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Don’t Dare Try to Slander or Defame My Character– I Don’t Tolerate Abusers

February 17, 2014

When I think of all that is going on in our world today, in relation to the abuse of others, the fact that I am even writing this blog now is infuriating, as I am wasting time that could be used to help victims of abuse rather than having to stand up to those that are trying to intimidate me in life. Now I was a victim of abuse for far too many years, and when I became a Survivor that didn’t just mean a survivor of abuse, no that meant a Survivor in life.

I have over the past couple of months had a few people that I would not consider wasting my time on in general, try to slander me and to say that I was a Scam Artist, a Fraud, a Terrorist, a Liar,and that I was on every single list that either Homeland, Customs, FBI or ICE have on their computer systems. Well I want to set the record straight and if this continues then those that are spreading these malicious rumors so as to try and Stop my getting a Work Permit to work with Victims of Abuse & Trafficking within the USA will be Named & Shamed without Hesitation.

I am Irish and for anybody that wants to check me out here are some details on me. I am 45 years old, I have documented proof of my family going to the USA as far back as the 1800’s, I can  give the names, dates, addresses to whoever wants them. I have never ever had any type of criminal conviction, never been arrested or even brought in for questioning on any issue. I have reported a scam artist that was and still is scamming American People to the FBI and I have found out that he is having files put against him in NYC. So other than that I have never had to file anything.,I have a full clean police record in Ireland and again anybody can check that. My date of birth is January 31st 1969 and I am a normal hard working single mom who works totally voluntarily 18-20 hours every single day with victims of abuse mainly across the USA as this is what I want to devote my life to.and what I will devote it to, no matter what the haters think.

Now for some reason some spiteful,sick and evil people, a very small group are spreading these malicious lies about me. I have nothing to hide and if anybody wants to verify anything on me, check my back ground or ask a question then please feel free to do so. I am an Open Book and have nothing to hide. Yes I rock boats and I can rock boats of Abusers in the USA from Ireland so I understand as to why some of you want to keep me out of the USA, as you know that not only will I rock the boat, I will topple it. Am I politically correct hell no, but I speak the truth and I will speak for the voiceless that need to be heard. If as I was told before that I am not good enough for American then tell me in Writing and Prove to  me as to Why I am Not Good Enough to be in your country legally, to help your people when you allow Illegals and murderers, Pedophiles to roam the streets.

I will speak up and I will speak out and if been an honest and decent person who wants to protect others makes me undesirable to be in the USA then sadly that says more about those making decisions then it does about me. I will not be intimidated by these few abusers, I won’t be silenced and I won’t go away. As long as there are Victims of Child/Elder/VET/Domestic Abuse and people been Trafficked I guess you are all stuck with me.]

So to those who think they know all about me. Here is some advise and I suggest that you not only take this advise you heed it too. I have nothing to hide at all, Yes I support Gun Owners, Yes I support Zero Tolerance for Abuse of Anybody, Yes I support Gays & Lesbians, Yes I support the Right to Life, Yes I support that Abuse of Power is Wrong, Yes I support Stopping the Domestic Minor & Human Trafficking of Children & Vulnerable and Yes I will Stand up and Support all those that fight for these causes. So if you want to do something in life then get your facts straight and put your energy into helping others and stop trying to hinder those that are doing good not for show, or money but because they have a vocation in life and they want to.

You won’t Silence- Intimidate-Bully-Scare-or Stop Me ever from doing what I am in life, and that is helping those that need it. So Grow up and find something to do with your life, as you are wasting it  with hate and evil and as they say Karma does come back around.

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims




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  1. You are a WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lovely friend, thank you for you!! ❤

  2. Lurleen, You are well-respected by all. This makes no sense. NAASCA misses you. I have done a few shows in your absence, but you are a superstar. Hope you return soon.

    Best Wishes!

    Respectfully submitted,

    Honorable Mary Elizabeth Bullock

    • Thank you for your comments Mary Elizabeth and I do appreciate.
      I am extremely busy right now with my Advocacy work for all
      victims of abuse and also some television work on these issues
      so that along with my radio show has me very busy.I will revert
      to you more as soon as I get a chance. Best of luck on the show

      Nolonger Victims

      • Dearest Lurleen, I am simply filling in as a part-time placeholder until you return – no one could replace you, they would have VERY BIG SHOES to fill. You are exceptional at any endeavor you attempt to do. I know you work day and night on helping those who cannot help themselves. Remember to schedule some Lurleen time to celebrate yourself! Best Wishes! Respectfully, Mary Elizabeth

  3. The ignorance of some people will never change. They hate anyone that they feel it a threat. I would name them and publish anything you have that they have sent out.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and for
      taking the time to reply to the blog. Yes you
      are right the ignorance of some will never
      change but what is worse is that this is meant
      to be an educated person when in reality they
      are extremely ignorant to the real world

      I will see if they continue to do this and
      if so then I will name and shame them but
      once it is out there, they can’t ever get
      it back so it is my last resort but I will
      do so if I have no choice,

      Stay safe


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