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September 5, 2013

Life never ceases to amaze me yet the level that some people will stoop to in order to ensure they personally gain in life has shocked me.I have seen over the last few weeks in particular that others have set up pages with the same name as mine with perhaps a slight deviation.But today what I found out has left me with no option but to ensure that every single person who knows my page Nolonger Victims which is to support all victims of Abuse especially Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are fully aware that this is the ONLY Nolonger Victims Page that I am affiliated too

There was a page set up on August 13th 2013 and I have just received a message from the woman who did to say that I am Unprofessional in telling people that she is copying my page.Well it is simple she has contacted people off my friends list,she has taken the name of my page and has used it to open her own page on Abuse in the military.She has taken the abbreviations that I use NLV and is using that on the sites as well.,So excuse me if I am wrong but that to me is trying to use another pages reputation and I will not tolerate it

I like most advocates work long hours all voluntarily up to and usually more than 18 hrs a day every single day in order to build my page and to ensure those on the page are protected and are supported as they need to be.Hence why the page anybody will verify is really great as those on it work together it is not just my page it is the page of every person that is a friend of it and I will stand up to protect there privacy and safety is paramount

So please note that the only page that is Nolonger Victims is this one there is no other page that I am associated with that is under this name.I will never give out your details or ask people to send you friend requests to you,so if you receive any please be aware they have nothing to do with me

Military Rape is a huge problem and I do not appreciate it in anyway been used in this way and my page name been associated with same.Thank you all for your support and I will not stop working to make the voices of victims of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence heard irrespective of who tries to cast a shadow on my page

Lurleen NLV

Nolonger Victims


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  1. lisa shlief permalink

    How do you know this person is even trying to steal your name & is a fraud scam artist? To me the website looks well done & is for a good cause. Would I buy the products on the page no probably not but I can see where they are going to good causes and how they can help raise awareness for her cause. So I’m just wondering if you have actual proof of this being a scam?

    • Hi Lisa

      I have lots of proof of what they are doing and it has
      been passed on to a number of organisations .I can not
      and will not post anywhere the evidence that I have on
      them however using another pages name that is established
      and to mirror there page and work,copy there friends and
      contacts and that is the small part of there scam shows
      that they are not genuine .

      But they will be exposed as will all there threats behind
      the scenes to anybody who has complained about them or
      queried them and sadly they have threatened some people that
      are actually in Law Enforcement unknown to them.

      They are not helping raise awareness of anything the pages that
      are legitimate for Military Rape do an amazing job and I fully
      support them all but they also have been advised of this group
      of people and there actions which are mainly hidden from the public
      but are now known to me and many others

      Stay safe

      Lurleen NLV

      Nolonger Victims

  2. Dave Sieman permalink

    Oh god, you come off like a psycho, let it go. Both are admirable causes but instead of working together to come to a viable solution you slam the other site, make threats and use hate speech like a juvenile. Get a grip, lighten up and more importantly grow up. Youre losing credibility fast

    • Thank you for your comment and what you consider
      me to be really has no affect on my life.However I
      will say this that I do support the Real pages for
      Military Rape as they also support the Real Nolonger
      Victims page and that will continue

      If you agree or not is your choice but I have
      not worked for a year to build up the reputation of my
      page and to ensure the protection of those on it to have
      my name associated with a page that is not legitimate and
      is also linked to a known fraudster .Actually the person
      who discovered this is in Law Enforcement and advised me of
      same.They have also advised all the relevant departments that
      deal with this type of fraud and scam

      I have lost no credibility with those that matter.The
      majority of people on my page have been a victim in life of
      some form of abuse and to have my name list also gone through
      is a serious breach of there privacy and I will simply not
      tolerate same.I will speak out and that is my right and until
      this woman is exposed for who she is or she changes her name
      I will not stop informing all that I have no association with
      her or her pretend page

      Lurleen NLV

      Nolonger Victims

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