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I am asking all that see this post to please share it in the hope that it will go VIRALso that it will reach the media in Indonesia and subsequently to President Joko Widodo, as he MUST INTERVENE and help us to locate and find this baby. Below is a link to one of the most Vile – Depraved – Sick Acts of Child Abuse that I have personally ever seen. It is perpetrated against a very young baby as you will hear from it’s cries on the tape.

The person holding the Video Camera is as guilty as the person who is harming this baby, as he/she not just allowed this to happen but was happy enough to  film it and then share it on Social Media. Both are Guilty at the very least of Horrific Child Abuse if not the MURDER of this Baby. This fear is in no way an exaggeration of the possibly reality of this situation. When you get near the end of the video which is extremely distressing to watch you will see that the baby suddenly stops crying. Now I have spoken to some people qualified in the field ofBrain Trauma / Injury and they have stated that they fear we have all Witnessednot just the Abuse of this Baby but also his/her death. That due to the Hyper-extension in it’s neck that it suffocated hence why it stopped crying. Both Arms would also have probably been pulled from it’s sockets with the way in which this innocent baby was been swung around. If and it is a HUGE IF this baby is still alive then he/she certainly has SUBSTANTIAL BRAIN TRAUMA/ INJURY FROM SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME – THERE IS NO WAY THIS HASN’T HAPPENED


have along with my Contact in the USA sent a Direct Email with all of these Details and the Video to General Sutarman the Chief of the Indonesian Police  Email on May 31st 2015 . I am asking all to help me make his Department and the Media to help us to find this baby. The chances that this is a Murder that the Entire World has Witnessed should call for an OUTCRY OF DISGUST & DEMAND FOR JUSTICE FOR THIS LITTLE INNOCENT BABY. I personally and all my World-Wide Team in Nolonger Victims and our Connections Vow to Find theseAbusers or Murderers and to ensure that this baby is if still alive REMOVED FROM THEIR CUSTODY & THEY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. 

President Joko Widodo I am asking you to PLEASE PERSONALLY INTERVENE and to show not just the Indonesian People but the World that Child Abuse is Not Tolerated in your country. We have witnessed a Baby that is possibly a few weeks old not much more at all, been tortured in what looks likeHOT WATER as it’s skin turns Red after sometime, and in the end it’s energy drained and unable to continue to cry for help suddenly stops and goes silent. Surely this is NOT THE IMPRESSION you want the WORLD TO HAVE ON INDONESIA Or You as the President of This Country. I am sure that not just as a Father yourself to Three Children but as a Human Being that this video willsicken and infuriate you just like it has the rest of the world.

General Sutarman & President Widodo this baby is one of your people andhe/she can’t ask for help to be saved from this abuse, perhaps it is too late to save this life but the least that can then be done is that the Murderers are held accountable and this baby is given justice in Death that it didn’t receive in life. I and my organization Nolonger Victims is happy to work with you on this and all other issues of abuse in Indonesia. As if we work together to Stop Abuse then the children of your society have a chance of growing up retaining their innocenceand not been mere statistics in life. I look forward to hearing from you and more importantly that you HAVE TAKEN ACTION NOW  

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims 





This video I was sent today, it was posted by ThugLife Nationwide originally and the abuse that this baby is enduring is unreal. She states that she is punishing this child by turning him/her over and it is one of the worst that I have ever seen. Can you please help us to track her down and to also find this baby asap. He/she will not survive much more of this abuse as his/her brain will not be able to handle the trauma of same.

Any information on this woman please message me or email me directly at we can find her and we can get this baby to safety but we need your help to do so. Please Share and help to make this VIRAL as in doing so you will help to locate this vile woman..Nolonger Victims is determined to locate this baby please do your part by sharing and making her identity easier to be revealed.


