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Nolonger Victims Facebook Page — Help Needed To Report Page Pretending To Be Me

November 19, 2013

It irritates me so much that a small minority of people, can not get up off their backsides and actually do some work for themselves. But instead they try to DESTROY the work of other’s. In the last ten days I have had my Facebook Page Hacked Maliciously, Sabotaged and all my Friends wiped. This caused Huge Devastation not only to me, due to the work that I have put in for the last year, but also as those on the page were Friends for a reason. As many were Victims of Abuse it is important that they know their is somebody out there that will hold their hand and help them on the Road to been a Survivor.That is one of the Main Reasons as to why I never had Follow on before as I don’t feel that I am anybody to follow and also I am here as a Support and a Friend.

Despite setting up a New Page within Days this was apparently Suspended by Facebook for it not been a real page, or my name. This did not make sense as I know my name. It might be a weird name to some, but it is my name. I was asked to forward a copy of my ID to FB which I did, but no reply, my emails ignored, and my messages to them also ignored. But now I know why, at the same time a page suddenly appeared that not only got the Identical amount of LIKES that my page had, but Notifications that I received about additional LIKES would not go to my page count but their’s. Also Friends have received Friend Requests and Like Requests from this page pretending to be me, and as soon as they query it they are BLOCKED. Now I am also blocked so am unable to Report the page to Facebook, but I am sure that somebody on one of the Social Sites will have a Legitimate Contact within Facebook and hopefully offer to help with this matter.

Nolonger Victims & Lurleen Hilliard are my pages, the first is the page for all the work that I do and the second is my own page, where I have asked all who are on Nolonger Victims to also join me as a Friend.That way irrespective of what happens to the page, I will always have a contact for you, and that is very important to me and also to those on the page. Trust for a Victim is very hard to develop in others, and this other page is trying to destroy the trust people have in me, by sending them False Friend Requests and Pretending to be a page it is not. Now this page my be run by a number of people, either Abusers who don’t like my Big Mouth speaking out about Abuse, by my ex who is not happy that I revealed my life of abuse in my recently published book Survivors Not Statistics, or by two men in the USA who are Irish and who have scammed thousands of American Citizens along with other’s and who’s crimes, and scams I reveal in the book. The reason for this is that if I don’t speak up and protect their Victims then I would be as guilty as they are, and that I am not.


All Profits from the sales of my book will go to Nolonger Victims & All Haven Sanctuary in Ohio.This is the Sanctuary for all victims of abuse, all genders and all ages that we are setting up. It is a totally new concept, brand new era in how Shelters will be, and provide totally individual private self contained homes within a Shelter Security Environment for all. So it is really important that those who are trying to destroy My Reputation as Nolonger Victims are stopped, as they are hurting so many other’s and for no justifiable reason other than they can. The sanctuary is been set up by myself and two friends and will Shake the World Awake with these new concepts and facilities for all.

If anybody can please be of help with this issue, my email is below and I would appreciate your support. As I do not trust FB now or their links to the help pages as I have seen that they too can be compromised. For anybody that wants to purchase my book please do so through the links below. All Profits go to Nolonger Victims All Haven Sanctuary Ohio.

Thank You to all for your support to date.


Email Address is as follows>


Nolonger Victims™

Nolonger Victims & All Haven Sanctuary

Lurleen Hillilard — FB

 Survivors Not Statistics — Book Links



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