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Arizona — Only One Real Choice for Governor. JL Mealer is the Man You Need & Deserve

January 31, 2014

Independent JL Mealer running for AZ Governor

Over the past number of days, we have seen a lot of articles and editorials on John Lewis Mealer and his bid to become the Next Governor of Arizona, Here is a combination of them so that you can all see, exactly what JL Mealer has in store for all people in Arizona. His campaign is real, and his promises are genuine and already set up ready to be put into action, from day one of his term as Governor. Below are articles that were written by various Media Outlets and show what John Lewis Mealer has to offer AZ that no other candidate can or will be able to offer.

Window Rock, AZ. John L. Mealer is no stranger to being a citizen-candidate running against the odds for elective office. Two years ago, he was a candidate for President. This time around, he’s set his sights on Arizona Governor. And with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer leaving due to term limits, it should be an exciting race.


John Mealer, independent candidate for AZ Governor running on the Americans Elect ballot line.

When John L. Mealer ran for President in 2012 in the Constitution Party primary, our sister publication Whiteout Press officially endorsed him. There were a slew of other candidates, including former Rep. Virgil Goode who eventually won the party’s nomination. But Mealer had a few qualities that were obvious in him that weren’t as apparent in the other candidates that earned him the endorsement. Some people are intelligent. Some people are honest. And some people are righteous. JL Mealer is one of the few that comes across as all three.

This is why we have ONE WAY, yes, just ONE SOLUTION to pull first Arizona and then the entire union out of this economic spiral downward. Rock bottom will hit by 2016 and once the rocks give way, we will not get a foothold.

The solution? Mealer Initiative 2014. No bull. No special interests. End of elected official’s corruption. End to lobbyists. 

My plan was designed by and is 100% ARIZONAN, and all American…

Regardless of where you are at within the states, you (YOU!) need to help make this happen in 2014. Stop by and contribute some time or funds to push this campaign tot he top. 

If you decide not to- You’re probably not thinking and we both know you are better than that. What’s $5, $10, $30, $50 to keep this nation free?!

When the other candidates are talking the talk, they have no walk to provide and they do not have the method to pay for what Arizona and the nation needs to survive. Mealer Does!

Another part of John Lewis Mealers Campaign is the issue of Human Trafficking & Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, VET Abuse and to ensure that those who are victims of abuse, are supported, protected, re-educated and taken from the life of abuse  and enabled and shown how they can live life and not simply exist as a victim of abuse and another statistic. His Office will be releasing details shortly in a Video Media Press Release of a new office been set up for the Anti Trafficking MAT which will be linked to Interpol and other Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide, but from Arizona. As the Current port hole that is been used by these Traffickers to destroy lives will be stopped and the protection of all a number one priority.
In order to do your part, simply click on to the link below and join all the other citizens of Arizona who have come out in droves to support John Lewis Mealer for Governor of your state. Sign the Petition and become pro active in your community, the link for the compulsory donation of $ 5 is also on this page. Change has to happen, and now is the time. Let Arizona shine as it should  and show the rest of the country how your state is now the Number One within the USA to live in. Working together is what will make Arizona the state that all others will want to follow.
Mealer Anti Trafficking MAT

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