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December 26, 2013

As an Advocate for victims of abuse, I see daily the destruction that Traffickers, Agencies and Predators have on the lives of so many innocent Victims. There sole crime was that they were voiceless to speak out against these people. But imagine having a man, who is running for the position of Governor Elect to not only put proposals out there to help these victims. but that he guarantees that in order to implement them it will cost the state no cash expenditure. ARIZONA this is your chance to make a real difference, don’t ignore the plight of others, and don’t leave it to others to vote. Your One Vote can make this happen, it is up to you.

Human Trafficking destroys so many lives, and yet it is tolerated by society and the system.But One State has the opportunity to not only speak about making changes and a difference to the lives of many, but to actually make it a reality. ARIZONA Governor Elect John Lewis Mealer has ZERO TOLERANCE and A NO BS ATTITUDE to not only Traffickers but to the ABUSE by CPS in Arizona. His proposals are in my mind what is needed in so many states, and when Elected he will ensure that these initiatives are in place from Day One. In order to Make Change Happen, you need a Voice that is Fearless and one that won’t be silenced. John Lewis Mealer is this voice in Arizona, so don’t let any victim suffer for another moment, when you personally can help to simply save a life.One Vote = One Life changed for the better forever.

Help us to help all those that have no voices as a victim of Trafficking. This also includes the many children that have been taken from their homes, due to no fault of their own and are been basically held in what is a a prison cell to them.Change Must Happen and we can and will make it a reality with your support and votes. The following is what is proposed by John and we all need to adapt the No Bullshit Attitude to the plight of these innocent victims. Remember none of us are aware as to what is around the corner in life, and with Johns programs in place, you are helping to not only protect your own children and family, but all those around you. Don’t just sit back and ignore the problem, if you live in ARIZONA then VOTE for JOHN and in doing so, you will help be the voice of the voiceless.


1) Take the Child Protective Services [a Federal Agency] and put them under extremely tight reigns by creating a publicly owned agency in Arizona. Thankfully the Arizona Constitution allows this to be put in place and by having an Agency that is run by the Citizens of the State this agency would be more powerful then the Police or any Federal Agency currently in force.

During the first week of service, John would demand (arrest and have charged if need be to get the info) the exact location of the Federal CPS “homes” (actually prisons) for the children, that have been removed from families and we would raid them. The children would be freed to a safe haven or kept there, but the doors opened so they can come and go as they desire. Small children in particular will be be ensured to receive the proper care that they need, and No Longer have to live incarcerated in locked cells/rooms. We would open up the facilities to give the children a less cramped living space. **This would mean taking over many of the abandoned and foreclosed homes throughout Arizona. In doing this we would also be helping to improve communities from having these buildings boarded up, or been used for Anti Social Behavior, they would be used to help the Children of Arizona, who are the Future Adults of the State.

2) Arizona would have an actual “Rules of Engagement” for Drug Traffickers and Human Traffickers. With those very broad guidelines, the non-government run task force would then be able to engage with these cartels and traffickers. When trafficked victims are located they will be sent to whatever rehabilitation facility that they might need,and depending on their individual situations they will then either be  returned to their own Home Countries or placed into the “UNTSA” Program as detailed in the Mealer Initiative 2014 on P 17.

3) Trafficking sadly includes so many Children that at one stage either ran away from an Abusive home or where lured into the world of Prostitution by Traffickers and then end up trapped there forever, with nobody to help them escape and no where to go. However what John is proposing will CHANGE all of this for victims in ARIZONA. The crimes for prostitution will be rewritten to consider many of the prostitutes as victims and the “jons” and pimps as human traffickers, kidnappers, etc., and signs will be posted throughout the state making this very clear. No Trafficker, Kidnapper,Pimp,Jon in Arizona will be able to claim Ignorance to these new laws.

FREE CELL PHONES will be handed out to suspected victims of these predators, the reason for this is simple, these Traffickers thrive on the control that they have over their victims, and that includes who they call or speak to. With giving out the FREE CELLS at least these victims, have a choice, they have a way out and all it takes is One Call to the Numbers for Pick Up Teams. These Numbers will not change as they are already recognized by many. These FREE CELLS can and will be paid for by the legally seized funds and property of those that are  involved in the Trafficking of these victims.Whether it is the Pimps,Cartels,Jons anybody that is involved will be held accountable. John knows that this will accumulate a large amount of money that will go directly in to providing services and support for their victims

4) As a Community who cares about its citizens, John wants to build centers complete with shopping, schooling, job skill training and security with housing for the victims.In doing this we are ensuring that the lure of returning to a life as a victim of traffickers is taken away, and that the victims are now Self Sufficient and become Valuable Members of the Community, they in turn can then also give back to other victims and help them to escape the life that they knew for far too long. Like the abandoned buildings already spoken about far too many large apartment buildings and shopping centers are closed and can be used as interim centers while the owners are reimbursed for use of their property.

It is simple with this Campaign.If you want to take control of your lives back, Help to save many children and adults from a life of abuse, to make your own community a better place to live in for all, and to be PROUD TO SAY that you live in Arizona that has Zero Tolerance for the abuse, trafficking of all victims. Then you need to ensure that you VOTE for John Lewis Mealer, so that as the Governor of your State, the voices of all are heard and listened to, and those that have no voice right now, have others that will speak out for them.This campaign, it’s objectives and the fierce determination that John has to make it work, is what has me supporting it One Million Percent. As Arizona will be the One State where No Traffickers or Predators will want to be. As the Harsh Reality for them is Zero Tolerance by all.

To better understand the above and the entire campaign that John is running, you should download and read the Mealer Initiative 2014 at I was never one to support any politician, but when they are willing to put there neck on the line, to make the changes that are desperately needed a reality and to understand from the ground roots what is needed in order to once again make Arizona the state that is should be, then I will support him totally and ask you all to do the same.

Lurleen Hilliard 

Nolonger Victims(Lurleen)



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