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September 27, 2013

I am writing this as very good friend of mine has had her life torn apart by what I personally consider a total set up.She lives in PA and has a daughter who is in her mid 20s .Sadly this girl a number of years ago fell in with the wrong people and got addicted to drugs.She had three children who her mom took from her and adopted as she was not caring for them.A number of months ago this girl attempted to rob a elderly ladies handbag from a Walmart store.She failed and ended up kicking the lady who broke her hip.However she did recover and was back to independent living and driving thankfully.

The young woman who assaulted her was arrested and held in jail until her trial yesterday.However it is not straight forward Within a few days of been incarcerated she found out that she had Breast Cancer in Both Breast and also had Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.As if this is not bad enough she was also pregnant.To find out all of this and to be alone in jail is horrific for anybody.She is due her baby on November 11th.Since her incarceration she has been totally clean off drugs and has had no issues.Her mom found a lock down rehab that would enable her to get medical treatment for the cancer,have the baby and learn how to be a parent as well as be educated .It was not a holiday camp it was jail time but at least she would be helped.

Yesterday she was in court and what happened makes my blood boil and my stomach sick.The PROSECUTOR was the SON IN LAW of the woman who got injured so he wanted justice,The PUBLIC DEFENDER is this womans neighbor.And this young woman was told that she will now serve 6-12 Years in Jail,Have NO COUNSELLING—ALL HER PARENTAL RIGHTS REVOKED —NO REHAB–.When her daughter is born she must be alone her mom is not even allowed to be there with her,she will have a C Section and a Hysterectomy at the same time.Once her daughter is born she will not even be allowed to touch her no contact at all.Her mom has 3 hours to get to the jail to get the baby or it goes to care.

Now I am sorry but yes she is guilty of the crime but this is sick and disgusting.A young girl was never ever given a chance in that court room.She had no legal rep for her as they were both related to or friends with the victim.She if not treated will die from cancer alone,.A jail sentence yes by all means,medical care she should be entitled too and to see and hold her baby at least once is a human right.This girl has had everything in life taken from her what has she got to live for .Yet a Teacher in another state who RAPED HIS STUDENT AND SHE THEN COMMITTED SUICIDE GETS 31 DAYS IN JAIL-

If there ever was a miscarriage of justice then this is it.That DA and the Public Defender should be totally held accountable for their actions and bias in court and the judge should have known better.Media outlets you need to help this girl and her family,she was wrong we are not denying that but this is a sentence from the stone age and very very wrong .

Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)



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  1. What happened to the young lady who had a gun pointed at the baby’s head? I’ve worried about it.

    • Hi Kim

      To be honest I am not 100% sure, however I do know that the FBI
      Cyber Crimes unit were involved, as I personally contacted them and
      filed a IC3 which is the complaint form for this type of crime. I did
      also subsequently send them additional information with the suspected
      name of the woman and the baby involved, who was apparently her daughter.

      They don’t divulge details to the public even if we report a crime however
      with the level of complaints to all law enforcement worldwide, I can only
      hope that they did locate her and the baby is safe.

      I am sorry that I have not more concrete information but that is all that I
      know for a fact. It worries me too.

      Stay safe

      Nolonger Victims Lurleen Hilliard

  2. All the information in this needs to be sent to the State and US Attorney Generals office. I would also suggest contacting every news media in the local and even the national tv stations. Fox network seems to thrive on these type cases..

    • Thank you and yes I am going to try and get some of the
      National Media outlets to get involved and highlight this

      It is in my mind totally unjustified and very cruel.Considering
      a rapist got a 31 day sentence this seems horrific.Please feel
      free to post or share on any pages that you can.

      Stay safe

      Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)

      • Some of these people just need to get a reality check up side their heads. That judge needs to be drop kicked out of the human race. In my mind he is worse than the rapist.

      • I agree that this is totally sick and unjust.Jail
        yes she expected that but this is a joke.And with
        both the defence and prosecutor been friends or relations
        of the victim it makes a mockery of the judicial system


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