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Hopefully Every Cloud Does Have a Silver Lining — As I Need One Now – Can You Help ?

November 23, 2013

Sadly I find myself having to post this blog, and in doing so not only embarrass myself but I feel totally humiliated and foolish. However I am a straight talking person and what you see is what you get, so I need to let you all know about a situation that has occurred as so many of you supported me in this venture. I am a proud Survivor of Abuse and that is why been an Advocate for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse means so much to me, and as to why I am so passionate in the fight to stop it. As I don’t want anybody to suffer what I did.

A dream of mine was to Open a totally new concept in shelters, the information that was released was only the basics, but the plan was to open in Ohio and I would run the facility and be the Asst CEO and Director of Public Relations. However one person who was a major player in this happening has turned out to be not who I thought they were. I won’t say anything here that can identify them, but in the last week I have endured horrific verbal abuse from this person in messages, have been insulted and belittled, and had friends contacted by them and also abused. This is certainly not the type person that I want to be associated with in any way, nor is it the type person that should be involved in a Sanctuary for victims of abuse. I think one of the comments made that it would lower the tone of the area where it would be based, infuriated me beyond belief.

This person basically backed out in full, which considering the above is a god send, However it has caused me great distress as I was planning on relocating there very soon and my application that was meant to be processed for a work visa was also now ground to a halt due to the non existence of the shelter. Now my sole desire when I set out on the road to been an ADVOCATE was to help others and in particular those in Rural Alaska, as those were the people that gave me the strength  to become a survivor, and I want to give back to them.

So if anybody know’s of any agencies that are looking for a hard working big mouth Advocate that will stand up for all victims of abuse, will you please let me know. I would ideally like to be located in the Rural Communities of Alaska as they need the support more than those in the cities, were support is available to all. I have no hesitation in been on call 24/7 as I am now anyway and I know that without sounding conceited that I can be a huge benefit to  any and all victims of abuse. I am open to all areas within the USA and am literally ready to pack and go as that was the plan with the Sanctuary. If anybody is interested in opening a project like I have planned please let me know, as I am flexible but just want to work to help others.

Please message me or email me any contacts or information that may help. I am not bothered about the level of pay once it is fair and enough to put a roof over my head and food on the table. Other than that I have no qualms about working in any area even remote and to working weekends or holidays, Abuse has no time off so as an Advocate I expect to always be on call, as if a victim needs me I will be there for them. I hope to hear from at least a few connections on Linkedin.

As for the profits from my book that were going to the Sanctuary they will be held securely and I will donate the profits to whoever I am working with and also intend to do a Huge Fundraiser next April that will raise funds for two organizations as well as the one that I hopefully will be working with. This will be an Annual Event if I can pull it off and will start the month Child Abuse Awareness off to a great start.

Thank you and again I am sorry for having to post this, but feel it is necessary 


Nolonger Victims



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