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Wanting To Be Safe – Not Killed So As To Silence Me – Why Is That So Wrong To Want ?

October 18, 2015

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Writing this article is very hard as in doing so I am one swallowing the little bit of pride that I have and two it shows how desperate my situation is and yet how in reality nobody cares as I am a statistic to them and one day if things continue as they are I will be headline news and not in a good way but with the posting of details on my death. Yes the threat is very real and Yes I have to deal with it alone – Why well it’s simple I was born in Ireland sadly and as it is not seen as a country at war nobody outside the country cares and within they are enabling those that want to find me and silence me as I scare them with my honesty.

Every single day I see articles about people claiming to be in dangerous situations and or at risk and simply because they are cloaked in certain clothing or from a particular part of the world all jump at the opportunity to help them, without ever knowing the true facts or the true reasons for them wanting to gain entry into your country. If they are ignored then they scream discrimination and all bow to their every whim. Yet I am been DISCRIMINATED AGAINST I am a victim of Discrimination solely due to the fact that I don’t wear these clothes, I don’t come from these countries and I don’t follow their so called religion. The threat and danger to me is very real yet as I am just a normal person I am not important enough to be protected.

Now some may say oh that is total BS but if you read this article then you will see how it is not BS but the truth. Perhaps when you have to live every second of every day knowing it could be your last due to the desires of others then you can judge me but until then you have no right to.Let me explain in more detail as to why I am stating that I am a victim of Discrimination and Why I am refusing to die in silence. 

There are a few people who would want me dead from my Ex husband who spent over 23 years using me as his human punch bag to raping me when he wanted sex and who now 4.5 yrs ago illegally kept my son now 18 when he went to visit him in Canada. Despite Voice mails , text messages, pictures destroyed, and the memories that are etched into our brains he won’t rest until he knows I am dead. To him if I am killed in Ireland then he would be out in a few years hence why the risk here is very high. His dream is that I am to be fed through a tube for life and have to pis- into a bag forever more. This is actually on a recording and in writing from him.

Or it could be from the Corrupt Michelin Chef Conrad Gallagher who tried his best when I was in the US and when I exposed his crimes against the American People to have me killed, such was the risk from him that the US Marshals told us that if we were not Irish that we would be put into Witness Protection. They even had us pack up what we really needed so that we could go with them then they realized that Ireland wasn’t a country at war so they said we would be safe here, Despite the biggest threat of all been in Ireland we were left to survive alone and still are to this day. Funny thing is that he applied for his American Green card based on  lies, I had the proof and I told authorities but he paid a lot of money to an attorney and told a lot of BS in order to get it. The sole reason for it was that he can flee to other countries and that his South African Wife wouldn’t have to get visas to escape their latest cons. Surprise surprise this is what they did when months ago they fled Orange County before he was caught.The evidence I have on this man and his crimes against the American people is astronomical and his silent partner yet nobody seems to care enough to arrest him and incarcerate him. But he was rewarded with a Green Card and I was rewarded with a life of fear. As he said to me nobody crosses him and nobody has ever had the evidence and the information that I have on him in over 20 years but for some reason nobody cares. Does Crime Really pay that well ?

But the biggest threat is from I think the 375 Pedophile Names and Profiledetails that I gave to ICE two weeks ago, this included the images they were commenting on, the site they were liking which is clearly a Child Pedophile one and possibly Human Trafficking. Within 24 hrs of  this information been obtained the other lady helping me with this had people outside her home in the US yet her location is unknown to all but two people, blacked out vans and a man with a camera. Both our profiles were blocked yet we had not liked the page so they would not have known we were on there unless they had trackers on their site. That would explain the above and the incident this week at my home

On Wednesday last my house was broken into now normally I would have been there but the battery in my car was dying so I had gone to replace it, hence why I wasn’t there. But my Cell was jammed for the entire morning it wouldn’t turn on at all no matter what I did and this would have meant I had no contact with anybody had I been in the property. A coincidence maybe but after the fact the cell came on and that hasn’t happened since. I know that certain powers in Social Media are also involved and are tracking my posts and my location as too many things have happened to be a coincidence.