Nolonger Victims

JL Mealer Arizona — The Truth of His Abuse Must Be Revealed- His Abuse of an Advocate & Frauds

It is with sadness that I find myself having to write this blog. However I spent far too many years as a victim of Abuse in Life and now as a Survivor and a Recognized Advocate, I won’t allow anybody to Abuse me or others and not do something about it. Mr J L Mealer is running for the Position as Governor in Arizona, and loves to tell all that he has Clean Hands. Well the truth is that he has anything but clean hands, and I am going to let you in on some of his Abuse & Scams that he has done to me Directly, all others can themselves post their details and their situations as comments. But I can only speak here on my own behalf. As a Single Mom and an Advocate that works tirelessly to help victims of abuse within the USA, I took his word as been honest and true, but in turn I ended up loosing all my savings, as I had to use them to survive when he kept DELAYING & DELAYING the application below. As my lease was up on the property I lived in, he told me to rent somewhere for a month or two in January. Well I told him that to do that I would have to relocate to the other side of Ireland as I couldn’t afford to live where I was, and that i didn’t want to have to use my savings for our new life in the USA, He told me that it would be for a Month Maximum and now Five Months on I am still here, and he has scammed me from the start.


In January 2014 Mr Mealer sent me a Offer of Employment a Work Contract that was signed by him and also myself. Although I had been working to help his campaign with Anti Trafficking prior to that, as and from that date I became an Employee of Mealer Initative. Although I was dealing with the Trafficking issues and Abuse and was the Only Person to do anything on these issues that he was including in his campaign for Governor, I never once up until today’s date from January 20th 2014 got paid one cent from him. Now he states that I was a volunteer and that the agreement only came into play when I was in the USA, But he clearly stated my commencement of Employment from January 20th that is what I did, and now when I ask for the Payments I am told where to go and apparently that he is broke and has no money to pay for fuel let alone me. His Facebook Page Mealer Anti Trafficking was Run Daily by me, I was the Sole Contributor to the Page, and My Contacts in this area of abuse where passed onto Mr Mealer. His wife recently told me that I had done nothing of Value for Mr Mealer and had nothing to do with his campaign for Governor. The funny thing is that although I didn’t deal with the Political end of things, on the Mealer Initative Page, His Linkedin Page & Mealer Anti Trafficking he himself has them all directly linked. So when he is running for Governor and stating that he will do certain programs when and IF he got voted in, then he would be enforcing these programs, that itself links them all together Mr & Mrs Mealer 


He asked me to send him over the money for the fee to cover his Photo Copying Fees and also the Fee for the Application to file a petition with the relevant Department for my work permit. I sent him over USD $ 450 and this he insisted was sent to his Mealer Initiative  Account, I had no issue with this and at the time didn’t know that his asking me to send this money was in fact ILLEGAL and something that he as my future employer was liable for. I recently on numerous Occasions have asked for this to be returned to me as since January it has been one excuse after the other and the petition was never filed. He has told me that he doesn’t have my money and that he has no money. So he therefor Obtained Funds By Deception and used them for his personal use and not what they were transferred for. Today he told me and I have copied all messages and documents and this is a Direct Quote From JL Mealer “I do not have money to pay for fuel let alone to refund any fees right now. This sounds like some freaky Orwellian conspiracy between the ex volunteers who demanded I violate the law and some Al Quida group! Did I walk into the Twilight Zone?” All that I had asked for was that he Refund the Fees Sent to Him for the Petition He Never Filed, But He Spent the Money on Personal Use or Campaign, that is illegal. Now he states that the Documentation for my work is not sufficient. I will let you all make your own minds up on that with my details below.


I recently found out that he was on the Board of Directors for Butterfly Dreams and had asked him as to why he had never actually told me about this. His reply to me and again this is a DIRECT QUOTE FROM HIS MESSAGES TO ME ” I have no idea why this Butterfly Dreams added me as any type of chairperson (or whatever they did) that came from Judge Bullocks friends as far as I know ” YET on his Linkedin Page he clearly states that he is on the Board of Directors of Butterfly Dreams since September 2013 , Why Lie about this ?. Or perhaps this is just another scam by Mr Mealer to get votes as he is desperate to become the Governor of Arizona. 


I was always let know either in Messages or Emails that Nobody messes with JL Mealer and Nobody will stop him getting to be Governor of Arizona. Well who wants a Governor that states the following in a written email, which can be verified and validated by relevant authorities if required. This was sent to me in relation to a volunteer that he said was trying to ruin his campaign “This is the big shakedown. Besides, he knows me enough that if I am ever cheated, I have backhoe, pre dug pits and bags of lime waiting for those who cheat me or cheat on me.” So I guess I know what will be waiting for me now with Mr Mealer and as to the level he will stoop to.

