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November 25, 2013

I was contacted by a friend in relation to this situation and asked if I would help to inform the world. And I have no hesitation in doing so as this man is a former Navy Veteran and served his country, to now be another forgotten statistic is totally UNACCEPTABLE and DISGUSTING. What makes this even worse is that this letter was sent to Congressman Griffin of the 2nd Congressional District in Arkansas and he himself is a former Lt.Col in the National Guard. So he is well aware of the difficulties this man and his wife are facing, yet clearly his BIG PENSION means he doesn’t careless. Well guess what Congressman the majority of people around the USA and the WORLD do care and we will fight to help this hero, as we DON’T FORGET.

Here is the letter that was sent, and today a phone call was received by the Author of the letter saying that they could do nothing and that he should contact State Legislators. Well this man is partially paralyzed, has a brain tumor and his wife was told by Medicaid that her husband could care for her, I would love to know how he can do this. Recently she had two bad falls.

Congressman Griffin,

It’s not everyday you see something like what I am about to tell you. Last month my wife and I had stopped at Harps on the corner of Highway 5 and Salem Road. I was in the truck with my two dogs while she ran in. While sitting there I noticed a lady with a walker sitting on the bench outside. There were a few cars behind me and I thought, well I have seen worse get in a car and drive away. This was not the case. I watched as she made her way off the curb and across the parking lot. As she passed all of the cars I then realized she was walking back to wherever it was she came from. As she got under a street light I drove over and ask her is she would like a ride. She said yes, thank you that she lived two streets over, second house on the left. I got her in, put her walker in the back and called my wife telling her I would be right back. She knew I was helping someone just from me saying that and the tone in my voice. The lady proceeded to tell me that her husband was at home in bed, that he had had a brain tumor removed and that he had also had a stroke and was paralyzed on his left side. I get her home and up the handicap ramp leading to the front door of the mobile home and to the door. She hits the light switch but it didn’t come on, so she tells me she can’t reach the chain to get it to come on. I reach for and it and as it comes on I see her husbands photos on the wall in uniform. I ask her is that your husband? She said yes that he spent 20 years in the Navy. I ask if I could go back and meet him, she yells Mark are you awake. A reply was yes. I go back and meet him and talk to him briefly and find out that he hasn’t been able to get out of bed because his wheelchair is loose. I make a deal with them to come back the next day, Sunday and fix it and anything else they might need fixed. I get a friend of mine another former Marine and we go over and fix the chair, vacuum cleaner and dryer vent. I go later with another friend and add chain to her fan and light so she can reach it without falling. We have also taken groceries and as well as myself and the friend have cooked and taken them food.

Fast forward a little. I have been back over numerous times. Once to get her mail for her since the post office drug their feet on approving paperwork to have their mail put in the box at the top of the ramp instead of the main one everyone uses in the park. I have since gotten that taken care of. The mail is now delivered to the door. One piece of mail was from DHS in Saline County notifying her that she had been denied her disability from Medicaid and that she could appeal it in a phone call hearing on November 12th. I spoke with her yesterday and she told me that they had cancelled the hearing because they weren’t going to give it to her and that her Doctors had not sent them her records, which the Doctors told her that they had. They also told her previously that she had been denied because they felt she could go back to work doing her old job she had in the past in Yuma, Arizona which was working at a laundry mat cleaning machines, and that her husband could take care of her.

She has to use a walker or hold on to something to keep from falling over. Since I have known them she has fallen twice in her house. She loses her balance and starts turning circles and falls. She hit her head on the chest of drawers once. Mark her husband has also gone back to the Doctors at St. Vincent, since the V.A. has done nothing for him and told them they can’t, and found out that the brain tumor has returned and that treatment and skins graphs will be needed, but as of yesterday all of that has been cancelled for some reason and the Doctors didn’t give her an answer why.

My points in this case are this. He is a 20 year Retired Navy Veteran and can’t get help from anyone. They don’t have a car because she can’t drive, he can’t drive and the State took away his license. DHS tells her that she is capable of working and that her husband can take care of her. All the while, he is lying there in bed doing nothing but sleeping because of the brain tumor returning, and she is having to take care of him the best she can under the circumstances. So could someone please tell me, what happens if she falls, hits her head, gets knocked out and he is unable to get her up or get to a phone since she has to help him get dressed and get up when he does get out of bed? What happens if the house catches fire? There is no way they could ever get out. Here is a 53 year old woman that is permanently disabled with a disease that has crippled her and impaired her speech taking care of a man that served his country for 20 years and is bed ridden from a stroke and has a brain tumor returning, yet they deny her disability and tell her she can go back to work. So who is supposed to take care of her husband? They receive a check on the third Wednesday of the month and on the first of the month. If they run out of money they don’t eat or do without prescriptions. Feel free to call them

She may not answer because she sometimes drops the phone when she reaches for it, but she will return your call when she gets to it. I would love to arrange a meeting for someone from your office and DHS to go over there and see how one of our Veterans is being taken care of. They were at one time signed up for meals on wheels but when they would go by there, the excuse they used was no one would answer the door. If Vanessa is at one end of the house and someone goes to the front door it takes her awhile to get up and get to the door. Therefore meals on wheels stopped going there at all.


I am asking for you all to please help to get this man his basic rights, his basic needs and his basic entitlements as a human being and more so as a man who put his life on the line so that we could all sleep at night. Now enough is enough, Respect is earned in life and he has earned more respect then many out there, so let us all show both this veteran & his wife, that although those in power may forget them, we wont. My email is below and please feel free to contact me on it if you have any help or advise that you can give to this VETERAN as he helped all when needed, now we need to HELP HIM.

Nolonger Victims ™



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