So if I suddenly vanish and am not on any of the Social Media sites and or not answering my Email then you know that they have found me and silenced me. To know that at any minute of the day I can be removed is frightening. I recently did some family Ancestry and found that my ancestors were not just a part of the US Military but also a part of history making in Maryland. But this only adds to my feeling of where I belong and where is home to me, I may have been born in Ireland but I have no connection with the people or the country it is like a Transgender who says they are trapped in the wrong body, well as silly as it may sound I am trapped in the wrong country. I would stand up for and beside every American over any other nation including Ireland and always will.

In Maryland my ancestor was the Very First Person to build a house made of bricks in Maryland. Here is a quote on him from a book on Maryland and what he did for others. After St. Paul’s was built, residents began to use brick to construct houses as well. Edward Fottrell, who came from Ireland and bought the land belonging to Jonathan Hanson and George Walker in 1741, built the first brick house in town. It had freestone corners and was the first to reach two stories without a hip-roof. The house stood at the location of the northwest corner of Calvert and Fayette Streets. Before Fottrell’s arrival, all the houses and commercial structures were built of wood. This was the case in almost all colonial towns and resulted in one of the greatest common dangers: fire.

1754-1760- “While the French and Indian War was in progress, Baltimore received a large addition to its population. When the French Neutrals were removed from Arcadia by the British government, many came to Baltimore and were hospitably quartered in the mansion of Mr. Edward Fottrell, which stood upon the square now (1900) covered by the stately court-house recently completed”

CIVIL WAR United States of America
1864, May 14 – d. – Capt. Jacob Fottrell. , KIA during the Civil War. Second Regt.. Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Resaca during the Atlanta campaign ( Ohio Archives). Enlisted on August 20, 1861 at age 27 as Lieutenant. Prom. to Capt.- December 2, 1862

1957, August 12 – A Navy bomber crashed at the Barbers Point Naval Air Station, California – LCDR John FOTTRELL, pilot , of NYC was slightly injured

*1944, June 6 – d. -1st. Lieutenant Winfield T. F. , Bergen County, New Jersey, USA, KIA D Day – Served 1st. Engineer Special Brigade, 531st. Engineer Shore Regiment . Interred American Cemetery of Colleville- Sur-Mer., Plot H, Row 01, Grave 37

I vowed in 2012 to dedicate my life to helping the American People as when those above tried to kill me it was the American People that saved my life and inspired me to do this work. I wont be silenced because some don’t like me revealing the truths. But I would like to know that if I was to wear a Burka and to then approach for a visa would I be refused or would I be welcomed with opened arms even if I pretended to have no documentation etc I know and you all know that I would be welcomed yet because I am honest, in real danger, waiting to be found and silenced and never had a criminal record, who works voluntarily for the American People every single day I have to live in fear awaiting my early death

Hope nobody ever has to live in this fear as it is the worst thing ever. Sad reality is that if I had money then they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid I would be handed a visa no problem, if I wore a hijab I would be handed one, If I pretended to be a refugee I would be handed one, But because i am honest, real and genuinely in danger I am left alone with nobody that cares to help.

I asked all my connections the other day if they could help as many could due to their work positions and out of them all only SIX people even messaged me and that says alot. So I don’t expect anybody to read this or to help but at least you can’t say you were not told of the risk to me the real risk and how even when I asked for help it was ignored.

Lurleen Hilliard

Email –


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  1. linda wintersteen permalink

    wow just read your email article would it be better to live ireland for a while?? we could do a fund raising if you need funds ..linda

    • Hi Linda

      Thanks for the support and yes I have to leave as if not then I won’t get the chance to. My
      cell is again tonight jammed and that means my communication to outside is limited, so I am
      worried but yes that is what I have to do and sooner rather than later

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