The USA has enough Political Problems as it is, there is far too much Corruption and Abuse, Yet here we have a Man that states he has clean hands, is there for the people, is not going to allow the abuse of anybody yet he abuses all that are involved with him. Other people that have been involved in his campaign have apparently also lost money, yet they were made out to be the Villian’s when they are the victims and he sure as hell is not the Saint. He is the one that has had persons in his campaign and connected to him awaiting Indictment for Murder and other serious offences. Is this who you want to be the Next Governor of Arizona,

Arizona You Have To Know the Truth. This Man is A Liar, An Abuser, and if you cross him then you go into a pit of lime. Now he states Today that I don’t have the Documentation Required to work in this field. So here are my Certifications along with many available Endorsements, Character References, Never Ever Having a Police Record, Not Involved in Drugs or Crime and Working Every Hour of Every Day with  Victims of Abuse Through My Own Pages and Org Voluntarily. My Reputation speaks for itself,Unlike Mr Mealers

I won’t be involved with a person like this, and despite his treatment of me and the non payment and use of my money for his own needs, I felt that I had to warn all as if I didn’t let you know what he is truly like, and he gets the power that he wishes then God Help Arizona and I would personally feel liable for any and all problems that is been Governor would cause. I won’t enable the abuse of anybody Mr Mealer and I am done been a Victim in life a long time ago. I have huge Respect for the American People and will continue to work with them and all victims of abuse. I will just go back now to looking for a Real Position of Employment in this field as he is just one man and not a True Representation of the American People. 

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims FB- Linkedin-Twitter

Ambassador of Hope – Certified in all aspects of Domestic & Human Trafficking

Certified by UNICEF & UNODC in all matters of Child Victims & Witnesses of Crime

Member & Certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress 

Member & Certified by the US National Center for Crisis Management

Published Author of My Own Autobiography – Survivors Not Statistics 

Radio Show Host — It’s Controversial

Editor of Free Online Newspaper Nolonger Victims — Issued Twice Daily Online

Advocate for Domestic Violence. Child Abuse, Male Abuse, VET Abuse, Elder Abuse,Gender Abuse, Sexual Abuse & Rape

Young Man Looking For Work World Wide With Animals-Voluntary With Small Income

Young Man Looking For Work World Wide With Animals-Voluntary With Small Income.

Young Man Looking For Work World Wide With Animals-Voluntary With Small Income

This is an unusual type of blog for me as it is not about any abuse issues. However I have been asked to do a blog for a young man who wants to do VOLUNTEER WORK that would give him even a small income and yet he cannot find any without him having to pay large amounts of money to do so. Now I fully understand his frustration and that is why I have agreed to do this blog. He wants to work with animals and is willing to travel from Europe to wherever it is in the world, his dream would be to work with Any Animal at all, that needs help, preservation or just daily taking care of.He has a huge amount of experience with a lot of animals and has no hesitation or qualms about working with any animal or mammal. He simply want’s to learn more about the animals involved, and to earn even a small wage that will just help him to survive wherever he is  based.

Working in a remote area, where the animals live is fine with him. But he is so Disillusioned as in order to VOLUNTEER to WORK he must pay thousands of dollars to the volunteer organization to allow him to work with them. Now I understand that they need to raise funds etc but when you have somebody who is willing to work for months as a volunteer with animals, without any hesitation on what hours he works or what work is involved and is only asking for a small wage to survive on then I don’t know why he hasn’t got Organizations and Agencies jumping at his offer.

We constantly complain about the young of today, about how they don’t want to do anything in society and yet when you have a man that is willing to travel to the remotest of areas, to work for little so as to help animals and get educated in life than that to me should earn him some respect and acknowledgement from us all. He has already with his family travelled to many countries around the world and lived in a few, he is very flexible with the cultures of others and  respects same. He has NO CRIMINAL record anywhere around the world and is willing to travel and work immediately.

So if those groups that are in all over the world, who constantly need people to help with their care of the wild animals then please consider this young man.When you have somebody posting all over the Internet for Work that says a lot about him and his devotion to succeed in life and to do swallow his pride and ask the world to help him to follow his dreams and help any animal he can.

