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Social Network Sites Are They A Waste Of Time ?

February 8, 2014

I have been thinking about writing an article on this issue for sometime now, and recent events have really made me decide to go ahead and put this out there. I would love to hear all your views and opinions, the good and the bad. Although I know that a huge amount of my friends are also feeling the same and having the same issues on all these pages.

Like many out there, I am on most of the Social Network Sites, the main reason for this is so that I can reach far and wide, and to offer support and help to as many victims of all Abuses and Human Trafficking as possible.As no victim ever chooses to be a victim, and as much as they want to be a survivor, the control that an abuser or trafficker has over them, often makes this impossible to escape from alone. On Facebook I have my own personal page with a huge amount of friends, victims and survivors as they are not just LIKES on a page, they are people that I want to connect with and to know in life.My Nolonger Victims page was specifically set up to share help, support and to encourage as many as possible to live life and not just exist as a victim.

However I have found that most people on FB will only comment, or reply to a post if it is something to moan about or to complain about. But when asked to support change, or to help stand up for others that would also help to improve their own lives and that of others few step up to the mark. We all know for a fact that change must happen, especially in relation to the Abuse of All and the Trafficking Levels that are Pandemic, then we ALL must stand up and we ALL must Support each other. One voice can make a noise, but millions around the world can make change happen and a reality for all.

On Linkdedin which is meant to be a professional site, I am linked to thousands directly and through them a few million around the world, like many of you here. But I am very disillusioned by this site, as I feel that people connect so as to have a high connection  rate on their page, and really don’t  care less about those they link with. If somebody emails me or messages me on any social site I always reply. Even if it is a negative message, I never ignore them as if somebody takes the time to email me, then I will take the time to respect that and every email or message,

However two days ago I sent 89 emails to people on Linkedin, the reason that I sent so many was that I had one question that I needed an answer to, and all that I sent it to, worked within that field and therefor I simply asked for their opinion and advice. Nothing more as it was one question that needs to be completed on a I-29 Petition form for a work permit, it was a simple question yet seems impossible to answer, as only  Computers on the relevant phone lines. So I decided that I would email these contacts and ask them what they thought. Guess how many replied, that is right absolutely ZERO. Not one person even acknowledged them,.

So I have one question to all on these sites what is the point in you connecting with people, if you never want to reply to them, you don’t support them on issues that you are also involved in and you simply only contact them when you want something for your own reasons. I don’t mean to insult those that do reply, but I am sick of so many been on not just mine but others pages and never have input, and when they do it is to abuse others.

If anybody does know anything about this form above, please do let me know. But irrespective of that, if you are connected to people and in the same field, then why not work together, collaborate on issues and instead of criticizing about things, actually get changes made and improve the life for all.



Nolonger Victims 


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  1. Lurleen,
    Sadly it seems that true friends are few and far between, I only have a few friends on my FB and they are people I know personally and have worked with and I know are good people. I think it is very sad that NOT One person answered you. I do not know a thing about this form, sorry.
    When you are a passionate person about your mission in life, if so many others don’t care, you just have to keep moving on. People will always disappoint you, don’t let that dampen your spirit, we have to do the best we can one-day-at-a-time and when we fall, get up and scrape our knees and keep pushing on.
    Technology has done alot of negative to the humans capability to communicate naturally and it makes it easy for people to hide behind their lies and deceptions. I agree with a quote from Albert Einstein; “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”
    Keep doing what you feel is your in your heart, be true to you!! 🙂

  2. Lurleen, I absolutely agree with your article, especially about LinkedIn and FB. I have both and as you say the response for the amount people is dismal. In a nutshell ,people are `Friend and Group Collectors` most block the posts so that’s why there is so little Feedback. I have nearly 600 people on my Hopeforus page yet only about three people occasionally comment on a post, I share in your frustration. Most join cause they see a mutual friend ,sadly most of those mutual friends are usually bogus sites but they join nevertheless . It is very discouraging and frustrating because you start and join these groups with the intention of interacting but people just sit in the shadows observing. What’s the solution.. I don’t think there is one sadly.. All you can do is acknowledge the few that do respond and keep plugging away hoping that you are making a difference in someone’s life somewhere.

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