out and been pro active to save the children as the children in our world today are the adults of the future.

Surely our human rights to life and a life without fear of death and abuse should count for something or is it that we are not important enough as we are not rich and famous.Well we count and if those in power in the USA can not see it in there powers
to help us now then when it is too late and I am dead there help in hindsight will be no good

POLITICIANS > Ask yourselves this please would you like to live your life waiting to be murdered,having lived a life of over 23 yrs of abuse ,rape and a lot more .The answer is NO  you would not so why the hell have my two sons and I too do what you would
not do yourself


Nolonger Victims



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  1. Sadly they never have a clue about what we are fighting for until the reality of having a wife, mother, sister, father, husband or brother become a statistic of rape, domestic violence or murder. It usually has to be that personal to get them to start doing what they should have been doing all along.

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