Whether it is the Orangutans,Tigers.Whales, Sharks, Snakes, Elephants, Lions, Dolphins, etc he just wants to work to make a difference and that is something that we should all commend in society and do what we can to facilitate him in anyway that we can,If anybody can help him please feel free to email me directly at the address below, and I will ensure that all are passed on to him immediately. I am sure that with the size of our world, and the desperation that so many animals and organizations face that this request will be one that many will want to accept. As a very good friend of mine recently said to me, there are many out there that CAN HELP HIM – BUT HOW MANY ARE WILLING TO. And the question that you must ask yourself is are you willing to help, as I would if I could without any hesitation at all.

Please email me or leave a comment on the blog.

Thank you all in advance


Nolonger Victims 


Don’t Dare Try to Slander or Defame My Character– I Don’t Tolerate Abusers

Don't Dare Try to Slander or Defame My Character– I Don't Tolerate Abusers.

Don’t Dare Try to Slander or Defame My Character– I Don’t Tolerate Abusers

When I think of all that is going on in our world today, in relation to the abuse of others, the fact that I am even writing this blog now is infuriating, as I am wasting time that could be used to help victims of abuse rather than having to stand up to those that are trying to intimidate me in life. Now I was a victim of abuse for far too many years, and when I became a Survivor that didn’t just mean a survivor of abuse, no that meant a Survivor in life.

I have over the past couple of months had a few people that I would not consider wasting my time on in general, try to slander me and to say that I was a Scam Artist, a Fraud, a Terrorist, a Liar,and that I was on every single list that either Homeland, Customs, FBI or ICE have on their computer systems. Well I want to set the record straight and if this continues then those that are spreading these malicious rumors so as to try and Stop my getting a Work Permit to work with Victims of Abuse & Trafficking within the USA will be Named & Shamed without Hesitation.

I am Irish and for anybody that wants to check me out here are some details on me. I am 45 years old, I have documented proof of my family going to the USA as far back as the 1800’s, I can  give the names, dates, addresses to whoever wants them. I have never ever had any type of criminal conviction, never been arrested or even brought in for questioning on any issue. I have reported a scam artist that was and still is scamming American People to the FBI and I have found out that he is having files put against him in NYC. So other than that I have never had to file anything.,I have a full clean police record in Ireland and again anybody can check that. My date of birth is January 31st 1969 and I am a normal hard working single mom who works totally voluntarily 18-20 hours every single day with victims of abuse mainly across the USA as this is what I want to devote my life to.and what I will devote it to, no matter what the haters think.

Now for some reason some spiteful,sick and evil people, a very small group are spreading these malicious lies about me. I have nothing to hide and if anybody wants to verify anything on me, check my back ground or ask a question then please feel free to do so. I am an Open Book and have nothing to hide. Yes I rock boats and I can rock boats of Abusers in the USA from Ireland so I understand as to why some of you want to keep me out of the USA, as you know that not only will I rock the boat, I will topple it. Am I politically correct hell no, but I speak the truth and I will speak for the voiceless that need to be heard. If as I was told before that I am not good enough for American then tell me in Writing and Prove to  me as to Why I am Not Good Enough to be in your country legally, to help your people when you allow Illegals and murderers, Pedophiles to roam the streets.

I will speak up and I will speak out and if been an honest and decent person who wants to protect others makes me undesirable to be in the USA then sadly that says more about those making decisions then it does about me. I will not be intimidated by these few abusers, I won’t be silenced and I won’t go away. As long as there are Victims of Child/Elder/VET/Domestic Abuse and people been Trafficked I guess you are all stuck with me.]

So to those who think they know all about me. Here is some advise and I suggest that you not only take this advise you heed it too. I have nothing to hide at all, Yes I support Gun Owners, Yes I support Zero Tolerance for Abuse of Anybody, Yes I support Gays & Lesbians, Yes I support the Right to Life, Yes I support that Abuse of Power is Wrong, Yes I support Stopping the Domestic Minor & Human Trafficking of Children & Vulnerable and Yes I will Stand up and Support all those that fight for these causes. So if you want to do something in life then get your facts straight and put your energy into helping others and stop trying to hinder those that are doing good not for show, or money but because they have a vocation in life and they want to.

You won’t Silence- Intimidate-Bully-Scare-or Stop Me ever from doing what I am in life, and that is helping those that need it. So Grow up and find something to do with your life, as you are wasting it  with hate and evil and as they say Karma does come back around.

Lurleen Hilliard

Nolonger Victims



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